Eileen Atkins for Granny Weatherwax

Discussion in 'THE WITCH BOOKS' started by clockworkpenguin, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. clockworkpenguin New Member

    When the film makers get around to making live versions of the Witch books instead of those silly cartoon versions I vote for Eileen Atkins to play Granny Weatherwax

    Any suggestions for Nanny Ogg?

    Sorry if this has been done before, i am new!
  2. Maljonic Administrator

    Never heard of her, now is everyone totally sure there's nothing to be said for Angelina Jolie as Granny Weatherwax?

  3. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Actually if you read closely Granny is probably a very attractive woman, she despairs of having a truly witch like face,onlyher inner witch is so strong no one questions her witchness. I was thinking of someone like Vanessa Redgrave myself.
  4. jaccairn New Member

  5. Maljonic Administrator

    She doesn't look big enough, too frail.
  6. Tiffany New Member

    I don't know, she looks perfect for the part in that link, and I think in one of the feegle books she's described as not being very tall, she just acts like she is.
    And sorry but I just can't imagine angelina with grey hair :)
  7. Katcal I Aten't French !

  8. Tiffany New Member

    Angelina Jolie, maljonic's suggestion
  9. Katcal I Aten't French !

    That'll teach me to only look at the last post... and get more sleep.
  10. Ook New Member

    What about the big British actors like Helen Mirren (sp?) or Judy Dench? I would say Emma Thomson or Maggie Smith but having both played witches before they might be a bit familiar (it would suddenly feel like watching Nanny McPhee or Professor McGonagall (sp? again :p) chattin to Nanny Ogg - confusing!).

    And the books say Esme is actually quite striking.

    And Angeline Jolie? Whaaaaaaaat? :p
  11. parsley New Member

    angelina? whaaaaaaaaat?

    "She has features that would generally be described as striking, or even handsome, but she couldn’t be called beau-tiful, at least by anyone who didn’t want their nose to grow by three feet."

    Even Ridcully, who was in love with her, couldn't call her pretty, let alone beautiful:

    "Pretty, was she Sir?" Ponder Stibbons

    "No, no I can't say she was. Striking, that's the word. Tall. Hair so blonde it was nearly white, and eyes like gimlets, I tell you." Mustrum Ridcully

    Maybe Chloe Sevigny as a young Esme?

    Definitely Dawn French for Nanny Ogg, she'd be so great in that role :D
  12. clockworkpenguin New Member

    Dawn French for Nanny Ogg would be perfect. The reason I like Eileen Atkins for Granny Weatherwax is her ability to do the 'gimlet look' . She used it in spades in Cranford and her performance in that was only just short of a version of Granny Weatherwax in crinolines. Loved it.

    Happy Hogwatch to everyone.

  13. parsley New Member

    i had a look at a few photos of eileen atkins, and you're right, she definitely looks the part!
  14. Elliza New Member

    Eileen Atkins very interesting choice.

    Helen Mirren for Granny W, or Judi Dench, or Vanessa Redgrave also good. I'd say Angelina Jolie for Magrat, and give her a chance to use her comedy chops.
  15. brensson New Member

    New Member

    I would have Harriet Walters for Granny Weatherwax, she has that stern, but beautiful look, that would be ideal.
    I agree with Dawn French For Nanny Ogg, a perfect match, then for Magrat, for me, it would have to be Jane Horrocks, not only a great actress, but a similar body to the description.
    I would also like to suggest Katy Brand for Agnes Nitt.
  16. Maljonic Administrator

    I don't really know Harriet Walters, not sure she looks right for me but I'm only basing that on Googling her photo. I wouldn't like Dawn French as anyone in Discworld though, I think she always gets cast in middle of the road, mildy amusing British sitcom pap.

    I do like Jane Horrocks, I agree with your choice there. :)

    I don't know anything about Katy Brand, she looks all right though for the part.
  17. brensson New Member

    If not dawn french

    If not Dawn French, then how about Miriam Margoyles for Nanny Ogg then?:D
  18. Maljonic Administrator

    Oo, yeah - she could work as Nanny Ogg. Much more down to earth with a hint of rudeness. :)
  19. Evie New Member

    I think for Granny Weatherwax it has to be Tilda Swinton. She has that
    direct stare and an icy demeanor. The bone structure is there too and she is slim, she could play her young and old. No contest.

  20. Evie New Member

    Tilda Swinton for Granny Weatherwax

    Tilda Swinton should play Granny Weatherwax, if they make a film of the witch series. Pray it will be a Brit Film. The Americans will special effect it to death and she will end up somehow saving America even though she doesn't reside on Earth. She has the steely glare and the bone strucure, She is slim too, so could play her young and old. Please, someone out there lets have a film. What about Guy Ritchie, could he pull it off?
  21. brensson New Member

    It does say in a couple of books that Granny Weatherwax, although not beautiful is a handsome woman - if a little stern lokking - and forgive me but I don't think Tilda Swinton fits that part of her character, also I'm I'm not sure she would be as strong on screen as Granny should be; another choice for me maybe Sophie Ward could pull of the look and act the gravitas and sterness of Granny too
  22. Tamar New Member

    Tiffany has only seen Granny in what is, even for a witch, old age. People often get shorter as they age, something to do with the shrinkage of tissues between the vertebrae and in many cases the vertebrae themselves crumbling :sad:. What with goat's milk and cheese for calcium and plenty of exercise, I don't think Granny has osteoporosis, but she may well be having typical shrinkage of the discs in her spine. Thus, she could have begun tall and still seem short to Tiffany now. Still, I doubt that she ever resembled Angelina Jolie. She may have resembled Virginia Woolf, who had regular facial features that were elongated.

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