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Discussion in 'INTRODUCTIONS AND AVATAR TESTING' started by AuntyJangle, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. AuntyJangle Banned

    A new name (nearly), A new board and a new attitude. I hope we can put this all behind us and i feel kindda insecure because this will be the only introduction thread ooeeooee. :)
  2. AuntyJangle Banned

    Oh god i better not of posted when you're not allowed.
  3. AuntyJangle Banned

  4. Roman_K New Member

    A. We're allowed to post here now, as we have just moved.

    B. Your avatar is a sight for sore eyes*, not to mention being animated. We frown on animated avatars for a reason. Weren't you told this already?

    Anyways, people, do the old Coventries stand or not? For now, I'll pretend this one is invalidated due to a technicality.

    *edit: To clarify, I mean that it causes said soreness in eyes. I need coffee...
  5. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    He had that exact same avatar in the old board, and was asked to change it.

    This shows the lack of though that was inherant to all his posts. He *knows* that people have slow connections and at animatied avatars mess them up. Why did he choose too use it for his fresh start?!

    I don't think AJ or JA is a *bad* person, but he shows a contistant lack of thought, if he stays here he'll have to be mothered and badgered every step of the way. I for one, can't be bothered for that.

    I think he'd be happer at the stamp board, where people have more patience.

    I don't know whats happening with the coventrys yet, I think they should stay, though.
  6. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I made a post in another thread about this. We may have moved boards, but we're still the same community. The acts which annoyed us have not been wiped out.
  7. Roman_K New Member

    I agree, both with Rincewind and with Grace.

    Also, Mal, if you're reading this, is it possible to block the URL of that .gif image?

    I might add that, to the argument against animated avatars, that they can be extremely annoying, which is why I mention eye sore. Every time I look on that avatar, my eyes begin to water.
  8. Mynona Member

    I agree with those who've posted above me, Jaunty/Aunty has several times said "I'm sorry this won't happen again" but he/she returns to do the same 'faults' over and over again.
  9. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I'll be posting Garner's thoughts on the matter in the thread regarding this topic in the Temple.

    Edit: Sorry, it was the Sweeper Voting, not the Temple. I still have to get used to this new layout.

    Edit 2: To say that the above was an edit. You can do a lot of editing before it starts showing that you've done so!
  10. Mynona Member

    Yes, Mal did it so that when you edit something immediately after posting it doesn't show up as an edit because it's mostly just spelling errors or typoes that get's edited that way, anyways.
  11. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I just thought I'd point out that the second 'that' in the first sentence here is redundant, as you will see if you remove the clause, "to the argument against animated avatars". It would also be more correct to say that you look 'at' avatars rather than 'on' them.

    Just thought I'd helpfully mention those minor matters, Roman. :p
  12. Roman_K New Member

    Thank you, Grace. That was actually very helpful.
  13. AuntyJangle Banned

    awwwww, but everywhere i go people love this avatar :( ok i'll change it.

    EDIT- There Done. Also, and i don't really want to get in on all this which is why i called this a fresh start, but the whole "i kept returning with the same faults" it's hard to keep returning when you've only been o nthe board about a week and a half, i'm just saying you being a tad bit abrupt.
  14. fudgecake New Member

    I wanna see what the avatar was! **curious** :lol:
  15. Cassiepeia New Member

    LOL I want to see what the avatar was too. :D

    I love the look of the new board.

  16. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    That's a beautiful avatar!

    Who are you though? :oops:
  17. Hsing Moderator

    The sig indicates she (?) red the joke-of-the-day-thread on the Olden Boards... :)
  18. Cassiepeia New Member

    I assume this is for me.

    Thankyou. :)

    Umm...I'm just a member of the old board who didn't really post much before. Sorry if I'm intruding. I didn't mean to. :(

  19. TamyraMcG Active Member

    You aren't intruding, Cassiepeia. This place is open to anyone who wants to fit in with the community and doesn't want to just cause trouble.
  20. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    It was for you. And of course you're not intruding! Anyone is welcome here who is not a troublemaker or troll. I just don't remember seeing your name before. I'm glad you made it here with us. :) And it's still a beautiful avatar.
  21. Angua_rox New Member

    It is indeed a beautiful avatar :) . Just wondering are there any other unwritten codes of conduct that aren't in the code of conduct? I don't want to cause trouble. . . .
    Also are trolls . . . . em . . . bad people?
    p.s. just noticed that this topic is like nearly a year old. oh well, that's life. . .
  22. Sarbar New Member

    :? So glad you noticed about the date, as I was about to ask the same
    question as you ! I don't know what the meaning of trolls is either...
  23. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Basically, think of the trolls in Diskworld. Big, blundering, thick, don't always do what they're told, tend to thump people at random and sit on delicate furniture and squish it to bits...
  24. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    The rules are currently being finalised. Check out the temple to see how far we've got. Mostly, though, it's about not being a moron.
  25. Delphine New Member

    Hmm. A troll is a disruptive poster, someone abusive, who tries to piss off the community, who ignores all basic social guidelines such as "do not use leet" and "do not barge in and order us about", and generally puts effort into being an annoying little shit.

    Basically someone you don't want to hang around with. Trolls intentionally behave like arseholes, and will not try to make amends. People make mistakes, it's natural, everyone here has. But it's the people who are mature about it which differentiates good posters from trolls.

    If you read the Code of Conduct up there, next to Board Usage FAQ and stuff, it should give you an idea what things are like here. It's not complete yet, but it's a good indication. Basically, just act like you would in any social community, and don't do the equivelent to walking into someone's house, telling the owner to fuck off, putting your feet on the furniture, eating the contents of their fridge and putting your copy of "Best Of 70's Country-Punk-Reggae" on full blast.

  26. Hsing Moderator

    Let me add that troll is no DW-message-board- specific term, it's used all over the net. :)
  27. Sarbar New Member

    Thanks for the clarification. I've definately experienced some troll like people in real life..

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