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  1. The_Poker New Member

    Hello. I'm rather obviously new around here. I grew tired of waffling on about Terry Pratchett/the Discworld to other people and being met with dim stares, so I reckoned registering with a Pratchett forum would be of benefit to my sanity. Or it could possibly make me more cuckoo than I already am. Looks like a nice enough place, either way.

    After glancing through this section, most people seem to list their favourite books in their introductions. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite book from the series, though I am more partial to the ones dealing with the Watch and Death. My favourite character is either Death or Sam Vimes, depending on my mood. It's all good.

    Now, the less relevant and off-topic stuff; I'm female, South African (though currently stuck in a country with a very unappealing climate), and have a rather unhealthy obsession with Radiohead and Pink Floyd. That's it, hope to write more in the future. :)

    The Poker
  2. Tephlon Active Member

    Hi "The Poker",

    Inspired by Susan, eh?

    Welcome. We usually ask people to introduce themselves in the Intro thread

    That's a pretty long thread to read through, but if you have the time, it's a lot of fun... :)

    Make yourself at home.

    Cheers, Bauke

    (Nie op die gras loop nie, okay?) ;-)
  3. The_Poker New Member

    Hello, thank you for the welcome. :) And oh bugger, my apologies - I didn't realise introductions were meant to be confined to one thread. With all the individual introduction threads in this section, I assumed it was all right. That'll teach me to assume! I'll have a look at the thread now now. Cheers.

    (Ha, I'll try not to. :lol: )

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