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  1. Rewr New Member

    I finished reading Reaper Man yesterday, and couldn't understand how it had ended up at the back of my bookcase - it is one of my favourites. (okay I do know - since I moved my bookcases to my spare room I haven't got round to putting the books in order (i'm a tad lazy at times - but then there are so many books to read out there).

    I'd forgotten how much I like this book!

    I just love Deaths life experience, and dread the thought that after death, for us mortals that there is nothing... as per Bill Door's belief of things.

    Certainly reminded me of the beliefs of some of the character's of life after death, and the questions that they ask Death!

    Who was it that believed everything would be all right as long as he had his potato?
  2. Maljonic Administrator

    It's definitely one of the books I've read the most I think.
  3. redneck New Member

    Mr Tulip is his name. He's in The Truth.
  4. Rewr New Member

    TVM - I just could not remember his name..:)
  5. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Moist von Lipwig also grew up in that church, according to Making Money.
  6. datingdeath New Member


    There are many twist and turns along with re-visiting of information from earlier books that this genius Terry Pratchett serves us. He must be like an elephant in that he never forgets, unlike me, I always forget. Maybe the reason that the Great Turtle has four elephants stood on his back is so that he can remember things better, they remember them for him as he has a memory like mine, sieve like!!
  7. SusanCromwell New Member

    I know
    Who where your favourite minor characters?? Mine were the mayflies they were soooo optimistic. :) :)
  8. Rewr New Member

    How do you choose?

    Mayflies, Death of Fleas, Sgt Colon, three eights gripley... ok not a character, but my loose screw resonated with that part of the story, and actually tightened!
  9. mr_scrub New Member

    The trees.
  10. SusanCromwell New Member

    Doing a poll thanks for the input

    :surprised:Thank you for answering because I'm doing research on the Discworlds minor characters you have help me along the way. :shock:At the moment it sits as follows after questioning 100 people::D

    :eek:Mayflies - 24
    :biggrin:The Trees - 22
    :rolleyes:The Death of Fleas - 12
    :tongue:Death of Rats - 29
    :razz:Other - 13

    :biggrin:I'm interveiwing another 100 next week.:rolleyes:
  11. Rewr New Member

    Whats your research for?
  12. SusanCromwell New Member

    Research put simply

    It's for writing and literacy reserch I am conducting.
    (to put it simply.) I wish to find out what minor characters people remember most and out of those who remember more than one which they like best. It is quite interesting that from questioning diferent people on what they read and remeber you can find out lots about their personality in general. The best thing is that when I have gathered enogh information I will be able to see what little things people appreciate in book of all sorts and what genres are favoured most. Thank you for your interest.:):smile::)

    :question:Don't worry everyone I've asked or will ask will remain Anonymous:question:

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