What films have you seen lately?

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Delphine, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Clerks 2 ??? :shock: Oh well, I just hope it's as good as the first one...
  2. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Saw pirates 2 yesterday evening, it was pretty cool even if I was distracted all the way through by the awful deep butch voice they have dubbed Jack Sparrow with :shock: Oh well, it was just to see it with my friends, the English version is out here thius time, I'll go see it again properly... I'm sure I missed half the fun with that dubbed version, Disney really have the worst translators ever, it's bloody annoying ! And also the French just don't have the pirates/sailing culture that the british (and therefore most of the ex-empire) have developed, they have no idea who Davy Jones is, and the songs don't mean a thing to them... One of my friends (who admittedly is a perfect blonde :roll: ) kept going on about them drinking Whisky... :shock: Whatever !

    Oh and yes, the longest credits ever for that little bit at the end... oh well, it was funny :D
  3. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Saw Curious George today, it's a very sweet cartoon, anyone with kids or a brain that still accepts non-violent sweet stuff should see it, it's just fun, sweet, childish fun. And great songs by Jack Johnson.

    Saw Pirates 2 in English too, it was miles better, but it does seem terribly long once you've seen it once already...
  4. redneck New Member

    Watched Out to Sea (with Walter Mathau and Jack Lemon), The Odd Couple (with Jack Lemon and Walter Mathau), In Her Shoes (a chick flick, but good), and Funniest Moments of the Century: Disc 6 tonight. I don't generally watch any films during the week, so the weekend is the time to veg out.
  5. fairyliquid New Member

    I just watched Grease. I don't know why.

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    edit 2: doh
  6. Katcal I Aten't French !

    [quote:4226dc0479="fairyliquid"]I just watched Greece. I don't know why.[/quote:4226dc0479]
    Greece as in Avgi or Grease as in [insert random doorman name here] ?
  7. fairyliquid New Member

    I meant the musical...Grease.

    My bad, The DVD is right in front of me too :oops:

    edit...i really need to pay more attention
  8. Tephlon Active Member

    That would be GR[u:24c3673c18]EA[/u:24c3673c18]SE.

    Rented 2 DVD's yesterday:

    [b:24c3673c18]the Dukes of Hazzard[/b:24c3673c18]
    Not as bad as I thought it would be. That General Lee sure can act.
    (Come on, I grew up on that show. I would go to my swimming lessons and then race home to catch the show.)

    [b:24c3673c18]The Corpse Bride[/b:24c3673c18]
    Incredibly done. A bit on the short side though, and a bit predictable.
    Yeah yeah, kids movie, I know, I just feel that it could have been a bit more "twisted".
    Beautiful music... Danny Elfman is rapidly becoming my favorite score composer.
  9. Hsing Moderator

    Wait... the Corpse bride was a [i:284f2f4910]kid'[/i:284f2f4910]s movie? I didn't think so. not in the sense that I wouldn't show it to a kid... And I am not at all for labels...
    It surely isn't just because it's animated, is it? :)
  10. chrisjordan New Member

    I recently saw Minority Report (finally) and Ocean's 12. Both good films. Ocean's 12 was really over-the-top, but I liked that.
  11. Katcal I Aten't French !

    [quote:b5fd281fec="Hsing"]Wait... the Corpse bride was a [i:b5fd281fec]kid'[/i:b5fd281fec]s movie? I didn't think so. not in the sense that I wouldn't show it to a kid... [b:b5fd281fec]And I am not at all for labels... [/b:b5fd281fec]
    It surely isn't just because it's animated, is it? :)[/quote:b5fd281fec]
    So how do you work out what you're cooking ? :D

    I must say it wasn't particularly a kiddie-orientated movie, they would probably enjoy it from a certain age, but still, not a movie specially made for kids...

    Oh and fairyliquid can't handle grease, how allegorically ironic can you get :D
  12. fairyliquid New Member

  13. Hex New Member

    Last night my friends took my sister and I to the midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was certainly an experience.

    Now, I've seen Rocky Horror, but not in a Theater, so I was instantly decleared a "virgin" and a man in a corset drew a V in lipstick on my cheek.
    Then I was called up to the front of the theater with a girl I'd never met and we were told to try to pop a red balloon without using our hands.
    Yes, it was disturbing.

    But I had a blast. The movie is hideously cheesy and weird, but I enjoyed throwing rice and toast and yelling obscenities at the screen. I think I might have to go every week, and bring my friends with me!

    Ah, the life of a college student!
  14. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Ok, who's going to see "SNAKES ON A PLANE"?

