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  1. spiky Bar Wench

    I think Kenny and RInso are the 6th couple and now Doors and Ben are the 7th... Although that does mean that Doors is cheating on Ella with Ben, so Ella has every right now to go and bitch slap either Doors for cheating or Ben for stealing her man, girlfriend...

    I feel a chant coming on...

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

    On the TMNT I did think that Krang added some much needed brains to the evil side, because in the original cartoons Shredder wasn't the sharpest grater in the draw, it was the movies that gave him some IQ cred...
  2. mowgli New Member

    Plus, in the movies his mask had a breath-through mesh! I always wondered how he managed to breath through solid metal in the cartoon version...
  3. spiky Bar Wench

    Yes but in the cartoons Shredder seemed to be lithe and fit, whereas in the movies he was big and cumbersome, you can't have a good ninja fight against someone thats that big, he couldn't move properly neverlone ninja kick your arse... Breathings for amateurs, real ninjas don't need to breath.
  4. Tephlon Active Member

    Quite literally... :)
  5. QuothTheRaven New Member

    Wow, I have no idea what any of you are talking about.
  6. mowgli New Member

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles :). I watched it back in the early 90s, but there's a new version out now... plays Saturday mornings, I believe - maybe even on Fox.

    (Gah, now I feel old!)
  7. QuothTheRaven New Member

    That explains it (I only have a few scatered memories from before '95).
  8. Guest Guest


    People still using NINJA not HERO.....some of the younger members of the board will remember the inferior quality of the hero turtles. I think i need to get someone to download some of the origionals and so i can go back to my childhood.......
  9. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Funny, over here, it has always been "tortues ninjas", in spain it's "tortugas ninjas"... oooh, this could be a fascinating linguistic experience ! :D
  10. Ba Lord of the Pies

    The new series is pretty good. It follows the original comics more closely than the original cartoons.

    Also, only the degenerate British would see a need to take away Michaelangelo's nunchucks. "Hero" turtles indeed.
  11. spiky Bar Wench

    Huh? How did the English ruin the TNMT? Is this like salad cream?
  12. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Ninjas were considered far too violent for children's television, so they had it changed to Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. They also edited any scenes in which Michaelangelo used his nunchucks, since those were also too terrible to expose children to. They toned down as much of the weapon-use as possible.
  13. Guest Guest

    If we are going to talk about these fabulous Turtles, the least you can do is get the initials right honey!!!

  14. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Talking of those Turtles, I know a guy who turned down the invitation to write the dialog for the series before it was launched becouse he thought mutant ninja turtles was a stupid idea and kids would never buy it :D (he used to write the dialog for Danger Mouse, which of course is a much more likely story...)
  15. spiky Bar Wench

    Sorry MissW typos are bad just ask Grace... Its definitely TMNT and it sounds like the English version was definitely the childrens tv version of salad cream.
  16. Dane New Member

    I've just read up on the Tri-pods and i gotta say great stuff! Keep it up (I am particually fond of the ducks :D)
  17. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Well, that clinches it, then. Ducks is utter garbage and no one with two braincells to knock together would think otherwise. ;)
  18. Dane New Member

    which must explain why my one brain cell likes it so much
  19. Hsing Moderator


  20. Orrdos God

  21. Katcal I Aten't French !

  22. Delphine New Member

  23. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    oh mr purcell, why have you let it come to this?
  24. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Aww, come on Ella, don't hog them ! :D
  25. roisindubh211 New Member

    WHY did you put that image into my brain?! What did I ever do to you?
  26. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Sorry roisin, can't acheive world domination without breaking some eggs :D
  27. Orrdos God

  28. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    tweak it some more, the comic shows up indented to the right, and i have to scroll to see it.
  29. Orrdos God

    Yes, I need to fix it so it looks right in internet explorer.

    it looks fine in Firefox!

    You should all use firefox!

    Also: be at my resolution!

    I'll fiddle with it a bit more later
  30. QuothTheRaven New Member

    The table of contents page still only has the first 200 or so. If doors wasn't a god, I would be reaching for my fish right now.
  31. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Poor zombie Dave. Such a tragedy. Who knew that reanimation chemicals and poison left in a person's kitchen could have such consequences!

