Is Rincewind good in anything other than CoM, LF and IT?

Discussion in 'THE WIZARD BOOKS' started by drunkymonkey, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. drunkymonkey New Member

    I'm interested, because the other books with him in I thought were boring. It's a sad truth that Rincewind only works well with Twoflower. The two are so different (one thinking the best out of people, the other the opposite) that the double act is just superb. But when you gte something such as the Last Continent, or Sourcery, then it falls on it's head, adn Rincewind, even though he has companions, is a bit boring?

  2. Have you read The Last Hero? I thought he was rather good in that. Of course Twoflower was with him.
    Maybe I'm dense and didnt notice it listed in your title...its late afternoon here and my brain doesnt function well once the coffee buzz has worn off.
    I did like the sharp contrast between the two characters. I thought they complimented each other wonderfully.
    I think thats the only book I have read with him as a main character though.
  3. KaptenKaries New Member

    Last Continent is one of my favourite DW books actually. Never really enjoyed Sourcery though.
  4. Hsing Moderator

    The early ones are good reads if you don't compare them with the later books in the DW series, because they work fine as fantasy parody, but lack some DW feeling.

    I've liked IT the most of all Rincewind books, and remember Eric being a dissapointment, but that's an unfair draw as Eric was never meant to be a full fledged novel...
  5. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Is somethingclever certain he's thinking of the right book? Ba's pretty sure that Twoflower shows up nowhere in The Last Hero. Cohen's there, and Carrot makes for a similar contrast with Rincewind, but no actual Twoflower. It's Twoflower-free. A non-Twoflower zone. Less Twoflower than the next leading brand. Zweiblumen, nein.
  6. Hm, nope, somethingclever is not sure she is correct. In fact, I think you're quite possibly spot on, Ba. Maybe I was thinking CoM. Was that one where Rince, and Twoflowers visit Deaths house?
    I could have swore that Twoflower was in TLH, though. Wasnt he wanting to take pictures of the sacrificial ceremony or am I think CoM again? I read them both around the same time, so there is a HUGE possibility that I am way off here. If I am, then I prostrate myself before you and humbly beg forgivness.
    Alrighty, well I know what I need to be re-reading next. :oops: Good thing too. I was looking for my next read.
    Gracias, Ba! :)
  7. drunkymonkey New Member

    He wanted to take pictures of the sacrifice in The Light Fantastic, as far as I know.
  8. Thats the one. I think thats where they go to Deaths house too. (Death and the other horsemen are sitting around playing cards)

    Wow, I was way off. Thanks for the correct info. :)
  9. LaughingFire New Member

    Really must read The Light Fantastic at some point...I didn't really like The Last Continent. There were fun moments, but all in all it wasn't saying anything very much. I did like Sourcery. Of course, Nigel provides the necessary opposite-of-Rincewind characteristics there, once he shows up.
  10. Hsing Moderator

    I thought Nigel... well, like a joke that was stretched for too long, in a way.
  11. Roman_K New Member

    Indeed. That's the feeling I had of him. Those books were basic parody, though, and a Nigel *had* to appear at some point. It was only to be expected, really.
  12. urquhartfay New Member

    i confess i quite liked the last continent. but then i have been to australia and learned "waltzing mathilda" as a child. reading tlc makes me want to go there again...

    and the peach melba scene at the opera house - yay!
  13. inwig New Member

    I see from this that I am all alone in thinking that the only time Rincewind is really funny is when science (or Hex) is happening to him in The Science of... series. Mostly because I have seen science (or engineering) happening to too many hapless ingenious people who've poked the world's button's as any good wizard should do and watched other people stand around going "Should it be doing that?".

  14. boggon New Member

    I agree with Drunkymonkey about him and Twoflower being a great match but I'm only onto LF so I'm thinking that Ricewind and Twoflower were brought togethor to sort of introduce each other for further books
  15. pfft New Member

    Warning... minor spoilers
    Somebody once told me that "Eric" wasn't really meant to be a part of the Dicsworld series. But if that's true, then how could Rincewind's escape from the Dungeon Dimensions have been explained?! I know it's getting a bit off the subject, sorry.
  16. Hsing Moderator

    Ah, maybe whover told/ wrote that was referring to the fact that originally, Eric was planned to be only a graphic novel*, as which it is still being sold, but also was sold as a regular printed book without so much as an illustration (as which I know it and own it). Had it been published as a graphic novel only, the story in it would have been what fandom calls uncanonical (or something like that), as it would have fallen out of the regular Discworld series. Until the next book containing Rincewind was written, though, these plans had apparently already been changed.

    Pfft, two minor and hopefully helpful suggestions:
    First, if you reply to a topic that has been dormant for months in the future, don't be dissapointed if you get no initial response. I am saying this just in case, and know as I am answering pretty much ASAP this might look slightly contradictory. Still, it might happen. That does not mean you shouldn't pick it up, as waiting for a fresh response to reply to might mean less activity in the minor forums right now.

    Two: When you edit a post, you can see a small box where you can type in your reason for editing. it is common board tradition to make use of this, for example to just enter "spellin" or "added word" or something. Editing content has been used to change the overall tone, and content, and an occasion there has been, say, some abuse in the one or other more heated discussion. Changing spelling and wording, or occasionally editing in that the penny has dropped after a question you don't need an answer for anymore, is okay. Changing history is not. (Not implying you did that, mind you. I am just pointing out. i hope you don't mind.):smile:

    That said, thank you for listening. :razz:

    *Which explains its relative shortness in comparison to other DW novels.
  17. pfft New Member

    No, that's cool. I'm still a bit new to this so I'm still kinda working it all out. (You've probably guest). Anyway, thanks for the answering my question and giving me these other things to think about. I'm always willing to learn, Cheers!
  18. Maljonic Administrator

    Eric is meant to be part of the Discworld series, it's just that it was originally written as a graphic novel, with pictures like The Last Here, but the publishers changed their minds and made into a smaller book instead without pictures, which is why it comes across as a little odd to some people. I like it though.

    Oh, never mind, I didn't see Hsing's post. :)
  19. Aussie_nobbyau New Member

    I dont care what book he's in, I find Rincewind to be the ultimate anti-hero & I always enjoy reading the books about him.
    Sorry, I dont tend to over analyze any of Terry's book as theyre a great read no matter what :).
  20. Kisstheabstract New Member

    Gotta say I agree... He just makes for such great reading! Also he makes a lot of sense, 'run away' often serves better than fighting does...
  21. lizdini New Member

    I forgot about the peach melba! that was awesome! Truthfully, I think the later Rincewind books are better.
  22. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I thought of Rincewind when replaying KOTOR the other day (Star Wars RPG) - I won the final boss fight by repeatedly running away from the bad guy.

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