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  1. Avie New Member

    Best sci-fi/fantasy books ever written. This bloke is BETTER than even pTerry (and that is saying a deal)

    It is complex, scary stuff with layers upon layers of meaning, humour, plot and sub-plot. Wolfe is a master.

    Try the "Books of the New Sun" as possibly the most acessible series (multi award-winning) and move on to the mysteries of the "Long Sun" and "Latro" series.

    These are not easy reads but they will reward you a thousand times over with the subtle complexities of the text.

    PLEASE try Gene Wolfe.
  2. Maljonic Administrator

    I'm not really sure there's such a thing as "best [whatever genre] book" ever written, I've heard people say that a lot in the past - usually when they haven't read more than a couple of hundred books or so.

    Still, what are they about anyway?
  3. Avie New Member

    About? Well life, the universe and everything :biggrin:

    Slaps self. The Books of the New Sun follow the life of Severian, an apprentice of the Torturers Guild in nightmare world of the far future where tradition has become law and nothing is what is seems on the surface.

    In Severian's world the sun is dying and perhaps he is destined to bring the New Sun.....but perhaps not. Fantastically subtle stuff. Do try it.

    Written in the first person with the eidetic memory of Severian. But he is capable of lying too. Read the series and make up your own mind. It is truly outstanding writing and will , despite being a so-called "difficult" read reward you many times over.
  4. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Is it high fantasy? I try to avoid authors who are too prolix in style.
  5. Avie New Member

    "high fantasy" whatever is that?. Never heard of it.
    Gene Wolfe is about subtle, challenging clever stuff. It can be read as an ordinary book but there again the subtext is there if you want it.

    Dear me have none of you ever met Severian? The apprentice torturer who changes the world?, Wolfe has humour to match Pterry and a sight more subtle with it.

    Once again I can only beg that you try this little-known but briliant author. GW is excellent and his books are the best of the best.

    Do try him.

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