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Discussion in 'INTRODUCTIONS AND AVATAR TESTING' started by silverflagon, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. silverflagon New Member

    Hi everybody. And a Happy New Year to you all.

    I'm silverflagon, real name is Steph (short for, yes you got it, Stephanie)

    I'm old LOL! Well 56 any way, and I like painting, so don't take up an interesting pose for too long or your painted or drawn :D

    I have a son aged 31 with a partner aged 31 as well, but no grandkids yet. This is the 5th forum I am a member of, and one in which I am also a mod. I first read TP's books when my son was in his early teens, and eventually got him reading them in a desperate attempt to get some peace at night.

    Well laughter is better than a printer or a computer game noise in the wee small hours any time :badgrin:

    I live not far from Derby in the West midlands, and not far from Toyota's factory.
  2. Trollmother New Member

    Hello Silverflagon and welcome here!
  3. silverflagon New Member

    Thank you for the welcome trollmother. I take it that you have a teenage child then? :)
  4. Maljonic Administrator

    Hello silverflagon. :)
  5. Trollmother New Member

    I have three grown up children ( as the older members know I had four, I'll tell you about it later) and one grandchild. My youngest is 23 but he is like a teenager,he is home from university on holidays now. He came like Santa Claus bearded with a big sack. But it was only landry in it!
  6. silverflagon New Member

    I know the feeling Trollmother, you have my sympathy *Hugs!* But I bet you love him though? :D You must love them all, not just the one though?
    I had 3 stepchildren and that is why I stopped at only one.

    Thanks for the welcome Maljonic :D
  7. koshu New Member

    Welcome Silverflagon, i get wat you say about teenagers, seeing as i am one(15) but i also hav a 17 year old brother and they can be even more tempramental :lol:
  8. silverflagon New Member

    Thank you Koshu. I have a brother as well, but at least he is 47 now but when he was a teen he was dreadful to be around! Nothing worse than a red haired teenage boy with loads of angst LOL! *Brothers!* :lol: I also have three sisters and one of them was almost as bad! :D
  9. Delphine New Member

    Hi there. :)
  10. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Welcome silverflagon !

    (out of topic but Delphine... what on earth is your Sig supposed to mean ? :shock: :lol: )
  11. Delphine New Member

    It's total gibberish. :)
  12. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    As translated by Babel Fish:

  13. Cynical_Youth New Member

    I make it:
    That's not a the sucke! My am not I love you the that is not a good day

    Only "that's not" should somehow indicate abbreviation of the French denial and "good day" should be read as a greeting.

    Take that, Babel Fish!

    Btw, Katcal, is it "d'autres" or "des autres?" The latter just makes more sense to me.
  14. silverflagon New Member

    LOL! :lol:
    Hello every one. Ciao, bonjour, buon giorno, guten tag :)
  15. mowgli New Member

    Zdravstvuy, Silverflagon :)
  16. silverflagon New Member

    Is that Hello in Russian Mowgli? If so Hello back. I don't really speak all those languages, but just a smattering of them :lol:
  17. Katcal I Aten't French !

    In your Sig, it would be "d'autres choses" meaning "other things", "des autres choses" would mean "of other things" which... doesn't really mean anything much... ;) But hey, making mistakes in foreign languages is cute... yes it IS... especially when it's me making them :D :cooler:
  18. Cynical_Youth New Member

  19. Plugger New Member

    hi im si happy new year for a while ago
  20. Trollmother New Member

    ???? Bengali? Urdu? Swahili?
  21. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Typo ? :D
  22. Guest Guest

    Short for Simon perhaps???
  23. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Sileas ?
    Sidney ?
    Six years old ?
  24. Plugger New Member

    yes...my real name
  25. Guest Guest

    Hey, i got it right......

    Happy new year to you too Si.

    Luv Whiplash.
  26. Hsing Moderator

    The last few posts where probably meant to be... ironic. :shock:
    Maybe it's useful to know that the general policy on this board is to keep our posts as readable as possible - each one as (s)he can. The reason is that for many of us, English is the second or third language - for me for example. Or Trollmother. I'm pretty sure she got your post right, buuut... well, what's only one apostroph, and a small "i" instead of an "I" for the native speakers in "hi im si" makes it very confusing to read at first glance for those in translation mode. And that was to be expressed in a slightly humorous way by previous posts.

    There are more reasons for this policy, but I'll start a sermon on it only when someone expresses any interest in it.

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