Beyond the Horizon (Brenak Campaign)

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    Endrok Port bustles as people of various races hurry to work. There are fishmongers selling their wares, as well as chandlers' apprentices and journeymen running chores for their masters. Beggars hold out hands to passerby, sometimes hurling playful abuse at the stingier ones. Children, mostly human and half-elf, run between people's legs. But most people are stealing looks at the new ship in the harbor.

    The Morningdark had once been the pride of the bay, until it was dismantled, and sent, piece-by-piece, up into the mountains, and then sent back down. It's been painstakingly reassembled, and it's finally ready to be unveiled. The best of Endrok society is there, along with representatives of far-off countries, to see the success or failure of this mission. Even the Hierarch of Tranmitz and the Clanmother of Thunderaxe had travelled down from Mt. Sharnech to watch.

    The ship is a galley, a hundred feet long, with three masts. Unusually, there were two mainmasts side-by-side in the back, just forward of the quarterdeck, with a much shorter mainmast about sixty feet forward, with a long spar over the foc's'le. The sails are strange. There are two of them, triangular. One corner of each is strong to the top of a mainmast, to a crossbeam on the mainmasts, and forward to the end of the spar on the foremast. The sails are a light-absorbing black, with rainbow colors shimmering where they're moved by the breeze. There's a crow's nest on each of the mainmasts. Rigging leads all three masts. The timber is a dark red, with designs and sigils carved into the wood. Sailors move all along it like ants, getting it ready to sail.

    And the last of the ship's crew are now boarding. They are the scouts, given the dangerous, but potentially profitable job of finding natives and resources wherever the ship landed. They are allowed through to the private pier where the Morningdark is docked. Sailors watch them as they come up, some warily, but most of them seem friendly enough.

    "Ahoy," a somewhat scruffy gnome says, smiling from under a battered tricorne hat. "Cap'n says he's waitin' for you. Why don't ye leave yer things with me, an' I'll make sure they're safely stowed."
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    From Garner, who's at work.

    Bedge Tallom did his best not to gape in amazement at the ship, hiding his eyes under the brim of his hat as he gazed at it. He knew it would be different, after all it sailed the waves of clouds, not the coastal waters he was used to, but this was something else entirely. It was a good ship, sleek lines, sturdy masts, the rigging smooth and efficient... a ship like that, with eighty seasoned oarsmen who wouldn't tire even against the wind, and each armed to board as reserves... but this wasn't the time to consider such options, and anyway, new advances called for new thinking. Oarsmen here would be useless so far as he understood it. Magic propelled this craft. Bedge wasn't overly familiar with anything magical, beyond the tricks and cantrips of hedge wizards, or foul tasting potions and poultices of village wise women. Still, it was a ship, and what Bedge didn't know about ships he was more than eager to learn. Hiding his calculated study of the craft, he gave an informal salute to the gnome and called 'Aye mate, permission to come aboard?'

    Goryn Slave-of-Dreams hulked quietly, hunched inward on himself. It took a great effort not to shiver in front of these strangers and the audience watching them, but he was strong. He had no fear in his heart, not of flying, not of drowning, not of danger. But he'd dreamed this ship. The sigils and runes carved in its hull, though he could not see them clearly at this distance he knew he could draw many of them again and again in his mind's eye. The scintillating pattern of the sails shone like the mist of dreams... his Dreams... not since he was a child had he had dreams so clear, and now he had dreamed this again. Ameso still favored him! Ameso had blessed him again with this curse of visions! Goryn finally DID shake himself when he realized the gnome had spoken and he'd barely heard a word. He set his bag containing his few positions in the world beside him on the dock and cradled his huge bladed long-spear against his shoulder. He quietly stepped in line behind the half-elf and bowed his head to offer a silent prayer of thanks to Ameso.
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    From Roman, on his cell phone.

    Hanro ignored the gnome for a few moments, still awed by the ship, though careful not to show it. Amazing, he thought. Simply amazing. Who would have thought that dwarf and drazai would be capable of creating such a masterpiece? Who could have imagined it in his wildest dreams?

    The drazai, apparently, Hanro thought, and smirked. They were always up to something, and this time they were wise to turn to dwarven craftsmen for aid. He had not seen the result of the joint project until now, and he was impressed.

    "It is beautiful, is it not?" said a soft voice behind him. Szaz was also impressed with the ship, and there was an unmistakable hint of pride in his voice. The little drazai came forward, and handed his backpack to the gnome, but not before taking out his spellbook. "This I shall keep, you understand," he said. "It is not a matter of trust, but a matter of importance, you understand. Some items a wizard cannot part with, for any length of time."

    Hanro took off his own backpack, and threw it to the gnome's feet. "Me weapons an' armor I keep with me," he said. "T'is not a matter of trust," he mimicked the drazai mockingly, "but a matter of not bein' stupid enough ta stay unarmed fer any length of time."
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    "Now Little Dom, make sure you wrap up warm and eat regularly and not go outside after you've just washed you hair and here are some cookies for the road, share them with the others it's only polite and if this thing falls out of the sky, hold on to something".

    Dom's still boyish face was all crimson from embarrassment. His mother would just not let him go in front of all these people, some of whom would be his constant companions for months, and treated him like a five-year-old. Luckily, his father took advantage of a pause for breathing and charged in before she could start again.

    "Stop the lecturin' Mother, he's a Kannin Artificer", he chuckled. Dom winced. "He knows what to do and if I remember right, you were just about to set the matchmakers on him. If he's ready to run a home, he's ready to fly. Right, our kid?"

    "Yes father. I must really go now, the ship is ready to leave" he mumbled, realising for the first time how much he would miss everyone. Hugging his father, mother, brothers and sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins and friends was a long procedure, yet he made sure he drew in a deep breath every time he had each one of his loved ones in his arms. Some healer had told him that smell is the first way we use to tell people apart, as well as the last memory to go and in this emotional state he realised that he could tell them all apart, even with the scent of the forge pickling everyone's skin.

    Stooping slightly, as he was still unaccustomed to his height, he hurriedly walked up the gangplank. When the gnome spoke, he mumbled an apology for being late and put down his belongings. Then he remembered his manners.

    "Would you like a cookie?" he said, offering the bag to the gnome.
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    Silja still stood in the distance, and if she had to be honest with herself, she had a hard time making up her mind wether to stay there, or wether to finally go aboard.

    When she had been given the chance to become part of this mission, an inner voice had told her that this might be another chance to be grabbed. But now she tried to picture this huge ship flying, when she wouldn't even trust a thing of that size swimming.
    Above that, once aboard, there would be no second chance that soon to just turn her back on her companions in case she found out she didn't get along with them - or they with her.