    If you do go, let me know how awful it was. I'm really looking forward to this being the worst movie ever made.
  15. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Well, I have 3 weeks of holidays coming up and no money, so cinema is probably going to be a major time-waster... (we pay a 20€ montly subscription and get to see as many films as we want) If we get really desperate, we may just try it and see :D
  16. randywine Member

    Om — Strangely (and twistedly*) enough, we are going to see 'Snakes' — just to see how utterly awful it is going to be.

    Have recently just watched the entire run of Firefly (After seeing 'Serenity') - I thought it was excellent and am gutted to know that I didn't even know about it until AFTER it was cancelled (god I'm slow :cry: )


    *If that's a real word
  17. redneck New Member

    Saw World Trade Center last night. It was a good movie. It focused on the lives of a few of the individuals that were involved in the tragedy but didn't give a lot of political junk about it. I thought that Oliver Stone did a very good job with it.
  18. Watchman New Member

    Saw 'My Super ex-Girlfriend', not bad but the director definately under used Eddie Izzard, he didnt seem like a super villain or even remotely bad, just an middle aged geek really. Oh and saw 'Over the Hedge' the week before at girlfriends insistance. William Shatner as a possum was funny and the squirrel was great but it is for a much younger audience than a cynical old civil servant.

    PS has anybody seen the new M. Night Shyamalan film? Dont want to know the story or how it ends, just whether it lives up to Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Village was a real let down for me.
  19. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I am also wondering (with an o, spiky :D) about that film watchman, I was incredibly dissapointed with signs, it was just soooo lame, after 6th sense, it was a real let-down. [i:58da035628]Village [/i:58da035628]wasn't that bad, but still not up to the standard of 6th Sense, I haven't seen Unbreakable... The new film is out today here, so maybe we'll go see it soon...

    Saw [i:58da035628]The science of sleep[/i:58da035628] yesterday, it's quite fun, but rather long, and the story tends to get a bit lost in the special dreamy universe-thing...
  20. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Yesterday I watched "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". I enjoyed it more then I expected to, mostly because of the part that was filmed in Greece, it was so beautiful. The story was pretty much what I was hoping it would be, sometimes you just want something sweet.

    A couple of days ago Jon and I watched Scary Movie 4, sometimes you just want something silly, and then I was on the computer while Jon watched The Hills Have Eyes. I didn't actually watch most of that. Just enough to wish I had just gone to bed, geez.

    The choies at the local theater are Talledega Nights and Snakes on a Plane, I doubt I will be going to the movies this week. I hope we wait until those particular films are no longer new releases.I'm pretty sure we will be seeing them eventully.
  21. QuothTheRaven New Member

    [quote:04457f8444="Watchman"]PS has anybody seen the new M. Night Shyamalan film? Dont want to know the story or how it ends, just whether it lives up to Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Village was a real let down for me.[/quote:04457f8444]
    You mean [i:04457f8444]Lady in the Water[/i:04457f8444]. It was good, but not as good as [i:04457f8444]Sixth Sense[/i:04457f8444]. I have not seen [i:04457f8444]Unbreakable[/i:04457f8444] or [i:04457f8444]The Village[/i:04457f8444], so I don't know how it compares to those.
  22. Dane New Member

    I saw a film called Chaos last night, I'm not sure whether its up for general release yet (It was on a friends computer so [=strike]possible[/strike] a pirate.

    it had... eerm... that guy from the transporter (can never remember his name) and Wesley Snipes.

    Its a cop thriller about a bank robbery that isn't what it seems. Theres a major twist... although quite predictable. I'm sure it was quite a good story/script, unfortuntaely hollywood happend to it, meaning there were lots of car chases, lots of gun fights, lots of crappy lines and a few crappy performances.

    I found myself Urgeing the lead charicter to die a horrible death. His charicter was flawed and freaking annoying. he's meant to be the new kid to the "force" yet he single handedly solves the case. He also had a lot of bad lines and did a lot of over the top Hollywood shite which i can't stand. All in all he was an annoying goody-goody smart-arse.

    also the film sucked.
  23. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    I recently seen Nacho Libire, which is really good fun. It's got all the slap-stick stuff that you'd expect, but it's directed by the guy who did 'nepolian Dyinatime' (sp) so it has some really bizzare charcters too.

    I also Seen 'lady in the Water' Which I really enjoyed. It was really well shot and doesn't deserve the terrible reviews. I can see why people don't like it one basically if you lety go of one thing: Spoiler-ish: [size=7:c8fc6a2d27] That all the people believe this incredable, unbelieveable, series of events without hestiation. Also the plot is explained/told to us rather than us discover it[/size:c8fc6a2d27].

