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  1. inwig New Member

    Let me get this over with now. I've copied and pasted the questions so now let's see if they are too difficult for me to reply to.

    1) what formed the motivational impetus for your chosen screenname?
    An acronym of a phrase I have used for many years

    2) Are you male or female?
    Why do they always list this question in this order? The latter.

    3) what age catagory and geographic location do you fall into?
    Could someone please edit the third word in this question, or I might get bruised. I'm 37 and recently returned from the back of beyond to my birthplace - UK.

    4) do you have good faith that a discworld movie COULD be done well enough not to suck? (note, this in no way shape or form asks about casting choices you'd like to see. i have a loaded rifle and i'm not afraid to use it.)
    Maybe, though there is little that one can have faith in when it comes to film - every book adaptation has its shortcomings.

    5) who or how were you turned on to discworld/pratchett?
    I was given The Unadulterated Cat as a birthday present and then found Strata, Dark Side, and Good Omens on sale at my local sci-fantasy bookstore. many, many, moons ago.

    6) what's your personal quote of the day?
    Depends on the day and the amount of coffee I've imbibed, the one that keeps on surfacing though comes from Andy Warhol: Fashion is a thing so ugly we have to change it every six months.

    Ooh look that wasn't so hard so where'd the next button?
  2. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Welcome inwig !
  3. Angua_rox New Member

  4. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Welcome, Inwig! What's the acronym stand for, then?

    My personal abbreviation is LAMJ, which stands for Laugh At My Joke. I made it up out of necessity.
  5. inwig New Member

    thanks for the the welcome folks now excuse me if I sod things up a few times as I haven't done this chat thing and expect to have a few firebombs thrown at me until I get things right - broadband not having been available in the southern regions I was in (they thought they might be able to offer the service to me around 2009) and dial-up being prohibitively expensive even outside peak hours as they charged by the minute.

    Katcal got there first so what's your poison gal and what does the parrot want apart from pieces of eight?

    Angua_rox I lurve the image.
    Note to self: haven't thought much about my mine yet.

    Buzzfloyd the INWIG comes from correcting people for more than half my life - they keep calling me the wyrd one. My reply used to be - I'm not wyrd, I'm gifted!

    Now I just hunt down a copy of Wyrd Sisters and teach them to read. I am not sure if this is a good thing as now they have taken to calling me Granny and a few have even tried headology on me.

    Oh well whatever it takes to educate the masses.

  6. Angua_rox New Member

    I misunderstood acronym for the one where you mix up the letters, and spent like five minutes trying to figure it out.
    Duh is I believe the phrase that springs to mind.
    That's what happens on insufficient sleep!

    Thank, it's one of the standard ones here though. I keep meaning to get something more personal. . .
    I will eventually! Honest!
  7. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

  8. Katcal I Aten't French !

    :lol: I like it... It reminds me of someone :D **pointedly looks nowhere in Buzzfloyd's direction**

    The parrot craves nothing, for it is carved out of a turnip. Don't ask :D
  9. Angua_rox New Member

    That's the one.
    Thanks :D
    It was annoying me for a LONG time.
  10. Hsing Moderator


    That could have happened to me...
  11. Delphine New Member

  12. inwig New Member


    What happened to the great green background? The colour of genius they think. Ooh oh oh and suddenly you shrunk.

    I hope it wasn't something I said that ah salted you. It is quite cute though.

    Maybe it will grow on me - I was just getting used to the other one though.
  13. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Oh dear. You really are Grace's evil twin :D

    Delphine, that new avatar just rocks.
  14. inwig New Member

    If there are any similarities between me and Grace we are both just being Scorpios.

    But how come I'm the evil one? Wicked, yes, especially in the humour department, but I have never done something to qualify me as evil.
  15. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Well, one of you has to be, and she is my high-priestess/Goddess, so you'll have to be the evil one, sorry. :D
  16. inwig New Member

    Fair point but careful what you wish for - do you really want Grace's evil twin around? Can't I just be a distant undiscovered relative or something instead?

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