    She was asking herself wether that "inner voice" might just have been her usual "ohmygodachancetogetawayfromheregoongoongoon"- reflex. And wether maybe this time, she should not have listened to it.

    "And what, stay around and try to marry into a wealthy family? They are so waiting for a girl that doesn't even know for sure how many siblings she has that could be invited for dinner, and I've heard that hair like a cow's tail and a twice broken nose are the latest fashion in these parts, too.
    How about you grab your stuff, shuffle onto that ship and try to stay in the middle, near one of the masts, in any case?"
    She cursed.

    Then she shrugged. At least one of them was handing out food. "That might be a good sign", she thought.
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    Corben stared up at the ship and wondered whether it had been wise to join this expidition. But still, he had to trust that the ship was safe - otherwise why would they even send someone on a mission such as this?

    But that didn't mean he had to trust everyone on this mission. He looked the gnome up and down.

    [dice]1d20 = 1421054366 [/dice]
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    Ba nearly forgot something. Fortunately, he remembered in time. Sense motive checks for those who've posted thus far.

    [dice]1d20 = 965721487 [/dice]
    [dice]1d20+3 = 645430729 [/dice]
    [dice]1d20 = 201426976 [/dice]
    [dice]1d20+4 = 702793682 [/dice]
    [dice]1d20+1 = 686937410 [/dice]
    [dice]1d20+3 = 877727512 [/dice]

    Myn and Ben can roll their own sense motive checks.
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    Everyone except Silja (and possibly Faddenmerith, depending on Myn's roll) is fairly sure the gnome is on the up-and-up. Silja believes he's hustling them.
  9. Electric_Man Templar

    Corben took his tent off of his backpack and dropped it next to the Gnome. He went to put his backpack alongside him then caught sight of the still armoured Dwarf and the wizard pouring over his spellbook. I can't be caught out he thought and shouldered his backpack once more.

    He caught the eye of the gnome, "I'm a military man," said Corben, "I need quick access to my stuff, can't be caught on the hop."
  10. Hsing Moderator

    Silja decides to stay low on her first day - and keep everything on her body she migth need to regain her weapons from wherever the gnome puts them.

    He doesn't seem to be in the mood for body searching, after all.

    Should he decide otherwise after his encounter with the dwarf - then she'd just claim that she had "forgotten about them", that they had "a very personal meaning, being the only things left from her family" and that there were items "a scout like hers could never deposit somewhere out of reach".
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  12. Mynona Member

    [dice]1d20 = 745806989 [/dice]
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    Actually, it should be 1d20+2, Myn. Faddenmerith adds his wisdom bonus to the roll.

    In any case, the elven ranger suspects, like Silja, that the gnome is not trustworthy.
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    Faddenmerith felt a bit uneasy in the city. There were just too many people in too small a place. On that note, why would so many people want to live this close to each other? Again he touched the handle of the Scmitar he wore at his side, the generous folds of his robe hid most of the sword from sight and the hood hid most of his head and face.

    As he closed in on the ship, a strange looking wooden building looking almost the same as the other ships in the harbour. A gnome, of all things, addressed him; asking him to give away his things.

    "I have no goods to stowe away, I only have what I carry." Faddenmerith said and made his way past the creature.
  15. Ba Lord of the Pies

    "None of that, Arnes Trescle! We'll have none of your jiggery-pokery on this ship," said a rather tall halfling (just over four foot). His fair hair contrasted with his weathered skin. He wore an oilskin greatcoat and broad-brimmed hat, both black, over a red shirt and brown pants. His boots were worn, but neatly polished. He glared at the gnome.

    "Just tryin' to be helpful, Mr. Thistle," the gnome said, looking innocent.

    "Oh, shove off or I'll have you kiss the bombard," the halfling said, shooing the gnome away. He looked the newcomers over with an expression of disdain. "So, you're the scouts, are you? I'm Ardro Thistle, second mate. The captain is expecting you. He's in his cabin, door to port under the quarterdeck. Take your gear ." He gestured toward the back of the ship, where there's a raised deck and two doors build under it.
  16. Roman_K New Member

    Grumbling, Hanro picked up his backpack, and went towards the area that the halfling directed to. "What be a quarterdeck, anyway?" he grumbled to himself. "Or port, fer tha' matter?"

    "The quarterdeck is the smaller deck above this one," said the thin voice of Szaz. "It is where the officers control the ship, you vill note," he continued with a slight, barely audible accent. "Port is the left-side of the ship as it is facing forward. Thus, from our direction, it would be the right-side door that the halfling was referring to, and hopefully the one housing the captain."

    Hanro just grumbled further. He didn't exactly ask for the lecture from the drazai, nor did ask anything at all from the drazai, but keeping the little blighter's mouth shut would probably be impossible, short of using force.

    Best to keep his temper down, thought Hanro. It would was going to be a long expedition, after all.

    "That gnome was trying to rob us?" Szaz asked.

    "Prob'ly," replied the dwarf, "though ti's apparent that 'e didn't think this u'n through."

    "How so?" asked the drazai.

    "Simple," Hanro continued. "Once this 'ere boat get's a'movin', can ye find any way off? Or," he continued, his callused hand lightly passing over the handle of his large axe, "or a job fer a sailor wi' only one hand?"

    "Surely you vouldn't have cut off his hand?!" the drazai exclaimed. "The captain can discipline his own men, after all!"

    "Prob'ly wouldn'ave taken it," Hanro nodded in agreement. "Would've settled with a finger."
  17. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    brain not functioning due to fever, so apologies for crap writing today.

    Bedge glanced from the gnome to the halfling and scratched the back of his neck thoughtfully. So, it was going to be like that, eh? Well, he'd served on ships where half the crew didn't want him and the other half wanted to kill him. Arsey little gnomes wanting a half hour alone with his luggage was fairly typical. Years ago he'd taken to leaving a sewing needle in the lock on his sea chest. A clumsy touch with the lockpicks could see a sharp prick in a would be thief's fingertip. While it wouldn't hurt much, no burglar would ever risk assuming that the needle was anything less than poisoned. Maybe he should soak it in vinager if he could find some on the ship, to make that little gnome really sweat at the stinging... Still, his chest didn't hold much of great interest to anyone but him or another would-be navigator.... an empty log book waiting to be filled, some copies of his own coastal charts... a cutpurse would ignore these and just take the bottle of wine he kept under his spare oilskin cloak. Anything of real value or importance, Bedge kept on his own person as much as possible.