    I seen 'A scanner Darkly' which was invisaully amazing. The other was ok too. Robert Downy Jr (i think) was brillant. But I think such an awesome style was wasted/mis-used on quite a placcid movie.

    I also seen the break up which was shit.

    Oh and of course, Snakes on a plane. IT HAD SNAKES!....ON A PLANE!

    There where only two things that could of made that movie better
    1) Being drunk while watching it

    2) It being set in the 80's.
  24. Katcal I Aten't French !

    [quote:e1371290f7="Rincewind"]I recently seen Nacho Libire, which is really good fun. It's got all the slap-stick stuff that you'd expect, but it's directed by the guy who did 'nepolian Dyinatime' (sp) so it has some really bizzare charcters too.[/quote:e1371290f7]
    Napoleon Dynamite, if I remember rightly... A title specifically designed to piss off dyslexics... :roll:
  25. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Haha. My attempt was so far off....You weren't even trying brain!

    ...or brian, even.
  26. Faerie New Member

    I just watched The Stepford Wives and Flight Plan. Neither of which were as good as I thought they were going to be, actually I didn't think The Stepford Wives was going to be all that amazing to begin with. I thought Flight Plan was going to be better but at least I didn't guess how it was going to turn out.
  27. Hex New Member

    I just got back from seeing A Scanner Darkly.

    I enjoyed it a lot, but I think reading the book all the way through might have helped me enjoy it more.

    I agree with you Rinso, Robert Downey Jr. was great.
    I don't know, I just have an irrational hatred of Keanu Reeves, and that ruined it somewhat for me.
    He irritates me in many ways.
    Which I can't explain, because it's an irrational hatred.
  28. Katcal I Aten't French !

    [quote:eb083a668c="Hex"]I just got back from seeing A Scanner Darkly.

    I enjoyed it a lot, but I think reading the book all the way through might have helped me enjoy it more.

    I agree with you Rinso, Robert Downey Jr. was great.
    I don't know, I just have an irrational hatred of Keanu Reeves, and that ruined it somewhat for me.
    He irritates me in many ways.
    Which I can't explain, because it's an irrational hatred.[/quote:eb083a668c]
    Well, I have the same thing about Nicolas Cage, i just can't stand the man... and I have no idea why :D Oh well...

    A lot of my friends have read the book and are waiting to see this film, I hope they won't be disappointed...

    We've just been to see Nausicaa, the "latest" Miyazaki, it's quite moving, but a little long... 2 and a half hours for an animated film is very long :D

    Saw the trailer for Flushed Away, it looks quite funny, a strange mixture of Aardman's Wallace & Gromit style and Dreamworks animation... promising...
  29. jaccairn New Member

    Went to see Stormbreaker which I thoroughly enjoyed. Some of the characters were a little cartoonish but had a great set of actors, and lots of sly references to James Bond movies. Great fun!
  30. Dane New Member

    I watched Monster House the other night, Its directed by Steven Speilburg (Sp?) and written by David Zemmicks (the guy that did back to the future)

    the reason for the house being haunted was a little sucky, other than that i thought it was quite a nice family film, it had comedy for all ages and a little scaryness (for the kids and my girlfriend :roll: ). there was some nice CGI in it, there were plenty of examples of new techniques used in CGI. I did get the impression that they over did their fancy new gadgets a few times but it was used well for most of the film.
  31. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Saw Monster house yesterday, it was good fun. If I get drowned in cement, I have made my husband swear to burn the house down immediately :cooler:

    We also saw Into the blue, for lack of anything better, and it was pretty sucky... The obvious only good part of the film is getting to see Jessica Alba in a swimsuit with her legs apart, the underwater pictures were nice to see, and there were a few good special effects, but over all a pretty crappy film, nothing that special...
  32. QuothTheRaven New Member

    I remember reading that book a while back. I did not know there was a movie version. Do you know if it will be relesed in the states.
  33. jaccairn New Member

    Apparently it's due to be released 6th October so you'll probably start seeing trailers sometime soon.
  34. Silvermoth New Member

    I saw Superman Returns a while ago and I'm looking forward to seeing Clerks 2 sometime. Superman Returns was fantastic. Its a shame X-men 3:The last stand wasn't as good.
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  35. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Saw 2 movies yesterday...

    Lady in the water was good, a kind of fairy-tale thing, with the usual large M.Night Syalamanaananananan cameo in the middle of it, but he acts ok, so it's not disturbing... Yeah, it was neat.

