Going Postal Extended Trailer

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Maljonic, May 14, 2010.

  1. Maljonic Administrator

    Just found another trailer for Going Postal, looks pretty good:

  2. Hsing Moderator

    Everything looks great - except for Angua. Huah.
  3. mazekin Member

    It looks good - I agree about Angua, and have to add the Golems. A lot happier with Vetinari this time around I must admit!
  4. Hsing Moderator

    I can live with the Golems, as they have been described as awkwardly moulded, like a child could have done it.
    But from the small glimpse I've seen, Angua seems interpreted awfully and acted awkwardly. Small glimpse, I know... but what's it with the Leni Riefenstahl glare? And the overbleached hair? *shudder*
  5. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I agree she did seem terribly pale, it's not like werewolves can't go out in the sun...
  6. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    That's just not Angua at all...
  7. jaccairn New Member

    I suspect that it's a small part so they didn't bother being too fussy in the casting.
  8. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I thought Angua was sort of important, or maybe it was just that in Going Postal she sort of was more or less the main Watch presence, and from this I do agree they didn't get her right. She is not above using her inner wolf but she isn't ever that flamboyant about it either. I have no idea when I'll ever be able to find the Sky productions but I do wish I could, and don't taunt me with Amazon.
  9. spiky Bar Wench

    Yes I'm going to have to be a dodgy bugger.... but it just looks so good.
  10. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    The golems look like old Doctor Who monsters...

  11. cameronP New Member

    i think it doesnt look that bad.
    i am gonna give it a whurl when it comes on TV, any idea when cause all it says is coming soon?
  12. jaccairn New Member

    May 30th I believe, but could be a two parter on the next night as well.
  13. cameronP New Member

    sweeet so next sunday then, gonna set Sky+ to that
  14. Arweka New Member

    It looks really good, I'm counting on my best friend to tape it for me though :lol: don't have Sky so doing my best to see it before it comes out on DVD. But it does look good.
  15. cameronP New Member

    i have seen a few posters in town and i like how the characters look when blown up
  16. Katcal I Aten't French !

    It's on this evening, folks! must bring the stamp collection down from the attic for the party...
  17. Maljonic Administrator

    Was it any good then?
  18. mazekin Member

    So-so. There were bits that seriously annoyed me; deviations from the book, but otherwise ok. But I'm a bit critical really...
  19. TheJackal Member

    Better than the other two imho but didn't wow me!
  20. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    When can us mere mortals without Sky see it then?
  21. Lazyacre New Member

    Downloaded both parts from XXXX and I consider it brilliant, given the restrictions of no narrativium on this planet. HIGHLY impressed, regardless of the deviations from the original book

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    Sorry about that! It's just that we still haven't had Hogfather here on TV and by the time Going Postal gets to Oz I'll probably be in my grave! Phil
  22. cameronP New Member

    i really enjotyed Going Postal and was a done really well
  23. spiky Bar Wench

    I have acquired my version from a perfectly legal source ;)

    I will get the DVD when ever it makes it this far but am looking forward to watching it on the weekend.
  24. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    On Amazon (UK) it's telling me 23rd August...

    So about 7 weeks to go
  25. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    I wonder if it's going to be on TV here in the Americas? I would love see that.
  26. Maljonic Administrator

    I should think so, TCOM was.
  27. Roman_K New Member

    Only got around to seeing the trailer just now... pretty good, though as some noted Angua's a mite... off-key.

    I'll get around to watching the movie one way or another. Possibly soon.

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