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  1. TheJackal Member

    Is anyone else here a fan of Pullman? When I say I'm big fan, I mean that I have most of his books, but I'd not be as in to his work as Pratchett's.

    His books are:

    His Dark Materials
    1. Northern Lights (called The Golden Compass in USA)
    2. The Subtle Knife
    3. The Amber Spyglass

    Related book: Lyra's Oxford

    Contemporary novels
    1. The Broken Bridge
    2. The Butterfly Tattoo

    The Sally Lockhart quartet
    1. The Ruby in the Smoke
    2. The Shadow in the North
    3. The Tiger in the Well
    4. The Tin Princess

    The New Cut Gang
    1. Thunderbolt's Waxwork
    2. The Gas-Fitters' Ball

    Books with pictures and fairy tales
    1. The Scarecrow And His Servant
    2. Spring-Heeled Jack
    3. Count Karlstein
    4. The Firework-Maker's Daughter
    5. I Was A Rat!
    6. Puss in Boots
    7. Mossycoat
    9. Aladdin
    10. Clockwork

    Published plays
    1. Frankenstein (adaptation)
    2. Sherlock Holmes and the Limehouse Horror
  2. Guest Guest

    I've read all the His Dark Materials books including Lyra's Oxford. The only other book I've read by him is Count Karlstein, very good. Would have loved to seen the play :D
  3. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    is he the guy who's so rabidly anti-christian that he went out of his way to make Satan the protagonist in one of his books?
  4. Guest Guest

    what's wrong with that?
  5. TheJackal Member

    I thought His Dark Materials was brilliantly written, especially Northern Lights.
    The spin-off, Lyra's Oxford, is ok; contains a short story about Lyra.

    The 4 sally lockhart books are very good, being based in England circa the start of the 20th century. I love books whose story takes place in that time. Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes springs to mind. Oh, and Pullman also isn't afraid to kill off good guys.

    Pullman also, remarkably, can write so well for kids under 10. I have some of those books but theyre a bit too childish for me.
  6. Maljonic Administrator

    Strangely enough I just bought Northern Light today for 50p from a jumble sale. I've had the second two books for ages so it was pretty cool to see the first one right there for half a quid, I'll start reading them this week I think.
  7. Victimov8 New Member

    I hadn't realised he had written so many!
    I was loaned the His Dark Materials trilogy, which I quite enjoyed, the first one especially, after that though it seemed to go a little downhill.
    Well worth 50p anyway Mal! Nice one...
  8. koshu New Member

    i loved his dark materials and ive also read the sally lockhart books except for the last one i didn't even know it existed now ill have to go hunt it down.

    Thanks :D
  9. The_Khan New Member

    I heard from a friend that they are going to make a movie out of the series. Did anyone else hear about this?
  10. Maljonic Administrator

    I hadn't heard that, I wouldn't be surprised though - they are very popular. I have seen that the Artemis Fowl books might be movied, haven't read those but from what I hear you either loath them or love them. :)
  11. The_Khan New Member

    I haven't read the Artemis Fowl books either but I heard some very good things about them from my friends. I might check out the movie to see what it is all about. Will their be a movie on Terry's books?
  12. Human New Member

    I love Artemis Fowl. Lovelovelove. And if anyone else loves them, you might want to give The Bartimaeus Trilogy a try. Amazing series. Similar taste.
  13. Hsing Moderator

    There are a lot of news concerning that in the various, book related threads (for example the casting related ones in the DEATH-forum. If I got it correctly, all of the films in planning are TV-productions, and us non-British people will, at least for another while, be deprived of seeing them.
    But as said, just browse the book forums, and you will stumble across some info. :)
  14. TheJackal Member

    The movie versions of The Dark Materials and Artemis Fowl both seem to be going ahead.

    I have all 4 Artemis books in first edition, so hoping he becomes huge worldwide via the movie, and then I can sell off my books for lots of money!

    Eoin Colfer writes those books so well, though I thought the first 2 books were better than the last 2.
  15. QuothTheRaven New Member

    His Dark Materials was great.

    I think that Pullman probably ties with Lemony Snickett as my favorite author for "perple of all ages."
  16. Maljonic Administrator

    I just finished the first His Dark Materials book and started the second today. I don't think any of it is unlike other stuff I've read before, but I do like it nonetheless.

    There was a play in York (where we live) of the whole trilogy, I only heard about it after the event but I probably wouldn't have gone anyway so as not to ruin the story for me. I was told that they used a real cat for Lyra's daemon, so that kind of tells me a bit about the future that I didn't already know.
  17. Angua_rox New Member

    I heard that a movie of the Dark materials is in the pipeline, but that they have to remove all references to the Roman Catholic Church etc. . . . .

    Which would pretty much ruin the movie. . . .

    #shakes head#
  18. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    And Nicole Kidman has now signed up to play the part of Mrs. Coulter.

    Edit: More info here
  19. Maljonic Administrator

    I'm halfway through the third, final, book now and still enjoying it. A couple of my writer friends think the citagazze world is totally uneeded, a kind of pointless in between place that distracts from the story too much. I'm not so sure about that myself...
  20. Angua_rox New Member

    I can't wait to see the films.
    Fingers crossed that they'll be good!
  21. redneck New Member

    I didn't realize it, but when I was reading the books, I had a person very much looking like Kidman in my mind. Huh. Kinda neat/weird.
  22. mr_scrub New Member

    I love Phillip Pullman too and I like his rabid anti-Christianity cuz I am nearly as rabid as he is in that respect. Artemis Fowl is alright not bad but not great. My mom has really weird taste in books. She thinks Discworld is crap, Artemis Fowl is crap and Phillip Pullman is a god. (Though obviously not because of his rabidness about anti-Christianity.)

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