    Also, *Smites Doors for sloth*
  32. Roman_K New Member

    It does *not* look fine in Firefox, fool.
  33. redneck New Member

    I disagree with Roman. It looks great in Firefox. It's just that one has to scroll to see all of the greatness. That gets old.
  34. sampanna New Member

    Both the telltalegames links are broken .. also, it does show up fine in firefox :p
  35. chrisjordan New Member

    Yep, fine in Firefox. Fool.
  36. Roman_K New Member

    Now, what was the problem that Doors was implying to not exist in Firefox? Anyone, class?
  37. Electric_Man Templar

    Having spoken to him last night, it's a font and centering issue on the text.

    *bangs gavel*
    I find Doors guilty of unclear phrasing. I sentence him to life... in Scotland.
    *bangs gavel*
  38. Roman_K New Member

    Isn't that a bit too cruel?
  39. chrisjordan New Member

    Terribly sorry, sir! In the Firefox window I had open, I didn't have this problem, therefore it looked fine. But when I shrank the window, woe! it came upon me like an avalanche of rabid yetimen. Consider the 'fool' comment redirected at Doors.


    *stabs Roman for his infuriating tone*
  40. Hsing Moderator


    I have to scroll it too, in firefox, due to my stamp sized monitor.
    That's life.

    But yay to Doors for actually updating! :p
  41. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    i use firefox now. and my resolution is godly.

    therefore, it was doors being a bich.
  42. Orrdos God

    Yes, thank you Roman, very helpful and not at all wankerish.

    It's the first time i've ever used CSS at all, so, it's not perfect. It looked ok on mine, but, apparantly I need to tweak it a bit.

    It's a learning experience for me, something i'm trying to pick up as I go along, on my own.

    So, no, it's not perfect.
  43. spiky Bar Wench

    Well it damn well should be! A lack of knowledge is no excuse for poor execution. We, the perfect members of said board, do not tolerate a lack of perfection in others. And I've lost my train of thought...

    It looked fine for me... I guess everyone else just lacks my perfection :cooler:
  44. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Indeed. What did the Scottish do?
  45. Hsing Moderator

    No, we just have to compensate the tinyness of our screens somehow.

    And... is the casting page new or did I just miss the updated entries for a very long time? I've liked two of them I hadn't seen before, in any case! :)
  46. Orrdos God

    Yeah, I added a few more characters into it, and changed a couple of the existing bios :)
  47. Roman_K New Member

    Well, the wankerish bit was mainly directed to Chris, who shall be participate most actively in the Church of Ba annual barbeque.

    I understand that it's a learning experience, and I'm no perfectionist in any case. Anyway, the comics were good. :)
  48. chrisjordan New Member

    To be honest, Roman, my fool comment was largely in response to your fool comment, because I found it, well, wankerish.

    Edit for slight rephrase.
  49. Orrdos God

  50. Maljonic Administrator

    Looks cool.

    The reason it appears too wide to some is because the main content div is 1000px wide and a lot of people have their screens set to 800px, that is the standard factory setting for most computers. Also the margins of 10% are making it even further off to one side.

    You can centre everything by putting text-align: center in the body tag, like you already have, for Internet Explorer, and using margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto, for proper browsers like Firefox, on the actual divs themselves.

    Your comic strip image is 950px wide so it will still be slightly larger than some people's screens, but you have the overflow:auto already in there, which will create scroll bars for the low res people.

    Anyway if you swap the 1000px widths for your divs for 950px to match your image and do the margin auto thing it will look all right. Also 'background' isn't really a proper CSS command, it should be 'background-color':

    body {
     margin: 0; 
     background-color: #FFFFCC;
     color: #000000;
     text-align: center;
    #bar-top {
     width: 950px; 
     height: 30px; 
     background-color: #ffffff;
     color: #FF9966;
     border: solid #000000;
     border-width: 2px 2px;
    #bar-bottom {
     width: 950px; 
     height: 30px;
     background-color: #FFFFFF; 
     color: #000000;
     border: solid #000000; 
     border-width: 0px 2px 2px 2px;
    #content { 
     height: 350px;
     width: 950px; 
     border: solid #000000; 
     border-width: 2px 2px; 
     background-color: #ffffff;
     color: #333333;
     overflow: auto;
  51. Orrdos God

    Thanks Mal!

