Harry potter is it really good?

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  1. colourofmagicgirl New Member

    Now I don't want to offend anyone by saying this, but, I really can't get past the first chapter of any of the books. This is just my opinion but I really get bored from Harry Potter and if one of my friends reads this she is going to kill me! I must say the films are quite good though.
  2. I agree with you, hun. I tried, but couldn't get into them. The movies are okay, but they are not on my top 10 list to watch over and over.
    I think my problem with the whole HP craze is I really dislike JK Rowling. Even though she is done with the series (and has been for a while now) she keeps popping up in the news. "Dumbledore was gay!”; "I contemplated suicide!"
    I really don't care! I would rather see more interviews with Terry, see him get more recognition here in the states, and see his stories brought to life on the big screen so I can share them with people (like my husband) who refuse to read unless the book in question contains lots of pictures.
  3. sammi New Member

    I do like the HP series, though for kids, the films are much better than the books which can be a hard read, especially the later books.
    But they definitely cannot be compared to the kids series from Terry Pratchett. I would love to see those made into films! JMHO!
  4. Taraniel New Member

    I agree with those who dont like Harry Potter... I think HP books are too childish for me... I hate the idea of Harry Potters and i dont like characters either. The whole idea of about 11-17 year old boy could beat the worlds second powerful wizard is just too typical..
  5. TamyraMcG Active Member

    My nephew hated harry Potter because he thought it was too childish, but from my perspective I don't mind the childishness. If you find them too childish now you might want to revisit them in a decade or so. you might find they speak to your inner child
  6. Arrowcat New Member

    I loved Harry Potter, though I did think that JK Rowling let the story finish too easily, but hey it's a kids series. When you read the books you have to read them as a kid, you have to return to that part of your mind that remembers being excited about christmas, was excited about going to high school, loved the possibly that somehow you might be special. You have to be in the mind set to read the books. However, I am still pretty childish when it comes to the books I read. I read the books aimed at adults, but I always return to the old ones to visit my old friends and share in their adventures. Even if they are merely children now.
  7. junkpunk New Member

    I love Harry Potter. the books were great when I was younger and they're not to heavy, just nice quick reads. Anyone who slags them off, well, they're just fun books so get over it.
  8. Kobble New Member

    Ok, maybe I should be talking to Discworld fans about this (this is a Discworld site, after all) but I adored Harry Potter. Maybe it was just the fact that I did read them as a small child (I was six, yeah) but I always loved them. I think someone else said something about their inner child but I didn't need my inner child when my outer child was hooked from the first chapter.

    I've reread them so many times over the last eleven years that it may be regarded as slightly insane. I had the biggest obsession ever until it was replaced by a different English author who turned out to be even better (Pratchett, of course). But I still hold a very special place in my heart for Harry Potter. It was the first ever book that I truly loved and it started my adoration of the written word (which shows no sign of abating).
    Sure, the idea of an 11 year-old beating a dark wizard is a little unbelievable, but the books work. He's just crazily lucky. Go with it.

    Oh, and I hate the movies. Despise them in fact. Less now than i used to, but still. They ruined it.

    I also find it a little funny that people said (somewhere further up) that HP was hard to get into. Because that's exactly the argument that one of my best friends says when I [-]tell[/-] ask her to read Discworld ^_^ sorry, just funny.
  9. cameronP New Member

    everybody i talk to say that they know the movies are not as good as the books due to the fact they leave big chunks out.
  10. Faerie New Member

    It always irritates me when I read about a list of books that have been banned in some places, but I've never had to experience it myself. However, I actually met a guy at work the other day whose parents burned his Harry Potter books before he finished the series because they thought the books were promoting the devil.

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