    Goryn shruged and hefted his sack back over his shoulder. He didn't like the look the halfling gave that gnome, or the gnome's too innocent reply, but it wasn't his concern. When the half-elf in front of him seemed to have a little difficulty in lifting his chest, Goryn silently stepped up to lend a hand, almost toppling the half-elf over from the sudden shift in weight. He listened intently to the drazai's explaination of nautical terms, but the half-elf already seemed to know where to go, so together they made their way to the door in question.
  18. Electric_Man Templar

    Corben went back to pick up his tent once more, glaring at the retreating gnome as he did so. He easily hefted the tent over his back and turned to Mr Thistle, returning his look of disdain.

    Once he was sure Mr Thistle had seen him, he followed the others who were going to the captain's cabin.
  19. Saccharissa Stitcher

    Dom blushed all over, for trusting that gnome too easily, even offering him cookies. His shoulders sank even lower and the bag of cookies hastily stuffed in his backpack, he followed the others to the captain's cabin, too embarrased to meet anyone's eye.
  20. Ba Lord of the Pies

    As the scouts make their way to the cabin, they may notice some things about the crew and the ship.

    The crew are about sixty to seventy percent human. There's also a goodly number of half-elves. There are several half-orcs, speaking to each other in heavily-accented common. They all have the look of sailors about them. A few look up from what they're doing to stare at the scouts, and some even wave.

    The ship is the largest in the port. In fact, it's the largest ship any of the scouts have ever seen. One or two of them, if they've done much sailing or come from Endrok, would have seen it before it was refitted into an airship. The main differences are the sigils carved into the timbers, and the new arrangement of the sails.

    There are a pair of fairly large metal tubes on the foc's'le, as well as what look like giant crowsbows. There are crewmembers tending to these as well, polishing them up and cleaning them.

    [dice]d20+2 = 844834508 = Fixed[/dice]

    Bedge recognizes the ballistas, and, though he's never actually seen one before, he knows that the tubes are bombards, siege engines that use smokepowder to fire stone balls at enemy ships.

    [dice]d20+2 = 1992279622 = Fixed[/dice]
    [dice]d20+2 = 785290959 = Fixed[/dice]

    None of the scouts know anything about the captain they're about to meet, except that his name is Strombady. They have been told he was one of the best captains in the East, but not very much else.

    When they reach the cabin, a tall human man opens the door. He's got long, black hair and a flowing beard, with two piercing blue eyes. He wears a heavy blue greatcoat and a black bicorne hat. He grins in a comradely way to the group. "Ah, so you're the scouts, are you? Come in, we've got some things to discuss. I'm Derno Strombady, captain of this vessel." He ushers the scouts into his cabin.

    In the cabin, they see a number of charts and maps on the walls, as well a few of the captain's personal belongings. There's a bed along the far wall.

    "Now, lads, and lass," he said, flashing a brilliant smile at Silja, "First thing's first. You're to need some to take the ship's coin if you're to serve with us." He walks over to a fancy brass and green glass lantern. From beside it, he takes a stack of copper coins. "These'll let you through when we have the alarm up. Keep these with you at all times, or else you'll set the alarm off." He hands one to each of the players.

    "Now, I saw that you already met two members of our happy family. Don't let either of 'em fool you. Arnes may be a scallywag, but he's not stupid enough to steal from other crewmembers. He was just trying to figure you out to see which of you has gold, and which of you he can seperate from it. Don't play him at cards or dice and you'll be fine. Thistle... He may be a ass at times, but he's damn' good at what he does, which is navigation. We'll all be glad of him before this voyage is out, I'm sure." He looked at the group, and seemed to be looking each one of them in the eyes. "So, tell me about yourselves. I've been told a bit, of course, but I'd like to know just what you have for us. And tell me why you've signed on, if you would.
  21. Electric_Man Templar

    Corben walked up to the captain and saluted, "Corben Taylor, sir! I'm a soldier first and foremost, a swordfighter." he gestured to his greatsword currently sheathed on his back, "They asked for volunteers and I stepped forward, thought it would be good to try something different."
  22. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Posted for Roman:

    "I am Szazzkur of the Tranmitz Clan," the drazai said, pocketing the coin. "I seek knowledge, Captain Strombady. The halls of home were no longer enough for me," he said simply. "I am a student of the arcane arts, as well as of the knowledge of the planes and other, more common forms of percieving the world. I have also been taught the skill of armorsmithing. One," he concluded, "can never know too much."

    "The name's Hanro Warpacer," said Hanro with his typical gruff tone. "Just figured this would be a good place to start wi' carvin' a name fer meself. There's a dwarf back home in Thunderaxe Hall, can kill just 'bout anything that walks the land and some of the things that walk above or below it. Taught me this an' that. I be wantin' ta follow in 'is footsteps, ta restore the order of the Battleragers in the clan. As fer me skills..." he said, hefting his axe, "I think me gear speaks fer itself."
  23. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Checks made for Garner:

    Bedge's Spot
    [dice]d20+3 = 2029814776 = Fixed[/dice]

    Bedge's Knowledge (Geography)
    [dice]d20+5 = 2105540111 = Fixed[/dice]

    Bedge's Profession (Sailor)
    [dice]d20+2 = 414837817 [/dice]

    Bedge's Bluff
    [dice]d20+6 = 295399601 [/dice]

    Goryn's Knowledge: Religion
    [dice]d20+2 = 1459436306 = Fixed[/dice]

    Bedge is able to make out a few of the details on the maps and charts, but can't figure out their meanings. Goryn sees a small silver anchor and a pearl hanging around the captain's neck, on a silver chain and a piece of hemp with a goldren thread wrapped around it, respectively.
  24. Mynona Member

    When Faddenmerith was given his coin it seemely disappeard into the folds of his robe... somewhere.

    "Name's Faddenmerith Ranger." He said, looking straigt at the captain. "This is promising to get exciting." When he'd spoken he stod back a step and looked thoroughly bored, looking neither at the captain nor the other scouts, instead he let his eyes roam around in the cabin.
  25. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    blaming fever for further crap writing... gonna have to find a new excuse soon though:

    Bedge quickly studied the maps and charts in sight whenever the captain's eyes were not fixed on his. When the captain did look him in the eye and give Bedge the coin, it vanished as Bedge stood up straight and said smartly, "Bedge Talom, Cap'n. Coastal trader and merchant adventurer, sir. If it pleases you, I'd be happy to work with the ship's officers during our voyage. I'm here as much for new markets as I am for a chance to sail on this new ship! She's certainly a beauty, Cap'n. It's an honor to share her maiden voyage with you!"