    The wind that shakes the barley... Well... let's just say that I can understand why it won at Cannes. :roll: Gruelling, harsh, heavy Ken Loach. If you like his films, you'll love this one, if you don't, then don't bother to go. Personally, I don't. I'ts like a big slab of despair, with extra despair sauce (hold the mustard) and a side-serving of despair, with a doggy bag in case you want to take some home... Ok, being English probably didn't help, just for once, I would have liked to be French... but it only lasted 2 hours :D
  36. Dane New Member

    I saw Severance the on Thursday (well actualy i saw it twice, once with friends then an hour later with my dad :roll: ), I loved that film! I didn't know much about it other than its a british comedy, I must have missed the bit that said horror.

    It was actually quite a good slasher but with the addition of some good old british humor it was a brilliant film. It was very well directed with some nasty greusomness (Spelling? and is that a real word?), the part with the bear trap reminded me of Saw.

    I saw an advert for Jackass 2, i can't wait :badgrin:
  37. missy New Member

    We went to see Crank today.

    It was funny, Jason Statham was really good. I'm not a mad fan of his but he worked his arse off to make this funny, even calling one guy (who was later hung and then used as a dead human shield) a Plum.

    The sex scene was hilarious, and the ending was very clever.

    Not to give too much away, Statham is on borrowed time because of a poison that means he has to keep his adrenaline running or he will die. The ways he does this are unbelievable and the help he gets is brilliant.

    A must see.


    We saw Clerks 2 last week and OH MY GOD is all that i can say. I thought it would be the usual Jay and Silent Bob fun flick, but even they surpassed themselves this time. The story is great (a little slushy in places but you can't win em all) and Jay and Silent Bob in pigtails dancing outside MOOBY'S was the funniest thing i have seen so far in a movie....... another must see.
  38. Silvermoth New Member

    I saw Dead or Alive yesterday(before you ask, my friend made me) and it was just the worst piece of **** I have ever seen! DO...NOT...SEE...IT...UNDER...ANY...CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!!!!!
  39. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Ok. We saw Snakes on a Plane. It was... amazing. There was this plane... and... it had all these snakes on it. Wow. :D Seriously... we had great fun. I get what Rinso meant about watching it while drunk... Samuel L. motherfucking Jackson was motherfucking awesome :D Anyway, a film not to be taken seriously... I mean, if you're stupid enough to expect a good horror movie with decent acting and suspense, you're gonna be dissapointed, if you work out from the title or the trailer that it's not going to be like that, then just sit back and relax, you'll laugh, jump, barf, laugh some more, and just have a great time :D

    Oh, and don't go and see it if you're even mildly scared of snakes :D

    Edited because of a moherfucking typo...
  40. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    I just saw Moulin Rouge for the first time. I loved it. Freaking rocks.
  41. Watchman New Member

    13 hours on the plane... watched Da Vinci Code and was rather disappointed, give me an Indiana Jones film any day, those were the best puzzle-solver action style films ever.

    Poseiden(sp?) really shouldnt of been remade, it lacked any of the appeal of the original and Kurt Russel shouldnt ever be allowed to have lines. That guy was great in The Thing and Escape from New York but mainly due to the cheese factor :)

    Nacho Libre, fun and light hearted but never really laugh out loud. Good way to kill time.

    X-Men 3, in spite of myself I actually quite liked it. A few cop outs by the director but made up for by a lot of unpredicted main character fatalities. Fraser actor Kelsey Grammar(sp?) as a big blue hairball was the highlight for me :)
  42. QuothTheRaven New Member

    I saw Jacki Brown yesterday. It was good, but not quite as good as some of Terantino's other movies (i. e. Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill).
  43. Katcal I Aten't French !

    We saw A Scanner Darkly yesterday, it kind of completed a pure day of weirdness... It was... well, strange... like Las Vegas Parano, or Trainspotting, it left me with the feeling that I should be getting more out of it, but some things I just don't understand, especially about drug use (and after yesterday morning, I can safely say I never want to understand them...) but that part set apart, the story line was good, if a little hard to follow in parts, but I guess that was all meant to be. The graphics were... original, sometimes a little hard to watch, but still, rather well done.
  44. redneck New Member

    Saw Fly Boys on Saturday. Very good film. A great film if you are interested int WWI fighter planes and seeing some dogfights with Sopwith Camels, Focker Triplanes, and the French Planes (can't remember their names). The acting was good, to scenes were lovely, the romance was interesting. It is supposed to be taken from a true story.
  45. Electric_Man Templar

    I just watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, what was Kubrick not smoking when he made that ending? Still really cool, though.
  46. Nester New Member

    I just got back from Flyboys. It took a while to get going but it was enjoyable. The action scenes were really well done as was the acting. It was a bit predictable, but still an enjoyable show. But the best part, during the credits one of the actors was named "Lex Shrapnell"...I am now going to name my dog that.
  47. Katcal I Aten't French !

