Master of the tripple entendre

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  1. nadia New Member

    [u:a4980447be]Master of the triple entendre: TP[/u:a4980447be]

    “Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself” TP quote.

    [u:a4980447be]Single entendre: (the meaning is at face value)[/u:a4980447be]
    Er, what it says.

    [u:a4980447be]Double entendre: (a double meaning, usually sexual in nature)[/u:a4980447be]
    A morphed quote
    Sex is the most fun you can have with your clothes on (pants on)
    the most fun you can have alone (a euphemism for self indulgence)
    Not as good as * but just as good as *.

    [u:a4980447be]Triple entendre: (a Pratchett throw-away line which references something else but is all of the above)[/u:a4980447be]
    JK Rowling, on writing about Harry Potter, says it "is the most fun you can have without anyone else present." Er, just her and HP. Ok Terry, that is funny.
  2. nadia New Member

    Er did I mean clothes off?

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