    Goryn eyed the amulet the captain wore aroun his neck curiously, but decided it was not his place to ask questions. When the captain handed him his coin, he calmly took it and placed it in a rough leather pouch that hung just over his heart. As he retied the pouch's string, a small but detailed tattoo of cracked and fissured earth was visible where the pouch normally rested. "I am gods-talker to my tribe. Ameso has blessed me with visions that I would be needed here. This voyage will need me, and I will need it. More than that I do not know."

    The slow, quiet rumble of his voice died away, and Goryn seemed content to stand there, impassively staring at the captain until finally the half elf coughed politely and said "Have you got a name you'd like to share, or just a spear and enough scars for an army?"

    Goryn turned his head to look at the half elf, then at each member of the party in turn and finally answered, "I am Goryn. I am Slave-to-Dreams. My spear stands with yours."

    edit: words missing. missing bad. words found now.
  26. Hsing Moderator

    Silja decided to cut it short - "My name is Silja Viskinnar, and I guess I can simply be considered an extreme case of Wanderlust. I've worked as a scout for many years, and both fernweh and experience led me to think that I could offer something to this crew, and then see what my gains might be."

    She smiled what she hoped to be a relatively shy smile, and took the opportunity to take a short glance at everyone in the round - particularly at both Bedge and Goryn.
    She had never quite made up her mind which ones had to be observed more closely, those with ambition or those on a mission...
    Well, at least those on a mission, however hard to fathom out sometimes, were, mostly, in a way honest...
  27. Saccharissa Stitcher

    Dom rumbled something like "I'm Domonohov Kannin, an artificer and I am here for the experience", all the while looking at the floor.
  28. Ba Lord of the Pies

    The captain nods to Corben. "A good answer, lad. This will be something different for all of us. Stand fast, think clear, and it'll be profitable too. Oh, call me Captain. Sir's a bit too military for me. We aren't navy, no matter what those silkshirts say."

    He turns to the drazai. "There's a lot to learn on this trip, starting on whether or not this ship'll stay in the air more'n a league. But what the hell, life's an adventure."

    To the dwarf, he says, "Anyone can carry an axe, Hanro. We'll see how well you can use it when the time comes."

    At the elf's response, he says, "It'll be that... Let's call you Faddy. Never met an elf whose name weren't as long as the Walker's beard."

    Then Bedge speaks up. "A sailing man, are you? Well, that brings up another point. You'll all be expected to pull your weight on board this ship. When you hear an order, you'll snap to you, or else we'll know the reason why. Still, it's good to know we have a... sailing man with us." The captain smiles knowingly at the half-elf. "And you are right about the Morningdark. There's not a better ship in the world, you can lay to that. Though, this isn't quite her maiden voyage. She's been at sea near as long as I have. Pride of Endrok, she is. They've changed her a bit, put their magic in her, but it's the same ship underneath it all."

    To Goryn, he gives a nod of his head. "Well, I guess you have to do what the gods say. That's why I follow Baralos." He touches the silver anchor. "Old Seasalt might send storms or fair wind, but at least he doesn't send orders." He grins. "That's what captains are for."

    "And what's this, two more lookin' for new things? Ha! Careful, friends, or they'll start thinking we're explorers, and not cautious businessmen." He laughs, and then reaches for a trunk that was under his desk. "Got somethings for you, lads. From the halls of Trenmitz to the merchant's guild of Endrok, to you."

    To the half-orc priest and the young artificer, he handed wands, each with a thin strip of parchment around them. The one handed to the half-orc was made of oak, and had a stone at the end carved in the shape of a bee. The one handed to Dom was made of pinewood, with runes carved along its length. "These're for you. This one is for bringing creatures to do what you tell them. The other fires some sort of bolt of acid or somesuch. The words are on the parchment. Point, concentrate, and say the word." When Dom takes his, he can feel the buzz of power.

    He pulled out a set of leather armor with metal studs set into it, and handed it to the half-elf, and then gave the elven ranger a chain shirt. "You never know what you'll find when we land. This is special armor, to keep your hide intact long enough for you to report back to me."

    He pulled out a sword over four feet long that glowed faintly orange, and handed it to the swordsman. "This sword's bespelled to cut straight, but magic will only get you so far. You'll have to have skill behind it."

    To the dwarf, he gave a shield. "This will help keep you from getting too banged up if you meet with someone unfriendly."

    He pulled out a flask of a clear fluid. "Swallow this, and no one can see you. Careful, though. It only lasts a few minutes, and you can't attack anyone, so be careful."

    To the drazai, he hands a scroll. "There are some spells on there. You're a smart lad, so I'm sure you won't need to bother the ship's wizard in figuring them out."

    He gestured to the door. "You'll be wanting to store your gear. Anything you won't have on your person, check with the bo'sun, Terug. He's a half-orc, one eye, and he'll probably be talking with First Mate Orgul. You'll be sleeping in the foc's'le, unless you want to sleep on deck. Meals are when the bell rings, keep out of the way until you're ordered, and try not to fall overboard."
  29. Electric_Man Templar

    Corben stared at the sword, slightly transfixed by the orange glow. Without looking up he said, "Thank you, Si-.... Captain."
  30. Roman_K New Member

    Hanro took the shield, examining it closely as he held it. It was finer than any that he had seen before, and there was no doubt that the shield, wrought of fine steel, was magical. Hanro nodded to the captain in thanks.

    Szzazkur could not keep the excitement from his eyes as he unrolled the scroll. It contained two spells, as far as he could see. He studied the arcane writing, trying to decipher what it meant.

    Spellcraft Checks:
    [dice]1d20+9 1d20+9 = 1390797531 [/dice]
  31. Roman_K New Member

    Understanding came quickly as Szazzkur followed the magical writing that adorned the scroll. The first was a spell of Mage Armor, a spell that he had in his spellbook, but one that would also come in handy in unexpected circumstances. The second was one that summoned an invisible servant for basic tasks. Szazzkur rolled the scroll shut, and placed it in his scroll case for future reference. He would study the spell more closely when time and means allowed, and scribe the spell into his spellbook.
  32. Mynona Member

    Faddenmerith accepted the chain shirt and examined it. He realised that it'd make more noice than what he usually wore and that would probably annoy both him and his horse. Except that he was on a ship now and Chamsiin wasn't here, Faddenmerith had left him at home.

