Abomination unto nuggan

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by fairyliquid, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. missy New Member

    [quote:d0c29cc0cd="KaptenKaries"]I still don't see why finding a job is an abomination when you're unemployed. Searching for one, yes, but not eventually finding one.[/quote:d0c29cc0cd]

    finding and searching is used in the same context mate. sorry poor choice of words there.
  2. koshu New Member

    i rate that exams are an abbomination unto nuggan and also that installing Msn messenger is too it takes ages to download :)
  3. Faerie New Member

    Correction then: Searching for a job is an abomination, but I turned in 2 applications today. One was to Barnes & Noble, think of the discounts on Discworld books :) :) :)
  4. Angua_rox New Member

    This page slipping down so far is an abomination unto Nuggan.

    Small children are an Abomination unto Nuggan.*

    Getting paid 2.50€ an hour is an Abomination unto Nuggan.

    *Unless barbecued.
  5. missy New Member

    not being able to get the washing done during the week is an abomination, and the biggest one of all is letting the ironing pile up that much you want to cry when you eventually run out of clothes and have to do it!
  6. koshu New Member

    Being on holiday and then coming home only to realise that you hav to go back to school on Monday is an abomination unto nuggan!!
  7. fairyliquid New Member

    12 hour flights are an abomination unto nuggan.
  8. koshu New Member

    [quote:be97832011="fairyliquid"]12 hour flights are an abomination unto nuggan.[/quote:be97832011]

    I totaly agree i hate having to do 2 of that length flight every year (to uk and back)
    I cant wait for someone to invent a way of telaporting(sp?) oneself in a matter of seconds it would make life SOOOO much simpler dont you think??
    note: spelling is awefull im on holiday brain still not working.....duh....
  9. fairyliquid New Member

    Absolutely. and the 12 hours is just to Heathrow (sp?) for me...I then have to get a shuttle to Scotland which is an hour and from there it's a further hour or 2 till I get to my destination!

    Add in waiting time...getting to the airport 2 hours before plus the time between flights up the country and then traffic at the other end as well as the wonderul fate of never sleeping in planes and jet lag.

    I wonder why I go to the UK half the time...

    If only my grandparents would move a few countries closer....
  10. dididave New Member

    Internet Service Providers are an abomination unto nuggan (and also ironic by their very title).
  11. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Again I say: Balance Sheets that do not balance are an abomination unto Nuggan.
  12. Angua_rox New Member

    Not being able to go to a reunion party/holiday is an Abomination unto Nuggan.
  13. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Anything with an so-called easy-opening is an abomination unto nugaan and is, of course, not easy to open.

    Getting showered with chocolate milk because of an easy-opening lid is an abomination too, although not too bad because of being at home and already wearing clothes that could do with a wash... but still, an abomination.
  14. Angua_rox New Member

    Long-distance relationships are an Abomination unto Nuggan, whether romantic or platonic.

    Missing my friends is an Abomination unto Nuggan.

  15. Faerie New Member

    [quote:cacfc1a154="fairyliquid"]12 hour flights are an abomination unto nuggan.[/quote:cacfc1a154]

    Long flights are an abomination. My flight to Hawaii was 9 hours long, luckily I did get to sit by a friend to San Francisco, to Honolulu, and back to San Francisco but the last leg home was the most boring 4 hours ever with no one I knew to sit next to.
  16. Ekke New Member

    I agree with the 12 hour flights. I once had a 14-hour flight to NZ.

    Working with something dirty the only day of the week you have a white T-shirt on is an abomination unto nuggan.
  17. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Trying to budget a holiday that's going to cost you 3 times what you can really afford and not being able to go is an Abomination unto Nuggan and unto me... :( :cry: I was really looking forward to seeing England again and going to my godfather's big party... Bugger.

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