    I managed to get the front screen to look right in IE now, thanks to you :)
  52. Maljonic Administrator

    Great, you're welcome. I forgot to ask about the meta tags:

    <meta name="Robots" content="NOINDEX" />
    <meta http-equiv="PRAGMA" content="NO-CACHE" />

    Do you have it that way on purpose? It'll stop your pages coming up in search engines, especially the noindex bit.

    I did see you have a title tag for your logo, which is good because it means you get text when you put your mouse over an image in all browsers. People often mistake the title attribute with the alt attribute, mostly because the alt attribute behaves like the title attribute in Internet Explorer. You should really have them both filled in though, usually with identical information, because the alt text is what appears on browsers with no image support and gives an indication of what would be there if they did. It also gets read out by speech browsers that blind people use, so you could put the strip's dialogue in the alt text so it can be read by none-visual browsers too. This also helps search engines index your pages (assuming you change the noindex to index, follow) when the content is mostly an image with no text.

    Also your main site doesn't have a <head></head> (where the style is meant to go) bit or a document declaration like you've done with the tripod strip, I guess that's probably something you're getting around to though.

    I've probably said too much now, so I'll stop before I get too nerdy. :)
  53. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    well, the individual comics look fine now, centered and everything, but the news post on the most recent page still requires some scrolling in firefox. my desktop resolution is set at 1024x768 at the moment, by the way.

    though, i recall an IT guy once lamenting that websites never should 'look best at' certian resolutions and be coded to scale depending on the resolution they're displaying at. not sure how easy that is for amatures though.

    keep at it, man.

    also, draw up my ideas, or i will smack you.
  54. Maljonic Administrator

    The text-align:center and margin-auto should make it pretty much the same in most resolutions and browsers. You can use percentages for div widths instead of px, as on Maljonic's Dreams, so it scales to a percentage of whatever your computer screen is set to - but it gets kind of tricky at times.

    Of course it wont work if you have a wide image, like the ones in the Tripod strips. The only way to avoid being too wide on low res is to make the picture 800px wide or less. You can actually give images a percentage width too, but then it would look all squashed up on mobile phones and other really small screens, and the text may even distort too much on low res PC screens.

    You shouldn't have to scroll at 1024x768 though, I don't and I'm on less than that. It might be that your Firefox browser has cached an earlier version before Doors changed the style sheet, mine did.
  55. QuothTheRaven New Member

    Poor doors, everyone else has a hat, and he doesn't. Also, I think #345 would be enough to make anyone wake up screaming.
  56. Electric_Man Templar

    I have the supremely odd resolution of 1152x864 pixels and it's soooooo close to fitting, I have to scroll a tiny amount on FF but a fair bit on IE due to the yellowy (or doorman colour) margins.

    If the left and right margins were the same as the top one, it would fit on my screen in FF, and probably on IE too.

    Oh yes, and the comics were good too, but that's not the important thing :p
  57. spiky Bar Wench

    As to your suggestion that I never use IE ever again I would love to chop it up, place it in a heshian sack with bricks and drop it into the sea in the same hole as the kracken but unfortunately work won't let me... and they won't let you install FF either...

    On the upside, on my relatively big screen all the comics look fine except the last one, which requires some sideways scrolling (and downwards scrolling to read the "I've tweaked it" message)... Its getting there.

    And yes comic 364 made me scream too...
  58. Ba Lord of the Pies

    DOORS. WILL. DIE!!!!!!
  59. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Won't we all ? (Gods excepted, of course)
  60. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    how do i clear my cache in FF? same way as IE? too lazy to just go and check for myself now... much easier to spend time typing...

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