    "Say Captain, where are we supposed to stay? I don't have much but I'm not planning on carrying around on this shirt any further than I need too."
  33. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Bedge chuckled softly "The foc's'le, cousin... that's the raised bit above the deck at the pointy end" he added in terms even such distant kin with sand in their shoes should be able to understand. "If you don't mind giving me a hand with my trunk, we can go there right now. I'm actually eager to try this new armor on and get the feel for it's fit. It's definately appreciated cap'n," he spoke to his benefactor, "though I hope it won't prove to be truely necessary!"

    Goryn fingered the wand before tucking it into a pocket inside his cloak and saluted the captain silently with his hand over his heart.
  34. Hsing Moderator

    Supposing the Captain had been talking to her when he explained the use of the flasks content, Silja gingerly took it and said "Thanks, Captain...".
    She had only so much as heard of such potions, and somehow always filed them under "things completely out of your reach", like the invisibility cloak or the stealth ring or the legendary Hood of Shadows...

    She looked around, at the people and how they were examining their new items. It reminded her that someone was putting a lot of money into this, and she wondered if those money givers had reliable information that they weren't putting it into an expedition that would end up as a really big amount of driftwood.
  35. Ba Lord of the Pies

    "You're welcome," the captain said with a smile. "Think of it as an investment on our part. They're part of your contract. If you survive long enough, they'll come out of your share."

    To the elf, he said, "I already told you, you'll be sleeping in the foc's'le. And I said to stow your things with the bo'sun, Terug. You need to pay attention, lad, especially when an officer's talking."

    He shrugged at Bedge. "Some of the lubbers who financed this trip have high hopes that the natives are friendly on other continents. Who knows? Maybe they're right. And maybe the seas will run with ale."

    He returned Goryn's salute, and then went back to what he was doing.

    ((The players need to actually do something before Ba can DM any further. The game does not always consist of the players reacting to the game world, but the game world reacting to the players, as well as the players reacting to each other. Don't just wait for things to happen, go and make them happen. Talk to NPCs. Look around. Show initiative.))
  36. Hsing Moderator

    After putting her things away, Silja decided to give her temporary home a closer inspection. Where she was allowed to go, she'd go, and where she wasn't ... well, she'd think of it then.
    She liked to know a lot about places she was to stay in a while, and about the people she was going to work with. Terrain first, though. Then the people in it.
  37. Saccharissa Stitcher

    Dom was out of his depth. He was given a very powerful weapon and his companions intimidated him.

    No way he was going to offer them cookies. He was afraid he might lose an arm in the process. Nevertheless, he had to at least make an effort.

    He walked up to Corben. It's not as if he was less scary than the others, but he was holding a sword, and swords always made Dom feel at home.

    "Um, hello. I'm Dom. Um, can I have a look at that sword? It looks very well balanced and, um, my family are weaponsmiths and, um, I'd like to take a closer look".
  38. Electric_Man Templar

    Corben looked at the seemingly timid boy, probably not much older then himself.

    "My sword?" he swung it in the air a few times to show off and listen to the pleasant 'swish' it made, "It does look nice, doesn't it?" He touched the edge with his finger, "Sharp too."

    "Tell you what, I'll let you look if you promise not to stab me with it." He winked at Dom and offered the hilt to him.
  39. Roman_K New Member

    Hanro stowed away his backpack, though he kept both arms and armor on him. He didn't expect trouble, not from the crew and not from his new comrades, but he felt more comfortable with both arms and armor on him.

    It was apparent that he had some time to spare, and while some ale or a game of bones would pass it nicely, he had not the funds for either pastime. As Hanro considered his further option, an idea occured. A grin slowly split his bearded face, which he was quick to hide as he went to the deck.

    "Where's that Trescle fellow?" he asked the first crewman that he spotted.

    * *

    After handing over his belongings to the bo'sun, Szaz went to the deck. He leaned on the rail and watched the bustle of the city docks beyond. He did not know when he would next see such bustle, if ever at all. Sighing, the little drazai began daydreaming of the home he had left behind.
  40. Saccharissa Stitcher

    ((OOC: Ba gave the information on the greatsword))

    Dom held the sword by its hilt with his right hand and brought it up to eye level. Then he put his left index finger on the flat side that was facing towards the floor and dragged it from the edge of the hilt to the piericng point, feeling its balance and its edges.

    "Definately masterwork. Drazai-made, probably commissioned by a human or a half-orc, definately not a drazai warrior. Elves don't have much truck with greatswords, more's the pity, they miss out on some fine speciments such as this."

    He offered the hilt back at Corben.

    "Swords like that make me wish I had taken up fencing instead of weaponsmithing. I hope I have the skill one day to make something with as much quality. You are a very lucky warrior."
  41. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    since no one on the mailing list posted it for me today, the fuckwads, here then is my long awaited post. I now go back to playing Oblivion until my eyes bleed.

    After showing the elf where their bunks could be found under the foc's'le, Bedge casually shoved his sea chest under the bunk he claimed for himself and checked the lock to make sure everything was tamper-proof before he took off his coat and buckled his new armor over his chest. 'Not a bad fit at all,' Bedge thought as he took a few experimental stretches, 'I might as well leave this on for a while.' Humming to himself with the anticipation he always felt before a ship cast off, he strolled out onto the deck and cast his eye around to look for any officers to ingraciate himself with. 'Might as well get to work and learn what I can about how this beauty works! Now, if I were the navigator's cabin, where would I be...'


    Goryn sat down carefully on his bunk and quietly watched the half-elf fiddle with his trunk. He shut his eyes and prayed for guidance and dreams as the half elf began to don the armor, and grimmaced slightly when the other man's humming intruded on his concentration. He slowly worked his fingers over the familiar and time worn haft of his long glaive before resting it against the wall by his bunk. A deep breath and a sigh later, Goryn quieted his shakes and calmed himself by tearing off a leathery portion of stale flatbread from his pouch. Chewing thoughtfully, he stood up and stretched to feel the power and potential flowing through his muscles. Then he sighed again as he reminded himself for what seemed the millionth time that strength of the flesh was nothing if he did not have his visions and dreams. He swallowed the tough bread and took up his spear again, shouldering it as he took his bag of other poessions and set off to find this Terug person... Goryn had known a Terug once. One of his tribes' best hunters, though old and gnarled, Terug was harder than the stone of the mountains he hunted through. At a time when other half-orcs his age had become too feeble or infirm to do more than share the day's stew, Terug still brought in the lion's share of meat for the pot. In the end, it'd been a sudden rockslide that took Terug from the tribe. Goyrn had dreamed of it, had warned Terug, but Terug had waved his warnings away. 'I hunt, young one. Every day I hunt for the tribe. Every day, death hunts me, too. So what if today is the day He wins? So what if it is tomorrow? If I do not go hunt, I am already dead.'

