Further cast details for CoM movie

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  1. Mithras-Kosmokrator New Member

    Sorry, I say movie - actually miniseries.

    More cast details released:
    David Jason as Rincewind (we knew this already *shudder*)
    Sean Astin (Sam in LotR) as Twoflower (WHY?? WHY??? He's supposed to be oriental!)
    Tim Curry as Trymon (He's 61. Trymon was a young man *sigh*)
    Christopher Lee as Death (Yes! Result!)

    Source: Astin, Curry, Lee and Jason Do Magic - ComingSoon.net
  2. Maljonic Administrator

    Sean Astin was doing quite a good Twoflower yesterday, I didn't actually realise who Sean Astin was until someone told me. David Jason looks surprisingly better than you would imagine too when you see him in the Rincewind outfit.
  3. Marcia Executive Onion

    I think the Twoflower character works fine as an American tourist.
  4. Maljonic Administrator

    So do I, I always thought he was kind of a cross between a Japanese tourist with the camera and a stereotype naive American tourist with more money than sense, certainly when you first meet him getting off the boat and paying massive amounts of money for everything.
  5. Hsing Moderator

    Yes, but his whole backstory with the Agathean empire... I realize that does not play a role for this very story, and so could be neglected, but in the minds of Discworld readers the later stories involving twoflower probably set his picture as coming from an oriental - style - culture in stone.
  6. Maljonic Administrator

    Well he did, Astin, look a little East Asian actually, if that's what people mean by Oriental. Though, for myself, I do find it hard to fathom sometimes why fans see anything like this as "set in stone" when it is set on another planet in a different universe.
  7. Marcia Executive Onion

    Why would an Oriental-style culture (on another world) imply Oriental-looking people? Is there anywhere in the books where he is described as having Oriental features?

    By the way, Terry was at the filming and oversaw everything.
  8. Stercus Stercus New Member

    It's not real.:shock: Why did no-one tell me. I'm gutted. I was planning to visit.
  9. Maljonic Administrator

    I didn't say it wasn't real, relax, I said it was on another planet in a different universe.:smile:
  10. Stercus Stercus New Member

    You had me worried there.
  11. TheJackal Member

    Where can you see pictures of the cast in costume?
  12. Maljonic Administrator

    I don't know, I don't think you can yet. I saw him in person at the filming.
  13. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    How did you get to see them all at the filming? Have I missed a vital thread somewhere. Or is this information that you think you just casually mention. BECUASE YOU CAN'T!
  14. jaccairn New Member

    You missed the Extras thread and a bit in members news.
  15. mowgli New Member

    ...Forget wrong country. I live in the wrong hemisphere..

  16. Maljonic Administrator

    Sorry, I thought everyone knew. I am in The Colour of Magic film as a supporting artist. :biggrin:

    P.S. So is Marcia.
  17. Mithras-Kosmokrator New Member

    Alright, there's no need to go rubbing it in!

    Swanking about the place. Swank, swank, swank... :wink:
  18. Maljonic Administrator

    Oh, I was going to put a line in my sig. Something like: "You may remember me from such films as The Colour of Magic" - after it's out on DVD. Do you think that might be too much? :smile:
  19. Sunna New Member

    I would kill to see Sean Astin in person!
  20. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Funny, that, I would never have guessed :D
  21. Maljonic Administrator

    He does seem like a really nice guy too, friendly and dedicated to get his role just right.
  22. Maljonic Administrator

    By the way, here is the first picture released of the supporting artists, I'm stupidly holding my hat in front of my face so you can't see me (obviously the guy in the trainers is part of the crew). A full collection of photos will be available in September, which I'll make a proper thread for. The film is out next Easter.

    The scene is just outside the gates of Unseen University, the star thing is a target we made to foolishly lure the star falling from the sky.

  23. Stercus Stercus New Member


    More cast revealed.

    Nigel Planer is the Arch-Astronomer,
    Marnix Van Den Broeke as Death,
    Nicholas Tennant (who played Corporal Nobbs in Hogfather) is the Librarian (prior to transformation),
    and Terry will again appear in a cameo role.

    Sourced from the Discworld Monthly newsletter.
  24. Maljonic Administrator

    I just got a CD with lots of pictures of the supporting artists in The Colour of Magic.

    They all had to be approved by the film company, which means there's no interesting scenery to see - only us lot in silly clothes and some of Terry Pratchett, and couple with Sean Astin, and the director.

    Anyway I'll try to add them all into the gallery over the next week or so, here's Marcia and I on the edge of Sator Square. Just above my head, in the background, is the remains of a pulley system where I and group of fellow workers dropped a wizard-turned-to-stone, which smashes on the ground as Rincewind, Twoflower and the Librarian are walking by. Of course it wasn't my fault that we dropped it!

  25. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Hey, you two look great ! We want more !
  26. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Awesome! I'd love to see more pictures if you can get them. Seeing people I know as Ankh-Morporkians is better than seeing the main characters!
  27. Maljonic Administrator

    Well here's a picture of him instead, dressed as Twoflower, not quite as good but it does have some guy with a beard in there too.
  28. Sunna New Member

    Thank you Mal for thinking of a lonely icelandic fan of S.A....oh and the bearded guy isn't tooo bad,I guess...
  29. Maljonic Administrator

    Personally I don't think he looks very far removed from how I imagine Twoflower to look.
  30. Marcia Executive Onion

    By the way, the reason that I look all spacey-eyed in the photo is that I couldn't wear my glasses or contact lenses - so I couldn't see six inches past the end of my nose.

