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Discussion in 'THE WIZARD BOOKS' started by Willmolly3, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Willmolly3 New Member

    After loking at the list of Discworld book I have noticed that Eric Features. I was led to beleive that this book was not a discworld novel. This is because I am reading all the books in order and any list I have seen before it juumps from Guards Guards to Pyramids. I am a little distraut as I wanted to read them all in order as I am on Withces Abroad now!

    Could someone please help me out with this one??
  2. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Eric is not listed as a Discworld novel, because it is reasonably short and was originally written as a graphic novel.

    It fits the series, though. I think most consider it to be a part of the series.

    As far as continuity goes, you haven't missed anything so far. Eric takes off where Sourcery ends and is then connected to Interesting Times.
  3. Willmolly3 New Member

    Thank you for that information, I think I might make that the next one to read then to tick off my list of Discworld books. Rincewind is one of my fav so will probably enjoy it.
  4. Roman_K New Member

    It's a good book, with some very amusing parodies. I'll leave you to find out which ones these are.
  5. Willmolly3 New Member

    Cant wait, gonna get one of E-bay now!! Cheers!
  6. Hsing Moderator

    Hm, to add... I think it was planned to be a graphic novel with the actual graphic by Josh Kirby (deceased a few years ago, used to be responsible for the multicoloured title art of the British Discworld editions). That explains its shortness. I remember reading it was even pubished, but I've never seen it as a graphic novel and might be entirely wrong here.
  7. Willmolly3 New Member

    The copy I am bidding for on e-bay is a 1st edition copy that is illustrated, so I am looking forward to reading it! Nearly finishe dWitches Abroad so Eric will be my next read!
  8. Faerie New Member

    I read Eric as a graphic novel but I bought the paperback. I also read The Last Hero as a graphic novel does anyone know if you can even get that one in paperback?
  9. colonesque10 New Member

    Isn't the 1st edition illustrated Eric quite expensive Will? I'm sure I saw it on ebay for quite a few quid a while back when I was looking for something. :)
  10. Orrdos God

    No, and I doubt it'll ever be released in a purely words form.

    Which is a good thing really, the pictures add far too much for it to work well without them
  11. Tephlon Active Member

    Hey, a mod. Can we put this thread in the appropriate forum?
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  13. Tephlon Active Member

    Consider the Pie in the mail.
  14. Maljonic Administrator

    Sounds very philosophical. :)
  15. sampanna New Member

    Or extremely gross!
  16. Plugger New Member

    urrmmm pie? have i missed something? :?:
  17. Hsing Moderator

    It's more of an inside jo... er...
    It's all about Ba.
    Ba Witda, God, and Lord of the Pies.
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  19. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Plugger would do well to worship the right god.

    That'd be Ba, of course. Not Garner, and certainly not Doors.
  20. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Is doors even back to being a god yet? I thought Hsing was still acting in his place?
  21. Ba Lord of the Pies

    He got his godhood back months ago. Makes it more convenient for smiting him.
  22. Sir_Vaims New Member

    Eric is one of the best novels! I think that it makes part of the series because it is reffered to in many of the other novels

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