    At times, Goryn thought he understood those words too well. When he was younger, he Dreamed. Now, having had a taste of those visions again for the first time in years, he realized he'd come back to life! Goryn unclenched his jaw when he noticed he'd chewed so deeply into his cheek that his mouth was full of blood. Swallowing, he swore to himself that he would not fail Ameso, he would not fail his tribe, and he would not fail himself. He asked a passing crewmember where Terug could be found, and as he made his way along the deck he unconsciously hoped that this Terug would be cut from the same stuff as the one from his past.
  42. Mynona Member

    After having gotten comprehensible directions, and of course, helped the man... Bedge was it... with his luggage Faddenmerith was now standing in the foc's'le, where he would be sleeping. On a ship. Ships that usually sailed on bodies of water greater than he'd ever seen, but not this one. This one was to sail in the sky, or at least, that was what they were clamining it would do.

    Faddenmerith went out into the open air again and tried to find such unobtrusive a spot as possible. There seemed to be a lot of people doing lots of things that Faddenmerith assumed had something to do with leaving the harbour. He set his eyes on a 'sailor' doing something with a lenght of rope and Fadden tried to make out what.
  43. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Silja's explorations take her to the lower deck, where she finds the galley and chain locker (where the anchor's chain is stored) to the fore, and the officer's cabins to aft.

    "Here, you," a rather chubby halfling says. Unlike the first mate, this one has dark hair, and a light fringe of beard around his face. He's three-and-a-half feet tall. "Give me a hand with these tatties, would you?" He's trying to heft a bag of potatoes nearly as large as he is.


    Hanro soon finds Arnes Trescle, or rather, Arnes finds him. The gnome popped out in front of him from behind a crate. "There y'are. I knew I'd find you looking around the deck. Just what I said, there's a dwarf who wants to know his surroundings. Now, look, ye can't believe what that..." the gnome take a quick look around, "...that bilge rat of a mate Thistle said. He just don't like me for the reason of I took his hat in a game of bones. Do ye play? Now, ye can't think I'd really steal from you. Where would I go? Where could I hide? I just thought that a poor wayfarer like yerself an' the others wouldn't want to go carryin' all that junk while ye had to talk to the cap'n." The gnome seems to positively ooze trust and honesty. He seems to be sincere.


    Bedge knows that the second mate is generally in charge of navigation. Thistle's cabin is most likely somewhere on the lower deck, to the aft.


    Goryn is pointed to a pair of half-orcs on the quarterdeck, talking. Occasionally, the larger of the two shouts something to the sailors, who scurry to and fro to obey.

    When they spot Goryn, the smaller one waves him over. "Ho! We gots anodder cousin on ship!" He wears a red sleeveless shirt and brown pants. His boots are worn and scuffed. He has long side burns that brush his shoulders.

    By contrast, the larger of the two is impeccably groomed, for a half-orc. He has a ruffled white shirt under a blue coat. His black boots are polished. His beard and hair is braided with ribbons.

    Both of them have tribal tattooes indicating they're from the Chandag tribe of Mt. Sharnech.

    The larger one smiles. "I am Orgul, und dis here iz my nephew, Terug. Vot's your name, scout?"


    The sailor Faddy watches seems to be splicing two ropes together.
  44. Roman_K New Member

    "Oh, I have nae doubt that ye would've stowed away our belongings, at least I'm sure of it after that little talk we had with captain Strombady," said Hanro, a mischievous glint in his eye, "an' also have nae doubt that you would've … examined 'em, just to make sure that everything was there, right?."

    "Oh, ye would've left it all there," Hanro continued before the gnome could reply, "but ye would've also known who had the more coin, so as to know who to invite to games later on."

    Arnes looked harmless enough to Hanro, mischief or no mischief . He might even help Hanro pass the time a little.

    "I happen to like a game of bones every now an' then, though ye'll find poor pickings in me. I'm willin' ta play for copper, a friendly game, if you will. 'course, if ye happen to cheat…" at this Hanro smiled slowly, though there was nothing amusing in his smile.
  45. Hsing Moderator

    Silja didn't mind that kind of work at all: "Sure..."
    She'd make sure to introduce herself properly once these potatoes were where they were meant to be... and maybe start a small conversation to the halfling after that. The people you found on the lower decks usually told her more than those of rank, and if she was lucky, this one wasn't new to the ship...
  46. Electric_Man Templar

    Corben took the sword back from Dom, "Thanks. Hopefully this won't be the only luck that befalls us." He slapped Dom on the back, "What do you reckon, shall we explore the ship?"
  47. Saccharissa Stitcher

    Dom sagged under Corben's hand. "Um, okay, I suppose we have to find where everything is."

    Dom lets Corben lead the way.
  48. Saccharissa Stitcher

    Posted on behalf of Garner

  49. Ba Lord of the Pies

    The gnome seemed a bit taken aback, but then gave a smile. "Oh, I'm sure the cap'n was just havin' his joke at ye. He has a famous sense of humor, does Stormbody. Why, I remember the time he'd gotten us atop two caracals off Brenten... But that ain't here nor there." The gnome talks quickly, and Hanro may be distracted from realizing that the gnome said nothing more about dice games.


    "Thanks much, miss," the halfling said, smiling. "I'm Nerlin Rickul, ship's cook. You'd be, let's see, one of the scouts, right?" The halfling grabbed a stepladder and climbed up to a basket on a shelf, where he pulled out two apples. He tossed one to Silja. "Thanks for that. Normally, I can get one of the louts onboard to help me, but they're all working on getting this ship underway. They're always forgetting the important things, like a good, warm meal."


    Thistle looked askance at the half-elf. "You want to learn navigation, do you? Talk to the captain, then. If he allows it, then I've no objections. Mark you, though," he said, craning his head upwards to look the half-elf in the eye, "I'll tolerate no slack from you. If you work for me, you'll work hard. This isn't a pleasure ship. We pull our weight on board."

    A human sailor ran down the stairs. "Cap'n wants to see you, sir. Oh, an' you too, Mr. Talom."

    "Don't run all over the place, Jimmy," the halfling said, though there was almost an air of friendliness there.

    "Aye sir. Sorry sir." The sailor essayed a hasty salute and made his way back up the stairs only slightly slower than he'd descended them.

    Thistle sighed. "Shall we go, Mr. Talom? The captain no doubt wishes us to watch the launch."


    Terug scowled. "Slave? Vot you talkin' 'bout, slave? You iz half-orc. You's no slave!"

