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Discussion in 'THE WATCH BOOKS' started by legspin, May 25, 2007.

  1. legspin New Member

    On this the 25th of May let us remember Sergeant at Arms John Keel, (Ank.Mrpk Night Watch)
    and others who gave their lives for the ideals and aspirations of The Treacle Mine Republic.

    Liberty, Equality, Reasonably Priced Love, and a Hard-boiled Egg
  2. Hex New Member

    *raises glass*
  3. TamyraMcG Active Member

    The lilacs are blooming here
  4. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I only have one egg left, but it will be hard boiled.
  5. Electric_Man Templar

    Err.. not to rain on your parade, but you do know that you're not allowed to celebrate the day unless you were there?

    Note: Reading about it doesn't count as being there. Besides, it's Towel Day.
  6. Katcal I Aten't French !

    You're not allowed to remember it if you weren't there, there's nothing wrong with paying hommage to some fine men and their boiled egg. Besides, the lilac will flower anyway, and my egg needs eating.

    And there's nothing to stop us celebrating towel day too. If they had had towels on the barricades, maybe things would have turned out quite differently.
  7. Hsing Moderator

    I thought it was only allowed to wear the lilacs for those who were there... And that one I get.
    As for remembering, what sense would that make? A generation later, it would all be forgotten. The historian in me objects.
  8. Electric_Man Templar

    I just think that if you're geeky enough to recognise a fictitious day, you are geeky enough to respect the traditions surrounding said day, which say that you don't even know what happened unless you were there... you're all just going to upset Fred and Nobby.

    In summary, Terry has managed to create the perfect geek dilemma. The worse thing is that I don't have a towel with me.
  9. Katcal I Aten't French !

    **wraps her hard boiled egg in a towel and whacks Ben with it**

    Damn you, geeky dilemma pointer-outer.
  10. GeekWorld New Member

    Anyone else wonder if the death of Keel was an homage to Douglas Adams? Vimes was inspired by Keel. I don't know if Pratchett was inspired by Adams, but I've oftentimes heard him referred to as "The Douglas Adams of fantasy."
  11. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    That seems a very weird way to describe him, considering that Douglas Adams was also a fantasy writer! Also, I think the only real similarities between them are nationality and genre. I wouldn't have thought that Keel was a homage to Adams - he wasn't any kind of mentor to Pratchett, and I can't think of any other reason for drawing a connection.
  12. Marcia Executive Onion

    The first time I bought a book by Terry Pratchett, it was because the blurb said he was a cross between Douglas Adams and JRR Tolkien.
  13. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Really? I'm always put off by comparisons to other authors. To me, they always suggest an inability of this author to succeed on his or her own merits.
  14. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Bah, I never believe blurbs anyway. I barely believe the summary of the story on the back of books, let alone the praise people are paid to write about other people...
  15. LonaHoxworth New Member

    Hi.I hope I finally get to talk to someone..I'm fairly new to the board. I have gone to the chat a couple of times, but I'm always the only one there. I have a mild case of hero worship for T.P. (unfortunate initials) He ALWAYS makes me laugh. never enough of that in todays world. My son and I have this in common! I introduced him to the discworld during his unfortunate incarceration. (Possession of a mildly narcotic smokable herb.)
    I am mildly antagonistic toward law inforcement at this time. Except Vimes and The Watch of course.:lol:
  16. Katcal I Aten't French !

    There's never anyone on the chat, actually... Mal, shouldn't we think of closing it if no-one uses it ? no point people waiting around for nothing, really...
  17. Max New Member

    Snap, I am the only one in a chatroom too. As for TP I could always tell when a fellow passenger on the 6.00 to St Pancras was reading him as I was not the only one laughing.
    I will often read my husband and extract from a book, to be faced with a bemused face saying "whys that funny" and a "tut" when my giggles interrupt the footy, which is why i am online this evening!
  18. Rewr New Member

    On one of the other forums which I am a member of (non TP), they have a specific forum for you to leave a message to let folk know you're in the chat room. I have found it helpful. The chatroom is quite popular, especially as there is a quiz each week. Alas I'm not too good with the answers!:sad:
  19. Max New Member

    Good Idea, We could set a date and time in the future and sow the seed of the quiz, we will have to make sure it is not a preannual.

    Perhaps one evening next week, where are we all, I talk in GMT
  20. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I think setting a time is definitely the best idea for those who want to use the chat function. Early evening GMT seems to see the most activity for the boards in general.

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