    2001, the only film that starts with 45 minutes of "Ooook !" and ends in an LSD trip...

    We've seen loads of movies lately, Thank Your for Smoking was fun, My Super ex-girlfriend was silly but funny, The Devil wears Prada was quite good too, not as lame as I thought it would be... Oliver Stone's World Trade Center was... Ouch. I thought I was ready to watch something like that. I'm not. Even hubby had tears running down his cheeks almost all the way through... :(
  48. TamyraMcG Active Member

    My sister-in-law,her daughter, and I saw Night at the Museum. I loved it. It is the second year we have gone to the movies on Christmas day,just the three of us. If we don't watch out it will become a tradition.

    The movie was just what I needed, fun with few jarring notes. I actually liked this Ben Stilller character, usually I want to knock him a good one at least a half dozen times. A six inch tall Owen Wilson was about the right amount, and Robin Williams gave just the proper amount of enthusiasm to play the mannequin of Teddy Roosevelt. Add Huns and monkeys and the T-rex and the three "bad guys" and it was just fine . I got the feeling that everyone at the theater wished it had been a little longer.
  49. Maljonic Administrator

  50. Stercus Stercus New Member

    Very clever but I found it a bit obvious what was gonna happen.
  51. Maljonic Administrator

    Well yeah, it's not meant to be a mind-blowing plot. He's either going to push the button or he isn't, but the last line does it for me.
  52. Pepster New Member

    I just saw the Transformers movie, all in all pretty good. The plot was nothing great but niether was the plot of the cartoon, and besides the film was about eye candy.

    My only critism of the film is that often there is alot going on screne, something I think was due to scale issues involved in having fast moving 30 metre tall characters.

    Not exactly a film, but I also saw the FlCl (Fooly Cooly) OVA on the weekend, probably the best and most original anime I have seen in many years.
  53. Sunna New Member

    I've been sick for a week and I've done NOTHING except watch films and downloaded tv stuff.I saw 1408,it was a nice suprise liking that.Saw Hogfather for the first time(late bloomer),liked that a lot.
    (of tv stuff-a lot of Grey's Anatomy and Law and Order:SVU,lovely. An animated series called Drawn Together,very wacky stuff)
  54. Katcal I Aten't French !

    We have seen quite a lot of films lately, the latest Tarantino, Deathproof was... well... if you like Tarantino, you will love it, if you don't like his stuff, don't bother. I personnally loved it, it's the kind of film that makes you want more. NOW.

    Shrek 3 wasn't bad, not the best of 3, but still, not bad for a threequel...

    We saw an animated film called Persepolis, I'm not sure it's been released anywhere else (yet), about a young girl growing up in Iran during the islamic revolution... Not bad, some funny bits, some tougher bits, but it is a life's story, and that sounds pretty much like life to me...
  55. Faerie New Member

    Shrek 3 was good for a threequel.
    I just saw Pirates 3 and that was good too but I still like the 1st one the best. I was told some things were over the top in #3 and the ending made it seem like there could be another movie even though this is only a trilogy. I didn't think too much was over the top and the ending was better than some I've seen but I suppose it could be open to a 4th movie.
    Knocked Up was funny except there are things in the delivery room that it wasn't really necessary to see.
    I rarely watch scary movies but I watched The Messengers the other day with some friends and it wasn't too bad and it was fun watching my friends jump.
  56. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I finally saw The Sixth Sense the other day. Maybe I read too many ghost stories as a kid, but the plot twist seemed very obvious to me. It was still an excellent film though.
  57. Roman_K New Member

    I watched At World's End recently myself, and I too like Curse of the Black Pearl better than the others. I'm not saying the other two movies weren't good, but the first was still better in my opinion.

    And yes, the ending could be taken as an opener for yet another movie. Though, in truth, I think it looks more like a "full circle" kind of thing.
  58. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Last film I saw at the cinema was Hot Fuzz. Awesome. Completely mad. Loved it.

    Wild Hogs was pretty funny too.
  59. Stercus Stercus New Member

    I saw Transformers at the weekend. I think it would have been better if I was 8. Good effects though.
  60. Mithras-Kosmokrator New Member

    Saw Order of the Pheonix - better than the book, with a lot of the guff cut out. The final battle was impressive. Luna and Professor Umbridge were great, and Helena Bonham-Carter was patently having a whale of a time. Not enough Alan Rickman, though - his expression when his lesson was being inspected was priceless!

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