    Orgul slapped his nephew on the head, nearly knocking him overboard. "Shaddup! Can't you's see he's a godstalker? Show some respect!" He turned back to Goryn, pulling open his shirt to reveal two charms on a necklace: an anchor like the captain had carried, and the Rahg, weapon and holy symbol of Ameso. "So, vot does Ameso tink about all dis? Is he smilin' on dis boat, do you tink?"


    The captain left his cabin and climbed to the quarterdeck. He smiled to the crowd as the Lord Mayor christened the ship with a bottle of fine wine.

    Another, smaller figure joined him on the quarterdeck. This was the drazai wizard, Telbech. He pulled his hood back, revealing scales pale with age.

    "Anchor aweigh!" Captain Strombody shouted. "Heave to, now." As sailors already in position started turning the wheel to pull in the anchor, he turned to the drazai. "Your turn now, Mr. Telbech."

    The drazai nodded, and began chanting. The sigils along the ship began to glow, effecting gasps in the crowd. Strombody grinned even wider, taking the helm.

    As Thistle led Talom up the quarterdeck, the ship jostles slightly. By the time they reached the captain, there were shouts from the crowd. Anyone looking down at the water would notice that it was getting farther away.

    The ship rose, slowly at first, then gaining speed. Soon it was twenty feet above the water, then forty, then seventy, then a hundred. "Let's give them a show," the captain said, turning the wheel. The ship moved over the water, then over the crowd. Then he turned the wheel again, this time angling toward a low cloud.
  50. Hsing Moderator

    Silja polished the apple on one of her sleeves and smiled. "This crew has worked together on their past travels, I gather? That probably means we are... well, newcomers to an old team, right, Mr Rickul?" She pondered questions for a moment. "Well... I have to admit I am absolutely new to life on a ship. Not that I want to urge you to explain all and everything to me between your busy tasks, but... Are there a few things absolutely taboo to do on a ship? Things, behaviour, whatever, that is considered bad luck, or just plain wrong? I mean, other than would be the case with travelling companions on land?"
    What she actually had wanted to ask was, wether there was someone in the crew who was to be avoided for any reason, but starting a conversation with bluntly asking for gossip about old mates rarely worked.

    She suddenly swayed a little, and her sense of gravity as well as shouting from putside told her what was going on; "My, I have missed the starting of the ship! Well, maybe it was better that way- I was a little... excited about wether this thing would take off and all... Now it has simply happened. --- Sorry, Sir. I do talk a lot, I guess."
  51. Roman_K New Member

    "I might interested in that tale at one time or another," said Hanro, dice games completely forgotten. Before any of them could continue, they heard the captain's call to raise the anchor. Hanro turned just in time to see the final movements of the drazai wizard's spellcasting. He felt the ship rise upwards, as did he breakfast.

    "I'm thinkin' that this air-sailin' isn't all that agreeing wit' me," he growled, and leaned on the rail for support.

    Then he looked down.

    "This'll take some time gettin' used to," he mumbled quietly as the ship rose.

    * * *

    Szaz watched the ship's wizard, the drazai Telbech, as he cast his complicated spell. He tried to follow the casting, to try and understand what the experienced spellcaster was doing to the tiniest detail, but he was simply not close enough to him to hear the incantation. He smiled as the ship rose, and vowed that he would have the knowledge to do such things himself one day. He decided to approach the wizard once he was available, and watched him attentively, waiting.
  52. Electric_Man Templar

    Corben walked with Dom to the exit of the Foc's'le and looked out at the ship.
  53. Electric_Man Templar

  54. Ba Lord of the Pies

    The halfling cook scratched his bare chin. "Well, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, never throw a stone into the ocean. That makes Baralos angry. When you get up top, don't look back, that's bad luck. Black cats are good luck, so treat them well. We've got one on board, somewhere around here. Albatross and dolphins are good luck, but don't even think about killing one. Never cut your hair or nails at sea. Don't whistle, that makes the neiads angry. And... never say the word that means to die of water. To say the word brings it on."

    When the ship rises up and Silja makes her observation, he says, "Well, I was fairly sure it would fly, but I saw them testing it in the mountains. I helped design our little kitchen," Nerlin says proudly.


    "I've got to get up to the crow's nest," Arnes said to Hanro. "I'll see you later. Goodbye!" Then the ship flew into the cloud, and mist obscured the gnome's passing. When it cleared, the gnome was climbing up the lines to the little platform at the top of the mainmast.


    Once the ship was up in the air, the drazai wizard finally stopped chanting. He said a few more words in an olden tongue and tapped his claws together. His eyes glowed blue. Szazzkur could tell that he had cast a spell to see magical auras. He looked over the ship, and seemed pleased.


    Corben and Dom, coming out of the Foc's'le, see a few sailors checking on lines and marking the ship's position, but most are at the sides, looking down and forward. Oddly, none of them are looking back at the docks. Then the ship sails into a low cloud, and for a moment, everything is obscured by mist. Then the ship is out of it once again, heading out over the ocean, which is now far below.


    "Hah!" Orgul slapped Goryn on the back with enough force to have bowled a human over. To a half-orc it was just friendly. As he smiled, the gold caps on his tusks gleamed in the sun. "Ve gunna make such names for ourselves, I know it. Vit' Ameso vatchin' out fer us, ve must be doin' sometin' right."

    As the cloud covered the ship, Terug said sulkily, "Gods got a vay of changin' deir minds."


    The captain turned to Bedge and Thistle. "I thought you'd want to see our launch, Mr. Thistle," he said politely.

    "Thank you, Captain," the halfling said. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to check the charts."

    "Very well," the captain said. "Now, Mr. Talom..."

    "Mr. Talom will be working with me, sir," the halfling said, just a little bit sharply.

    "Is that so?" the captain asked, his eyes narrowing just a bit.

    "Yes, captain. He asked if he could help me navigate. He has some skill in that area, apparently." Thistle stared the captain with just a slight hint of challenge.

    The captain stared back at the halfling for a long minute. When the cloud swallowed the ship, it seemed for a moment as though Bedge was alone with the captain and the second mate, the only witness to the contest of wills. Finally, just as the mist cleared, the halfling looked away.

    "Well, if he asked," the captain said, "Then I have no problem. Gods know we can use all the help we can get." Around them, sailors suddenly found some task that needed doing.
  55. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Posting on behalf of Roman:


    Hanro watched the gnome for a while longer, pondering. He seemed honest enough, and Hanro had to consider the possibility that his first judgement was a mistaken one. Maybe he should even apologize, Hanro thought. Maybe later, he decided. Arnes didn't appear to be overtly bothered, and Hanro certainly wasn't going to climb after him to the crow's nest.

