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  1. Orrdos God

    I want mine to be "God"

  2. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    'GAAAY' would be far more accurate. :)
  3. Orrdos God

    I'm not Dale, you know :)
  4. Orrdos God

    Actually, that smiley face looks more evil than happy.



  5. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    [quote:354e7a84f9="Orrdos"]I'm not Dale, you know :)[/quote:354e7a84f9]

    Look just becuase your not the GAAYest person in the history of time and space, doesn't mean your not 'GAAY'.
  6. McLaren New Member

    [quote:f13a874bb8="Rincewind"][quote:f13a874bb8="Orrdos"]I'm not Dale, you know :)[/quote:f13a874bb8]

    Look just becuase your not the GAAYest person in the history of time and space, doesn't mean your not 'GAAY'.[/quote:f13a874bb8]

    1) You're both obviously gay. Possibly with each other. You probably live in a little gay house in the suburbs with a little white picket fence and pet dogs who are also gay, and spend all day arranging flowers and baking cakes together in tartan (or green with four leafed clovers) aprons.

    2) I am not gay. However I do need a rank* I can't think of anything at the moment and as Doors and/or Rincewind will inevitably become a moderator I'm sure whatever I think of will soon be replaced by something hilariously witty that implies I'm a homosexual. But for what it's worth, I'll have a think anyway and let you know.

    *Note: "rank", "ranking" or "ranker" jokes are neither clever or funny.
  7. Maljonic Administrator

    Moderators wont be able to change your rank. :)
  8. Silmaril New Member

    So . . . "ranks" are just the nicknames we are giving ourselves then? I mean, if pretty much everyone chooses something, it doesn't say much about length of time here/number of posts/quality of posts/whether you're a pain in the butt or the centre of the board etc.

    Everyone gets to be special. Ain't it grand?

    note: I don't actually mind if it's done this way, I just think it's silly calling them ranks when they clearly don't rank people. I don't think we need proper ranks if people don't like the idea.
  9. Maljonic Administrator

    I think we're only giving out special ranks to people from the original boards to sort of make up for starting again, and even those are within reason or reflecting their original status like Doorman, High Priestess etc. Obviously Doors isn't going to be God (or not the only one anyway), well not unless we all vote for it - hee, now that would be funny, a democratically elected god. :)
  10. Silmaril New Member

    Ok. May I suggest you call yourself the Architect, seen as you actually built this board? :)

    Can I echo Tempus and say wanna rank, wanna rank now! and also echo McClaren and say stop smirking?
  11. Cat New Member

    Good point, Silmaril.
    I don't think everyone should get a 'rank' (for lack of a better word). That would take the fun out of it. I have got to admit I was a bit surprised when, for example, Tempus got his.

    I know I helped him a bit to come up with one. And I am sure Tempus didn't realise our initial idea was to reserve the 'ranks' for people with a certain 'function' in Boardania. I am using this situation as an example, my comment doesn't have anything to do with liking or disliking him. Which I don't. Dislike him, that is. :) And Mal changed the designations with the best of intentions. I know that as well.

    It's just that I thought - as Silmaril did- we'd save the 'ranks' for members who have a certain role in Boardania. Like Gods, Doormen or spelling bees.
    If the community decides to change that, that's fine, although I think it would be a shame. Still, I'll think of a 'rank' (we gotta find another word then!) for myself then, and I'm sure lots of members would do the same. It wouldn't matter then if you are a newbit or have been a member for a long time. But then the discussion of how to rank people by their number of posts becomes irrelevant at the same time.

    What do we want?
    Can every member ask the mod(s) for a designation or do we use the designation like was first suggested: for a few members who play a certain 'character' or 'role' in Boardania whilst for the remainder of the people the designation shows their number of posts?

    I would choose for the second option. I think it would also help newbits understand the structure of the Boardania culture better. We wouldn't have to explain the Tripod every time, for instance.

    I realise the words 'character' and 'role' do not reflect the way Boardania work. My apologies, I couldn't think of a better way to descibe it.

    Edit: wow, crossposted bigtime here! I see we are working to remedy the situation already. :D
  12. Maljonic Administrator

    I think Rinsewind suggested somewhere that newcomers could have the normal member ranks untill they reach a certain number of posts, say 500, then they can continue with the normal ranking system or have one given to them that suits their personality/role et cetera. I like that idea. :)
  13. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    [quote:884452c1c1="Maljonic"] Obviously Doors isn't going to be God (or not the only one anyway), well not unless we all vote for it - hee, now that would be funny, a democratically elected god. :)[/quote:884452c1c1]

    But Doors is a God, thats his nick already. Othrise who is snails HighPriest too?

    Unless you want a whole world of shoe related peeness i suggest you sucome to the greatness of the church of Orrdos! :)
  14. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    It should be "A God" though, since "God" implies he's the only one.

    I think ranks should show community conferred status. In other words, if the community agrees that you have a particular status - such as part of the Boardanian religious structure, or "Troll", or whatever, then that should be your rank. If you have no such particular role, then the community is by default agreeing that you are a newbie/established member/whatever.
  15. Maljonic Administrator

    How about Doors' title being god, rather than God - or is 'A God' better? :)
  16. Delphine New Member


    But Doors is a God, thats his nick already. Othrise who is snails HighPriest too?

