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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Thereisnopilot, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Thereisnopilot New Member

    Hello again everyone.

    So I'm an aspiring composer, and I'm currently working on themes for the characters of Discworld as practice. I think if anyone might appreciate these besides myself you guys would. If you're so inclined you're very welcome to visit my page at reverbnation and give a listen.

    J. Siren - Music | Santa Fe, NM | Other / Film Music / Soundtrack / Ambient / Progressive Electronic | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

    Posted so far are themes for Death, The Librarian, Susan, and Vimes. Much more to come for this project, thank you!

  2. Maljonic Administrator

    It's an interesting idea. I can't get my head around connecting most of them up with their tune, apart from Commander Vimes, which I think works quite well - to me that one is sort of private detective/assassin-like.
  3. Thereisnopilot New Member

    Thank you Maljonic!

    I am actually very proud of the way "Vimes" turned out. I was trying to blend the character's intensity and intrinsic "bad-ass-ness" with the fact that he always cartoonishly refers to himself and the watch as "coppers". The detective story element is defintely there, I'm glad it was evident. Vimes is definitely also a multifaceted character, someone you don't want to be on the wrong side of, but also sensitive and sophisticated in his own way. I tried to bring all of this to the musical palette.

    Cheers everyone :)
  4. Maljonic Administrator

    What do you mean by 'cartoonishly refers to himself and the watch as "coppers"'?
  5. Thereisnopilot New Member

    Nothing more than that usually helps to sets the pulp crime novel tone to the Watch books, which are so much more than mere crime novels. It was that element that suggested to me there should be some saxophone jazz in his theme.

    Working on themes for Lu-tze, Granny Weatherwax, and Magrat Garlick now. Not sure when they will be finished. These pieces do take hours upon hours of creation and refinement. Thanks again!
  6. Maljonic Administrator

    That's cool, just wondered if the word 'coppers' had a slightly different tone to it where you live than it does in the UK.

    I used to be into creating music years ago on the Amiga and dabled a bit more recently with FL Studio but can't really find the time. Like you say, it takes hours and hours.

    I like your idea though. You could do your own version of Rhapsody in Blue, only portraying Ankh Morpork instead of New York City - Rhapsody in Brown or maybe Rhapsody in Octarine. :)
  7. Thereisnopilot New Member

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