    So I am seeing all this for the first time, too.
  31. Hsing Moderator

    That's such a great picture! I second, we want more.
    And despite my different mental image of Twoflower, Sean Austin looks cute in a way, in that picture, like someone you'd want to take under your wings so he doesn't get lost... Among people dressed like you were, he's going to look a little bit like a time traveller, won't he?
  32. Maljonic Administrator

    I suppose Twoflower is like a time traveller in a way; in CoM he has all these high tech gadgets that no one has ever seen before, he goes on holiday to visit all sorts of exotic, yet primitive places seeking adventure, dragons and magic - all the while knowing he'll have to return to "civilization" working behind a desk.
  33. mowgli New Member

    Marcia, how come you couldn't wear contact lenses?
  34. Marcia Executive Onion

    The shoot was till late at night (ended about 1 AM), and I couldn't stop in the middle to put drops in my eyes. I also had nowhere to put the drops anyway. I had to keep my glasses in my bra when we were shooting, as the costume had no pockets.

    We were outside the whole day - we got a few short breaks to take a quick pee and with my costume peeing was quite time-consuming; I didn't have time for anything else.

    edit: To correct myself in that it wasn't actually a "quick" pee,and to say "Thank you, Amelia Bloomer".
  35. mowgli New Member

    Gotcha :smile:

    ...And yes, bras are awesome pocket-substitutes, if need be!
  36. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Yes, if only they'd let you wear Magrats!
  37. Maljonic Administrator

    This is a picture of what I wore on the first morning. We were told to bring our own costumes, I was trying for an Ankh Morpork middle management look. I almost got away with it too, I past three different inspections and was about to enter the first film set when a woman picked me and someone else, dressed like Blackadder I, out of the crowd and refitted us like common peasants instead.

  38. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Awesome! But why are you teasing us with so few photos?
  39. Maljonic Administrator

    Because I don't have time to resize them all in one go. Anyway most of them are full of people we don't know.
  40. Tephlon Active Member

    Batch job in Photoshop.
    You have no excuse.
  41. Maljonic Administrator

    I knew someone was going to say that. What I mean is I don't have time to resize them, upload them and write a bit about them in the gallery all at once - so I'm doing one here and there when I have a spare ten minutes or so.
  42. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I think you really just want to make my head explode. Go on, admit it! It's Evil Mal really.
  43. Maljonic Administrator

    Of course I'm not!

    Anyway, here is part of a wizard shot during a spectacular scene involving magical effects:

  44. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Mal... you are planning on surviving Octobercon, right ?
  45. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Weird but cool! I wonder what happened to the rest of him?
  46. Maljonic Administrator

    Sorry, that isn't really a wizard from the film, I was just teasing... I don't actually have any pictures of the wizards, part from one where an extra was dressed up as one briefly, not me though unfortunately.

    One of the first bits we did was listing to this guy blaming the wizards for everything, the "rabble rouser", then shout for the wizards to come out of the university. This is a picture of me hanging on his every word, the guy of the left is someone called Waddy who runs Wadfest (a Discworld camping event), they aren't his real teeth but I did wonder if they were or not for a long time. I can't remember the name of the guy on the right, but he was a nice man.

  47. belleferret New Member

    Twoflower picture

    Hi, I'm a new member.

    I noticed the picture of Twoflower is no longer available. Were you asked to remove it? Why aren't they allowing pictures of the main cast to be published?
  48. Maljonic Administrator

    Yes I was asked to remove it. I don't know why they don't want it on there, or even who doesn't want it on there, just that I wasn't allowed to put it up there and I took it off as soon as I was told to.
  49. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I guess they want to protect their exclusivity when they finally release the official photos...
  50. belleferret New Member

    And that will be when???

    *taps foot impatiently*
  51. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Only They know...
  52. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    That's a great picture, Mal! I'm enjoying all of these.
  53. Sunna New Member

    Well,even if they asked you to remove Sean,I still have the memory.....cute little devil...Sean,that is,not you,Mal.....
    Ach,you're not so bad either.....erm,I'll just shut up.
  54. Katcal I Aten't French !


    I've just read the latest article you posted, Mal, and it says there that Tim Curry is also appearing in the film... WHAT ? WHO ? HOW ? WH ?
  55. jaccairn New Member

    I think it's Trymon. Rincewind's adversary. They do have a website somewhere.
  56. Maljonic Administrator

    Yes, Tim Curry was at the filming we went to. He does play Trymon, the wizard who usurps Galder Weatherwax and turns out to be quite mad in The Light Fantastic, which this film also covers.
  57. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Mal, did I ever mention how much I hate you, like, forever ?
  58. Maljonic Administrator

    Oh, are you a big fan of wizards?
  59. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Nope, I'm a big fan of Tim Curry. Darn you !
  60. Stercus Stercus New Member

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