    His stomach now better accustomed to the new conditions, Hanro took out a small wrapped package from his pocket. He unwrapped it, and took out a strip of beef jerky. Leaning on the ship's rail, he stared into the distance and tore off a piece.

    * * *

    Not wasting time, Szazzkur also decided to cast a spell to detect magic. He doubted he'd have any other use for the simple spell today other than curiosity, and he certainly wanted to better see the results of the powerful wizard's spellcasting.

    He closed his eyes and concentrated, the arcane words flowing from his tongue.
  56. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Posting on behalf on Garner:

    "Goryn studied Terug carefully before nodding. 'They do... They can take away as quickly as They give, everything... even life... but They do give us life... and hope...' Here Goyrn paused for a long moment, then heaving a sigh he concluded 'And second chances.' He eyed the clouds now surrounding them like strange fog and reached up to touch the small leather pouch he wore over his heart, then silently stood at the railing and tried to see through the mist around them. 'It's... it's like a dream!' he whispered.


    Bedge shifted his feet in his boots, tensing his toes to be ready to spring in any direction... 'How utterly fantastic: two ship's cats in a sack fighting for top dog status!' Bedge thought to himself, wincing in passing at the mixed metaphore. 'Still, the captain didn't look away; it's always essential that a captain have absolute authority. Never the less, this could bear watching. Thistle doesn't seem the type to resent authority for authority's sake so there must be something more here. I'll have to pry cautiously as and when I can.'

    Making up his mind, Bedge composed his face with a mix of eagerness and friendliness, but remained careful not to appear prying. 'Captain, Mr. Thistle, if it's at all possible, I'd hope to gain as much experience as possible with the operations of this ship. Navagation was always a strong suit of mine, but I'm keen to make use of all my tallents!" He tried his best to be ingratiating without being obsequious or annoying.

    (Sense motive checks on both the captain and the mate, diplomacy checks to keep them friendly, and if feasible/appropriate at this stage, a gather information check to glean anything directly without openly prying just yet, if the DM would please... i'll take 10's on the diplomacy and gather information, and i suppose it's not out of the realm of plausibility to take a 20 on the sense motive, if one's continually keeping an eye on the other folks?)"
  57. Saccharissa Stitcher

    Joint post for Electric Man and me

    Corben muttered to himself, "What's everyone staring at?" and strode towards the rails that the sailors were peering over.

    "You don't think we have already sailed?!?" Dom rushed at the rails mumbling "I wanted to wave my family goodbye". Looking at the ocean beneath them he let out a groan and waved at Corben. "Take a look, we are already over the sea. You should have a good view over these rails", he said, pointing at a vacant spot nearby.

    Corben took one look over them and old memories of one of his brothers holding him upside down from the top of the mill came rushing into his mind. He recoiled from the rail and fell to the deck, vomiting his dinner, which slowly dribbled off the edge of the ship.

    Meanwhile Dom was leaning on the rails reminiscenting. "You know, when we were kids we used to go to the eastern lighthouse, climb all the way to the top and have spitting contests. Ah, those were the days. Were you having spitting contests with your...oh my, are you all right?"

    Corben was lying on the floor groaning, and Dom has the nagging suspicion that he had just made th understatement of the century. "Um, I think I should go and get some help."
  58. Hsing Moderator

    "Ah, thanks for all your advice Sir," Silja said. "If you don't mind me, I'd like to take a look at the scenery..." Silja decided to leave and go on deck, and get back in touch with her fellow scouts, whom she hadn't talked much to yet, after all.
    She arrived just in time to make out that one of her new colleagues wasn't reacting too well to the unknown sensation.
  59. Ba Lord of the Pies

    The ship glowed with magic as far as Szazzkur could see. As his eyes picked out further details, he was able to tell that it had a strong, pervasive aura of what seemed to be transmutation magic. He was soon able to see a moderate aura of conjuration magic as well.

    There are a few other auras on the ship. Both the drazai who had raised the ship as well as the captain had moderate aura that Szazzkur couldn't identify.


    Terug is likewise in awe of the cloud around them. There is, however, an edge of fear in his eyes as the ship is swallowed by the cloud, and he relaxes visibly when the ship leaves it.

    "Ha! Dis gonna be someting, I tell you," Orgul said, flashing a bright smile, his gold-capped tusks catching the sun. "Stick vit' me an' Cap'n Stormbody, boys, ve're goin' places!"


    Bedge is able to tell that the second mate is resentful of the captain for some reason, though he can't tell just what it is. The captain seems annoyed with the mate, but mostly he's weary, giving Bedge the sense that they've clashed before.

    Bedge's declaration seems to break the remaining tension. "Yes, well, you'll have plenty of work, I can assure you on that point!" Mr. Thistle said.

    The captain nodded. "Aye, glad to see you're enthusiastic. The two of you get to those charts. I'll want our position as best you have it as soon as you have it."

    (No, you can't take twenty on sense motive. Your basic impression remains the same, until their behavior changes, at which point you get a retry. Don't worry, you'll be the first to know if a new sense motive check shows something else. Gather information isn't feasible just at this point. Anything you can pick up you're going to get with sense motive.)


    A human sailor notices Corben's efforts at recycling. His reaction was less than sympathetic. "Hoy, Erven, the lubber's heavin' his lunch o'er the sides."

    "Bet ya a copper he's been eatin' carrots," said a half-elf.

    "Yer on!" the human said, and they both rushed over to look at the puddle. "Gah, you win," said the human.

    "Hmm. Someone's gonna need to mop this," said the half-elf. "An 'ere comes Miss Mate, so no bet on who's it gonna be."

    "What's all this, then?" a human female said, angrily striding over. "You, get a bucket if you're going to puke on this ship," she said, shoving a toe into Corben's backside. "And the three of you," she said, rounding on Dom and the two sailors. "I want this deck clean enough to eat off of it. On the double!"

    "Yes'm," the two sailors said in unison.


    As Silja goes up the stairs, a rather short human moving past her. Something doesn't quite look right about him, though it may be the very light colored hair under his large cap, or the clothes that seem to be a bit to big for him.
  60. Hsing Moderator

    After the encounter when going on board the ship, Silja tries to take a closer look at him without seeming to stare, just to check if those maybe are someone else's clothes...
    Usually when her first impression of someone is that something's odd about the person, she trusts her instinct. But seeing he would have nowhere to flee for quite a while now, and she's just beginning ti study the people around her, there's no need to come too close to anyone, either.

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