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  1. Tephlon Active Member

    Bought it yesterday.

    I went into one of the chain book stores here the day before yesterday and asked if I could order "Mort" and "Going Postal" in paperback. "Thud!" showed up on screen and he said one of the other stores had it, and he could have it for me tomorrow. (Which was yesterday.) I've been REALLY busy so I've just read a few pages. I hopeto finish it end of this week.

  2. spiky Bar Wench

    Bought it Saturday, Read it Sunday and loved it :D I don't feel so left out now...

    I also got where's my cow which cost $32 which I thought was a bit steep considering Thud cost $35 but hey I read that too...

    I liked the bit in Thud where the plot line of Where's my cow was discussed...
  3. peapod_j New Member

    I think thud was a depeer book than the rest and my pearents agree with me. but a troll king? thats a turn up for the books :lol: i hope to see more books like this one but poor vimes having to have a vimpire in the wach. i fell sory for him because this is one of his biggest rules NO VIMPIRES IN THE WACH. i hope TPratchett keeps Mr Shine in the books. all in all a brillant book :)
  4. Electric_Man Templar

    edit: removed content because in wrong thread, it's all Doors' fault
  5. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Ben, shouldn't that be posted in the Thud! Discussion thread?
  6. Electric_Man Templar

    edit: ditto to my previous post, only it's even more of Doors' fault
  7. Electric_Man Templar

    DAMMIT! And here's me having made two posts already...

    Right, I'll copy them over then remove the content of these ones...
  8. Angua_rox New Member

    The hat rox!!!!
  9. tanatie New Member

    any ideas about how to play the game (thud)? T.P. should make it available and start selling sounds kind of like a mix of chess and warhammer...
  10. Pixel New Member

  11. tanatie New Member

    thanks...I have to get my hands on it...I just doubt they have it in any store in slovenia...

    btw does anyone here play discowrld MUD?
  12. Faerie New Member

    My grandma bought Thud for me while shopping for Piers Anthony books for my sister's birthday. I thought I would have to wait till my birthday to get it, but my grandma spoils me and gave it to me on my sister's birthday. :D
  13. Hsing Moderator

    The German translation of "Thud" -titled "Klonk", by the way- was apparently published relatively recently here, and made it into the bestseller list - from 0 to 7. Keep in mind PTerry was, until "The Thief of Time" was published, not extremely popular in Germany; that people buy "Thud" might mean they did a lot of catching up, because its readable if you don't know the other Watch-books, but far better if you know them...
  14. drunkymonkey New Member

    That's basically like all his books, isn't it? You don't need to read the ones beforehand (except, perhaps, in the cases of Lords and Ladies and Light Fantastic) to understand what's going on.
  15. Hsing Moderator

    I don't know. I always thought it would, especially in the case of the watch books, understand about the character's background, as well as the characteristic settings. Not that I think you should in no case pick up any of the Watch books if you come across one.
  16. drunkymonkey New Member

    Well, the only Watch boo I had read before Thud was Guards Guards, and I wasn't that confused; I just understood that since the Watch saved the city, it would get much bigger.
  17. mr_scrub New Member

    I got Thud! from the library. I really loved it but I don't know where the library got it unless they bought it and there aren't many TP fans where I live. (I know of 2)
  18. Nocomply New Member

    Sorry for going off topic, but I love Utrecht. We had a day off there a couple of years ago, and it's an amazing city. With tons of friendly people and a sweet fantasy/geek shop right down by the canal.
    And the huge church was nice. And the belgian pub with an amazing amount of beer on tap.

    Oh, and I loved THUD! too.
  19. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    There's more than one! Ah, happy days.
  20. inwig New Member

    No one else has mentioned it so far but where do you think Pterry is going to take the Ank-Morpork Underground he has so clearly laid the tracks for in this book? Does a new strand of the City tapestry start to weave?
  21. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    *blinks* Underground... of course!
  22. jaccairn New Member

    I haven't got the book handy, but wasn't one of the mine signs a circle with a line through it, just like the underground symbol. They've even got those dwarf devices (i've forgotten the proper name) to power it.
  23. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I feel like such a dimwit. I totally missed the significance of all of that.
  24. roisindubh211 New Member

    *jumps up and down excitedly* I noticed that! I bought Thud to read on the plane/tube this week, the first time I was ever in England. When I saw those signs I was very amused. I didn't see that this was a possibility though. Probably wouldn't have noticed it if i wasn't reading the book right then either.

    Don't feel bad, Buzzfloyd- if you see those things all the time they become background noise. I wouldn't notice if it was an American road sign!
  25. roisindubh211 New Member

    I'd stick with Thud. Where's My Cow? is sadly predictable, with little character development. Some lovely use of foreshadowing in the illustrations though.

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