    Unless you want a whole world of shoe related peeness i suggest you sucome to the greatness of the church of Orrdos! :)[/quote:450a4eeafd]

    [i:450a4eeafd]Priestess,[/i:450a4eeafd] rinso! :!: >stabs<

    Anyway, I agree with this point ~ if all the other church members get their titles, Doors should have his as well. It's not as if new people will think any differently than they would on the normal board. If they were to read CJs Board Basics in the FAQ they'd see Doors, Garner and Ba listed as gods straight away.
  17. Maljonic Administrator

    [quote:6bf32942bf="Maljonic"]How about Doors' title being god, rather than God - or is 'A God' better? :)[/quote:6bf32942bf] :)
  18. Delphine New Member


    >lives up to nickname<

    I think "god" will just look like a grammatical mistake. Everyone else gets capitals :wink:

    I didn't think of it like that ("God" making him look like the only one) although I still don't think it matters hugely... People will still know Ba and Garner are gods even though they don't have it. The same goes for Avgi, being a high priestess. They're just for fun really, aren't they?

    They wont make much sense to anyone who doesn't know about the tripod anyway. :wink:
  19. Maljonic Administrator

    I know God is okay for Doors, it's just that Ba has named himself Lord of the Pies and I don't want to cause any supernatural wrath, oh wait, I know. :)
  20. chrisjordan New Member

    The Board Basics has had a note at the very start of it recommending people not to read it for months now, because of it making the board sound incredibly cliquey.
  21. Delphine New Member

    Oh. Ah well.
  22. Maljonic Administrator

    Well the three of them are all Gods on here now anyway. :)
  23. colonesque10 New Member

    Now i'm here on a permanant basis can I have the name of 'number one doorman too' and can someone help me remove this dang star. It's sharp and it keeps cutting me. Bastard star! :(
  24. Maljonic Administrator

    What star? :)
  25. colonesque10 New Member

    Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 1:28 pm


    What star?

    Your a legend Mal. :)
  26. spiky Bar Wench

    Mal is it possible to be upgraded to Bar Wench, I think it inspires more respect than a mere 'newbit'?
  27. roisindubh211 New Member

    yes, can I have a different title too?
    Tea Lady/Squire, maybe? (for future reference, any tea and/or sword related inquiries can be directed to me)
    (college coming up soon, and if you couldn't tell I'm just itching to get back to hacking people apa- I mean, the gracious art that is sabre fencing....)
  28. Nester New Member

    "Doorman" or anything along the lines of "hilbilly" or "alcoholic beverage caretaker" works for me. :)

    edit- heh. I see you already beat me to it :D
  29. Andalusian New Member

    Can I have Dark Lord of the Sith? On account of my real name being Darth Dobbin (this is actually my real name. I promise.) and because I have no other claim to fame.
  30. Hex New Member

    Could you upgrade me to Chief Barmaid? I'd like my position to be known, also that way the Doormen and other folks know who they should come to in times of need, or at least in times of alcohol :p

    All hail Orrdos! Woo Hoo!!
  31. Dane New Member

    I'd like to be called "buried by coursework" but thats probably too long, So coursework boy should do...Or rugby boy?
  32. how about poetry boy
  33. Wizzard New Member

    It would be nice to have basic "ranks" at a set number of post for people who want it. I also think that people who are especially helpful/insightive/*special* should be voted/recommended for a cool name that suits them. For in between it would be cool to choose between different types of names for levels ie apprentice, wizard...assasin being equal to wizard etc.

    I personally dont aspire to very much, I just like to post uselessly. Well, we all know where I fit in...Right under the most useless name of all, Wizzard.
  34. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    I certainly hope that's actual low-self esteem rather than continued posting in the theme of a copyrighted character...
  35. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    No, he's comparing himself to a character, not posting in a character.

    edit: Sorry missed all the other stuff. While it's ok to compare yourself to a character, sometimes is best if you've been asked not to post in character to just give the whole character based references a break, just while we get to know you.
  36. Marcia Executive Onion

    I agree. When all your posts are either in character, or referencing a character, it really makes it seem like you are trying to avoid letting people know who you are, which makes you suspicious. You don't have to tell us your medical history or intimate details about your love life, but at least make an effort to let us know a little about you. The same as you would do if you were trying to make friends off the internet.
  37. Plugger New Member

    you could always have guild ranks from the discworld books (which might not have to be the actual ranks in the books if you get what i mean...? only suggesting this bit because i cant think of the real ones) and if somehow possible be asked to join a guild, which each have different ranks, example
    Fools Guild
    0-30 : custard pie target
    30-100 : pie thrower
    200-500 : junior juggler
    1000 - 2000 : mime
    2000 - 3000 : fool
    3000 - 4000 : guild leader

    Assassins Guild
    0-30 : 1st year
    30-100 : blue cloak
    200-500 : rooftop killer
    1000 - 2000 : midnight murderer
    2000 - 3000 : master assassin
    3000 - 4000 : guild leader

    just ranks of police etc...
  38. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Possibly, though I quite like getting to pick your own. Something individual to you. It's a nice Idea though. :)
  39. Hsing Moderator

    We could still make something like it standard, and give people the possibility to pick individual Ranks from a certain number of posts on?
  40. Sir_Vaims New Member

    i like the idea that our ranks should be related to the Discworld
  41. Plugger New Member

    could this be...ive acually made a good suggestion :?:

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