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    Dawned on me on my way home from work this evening that there must be a Terry Pratchett forum, a google search later and here i am! been a big terry P fan since I was about 12 and still am. My fav book is Good Omens (non discworld) and the hogfather (discworld).

    im originally from uk but just moved to Dubai with my boyfriend, wanted some time out before going back to uni and to get some cash. however, i now get paid to sit on forums all day, times are slow!
  2. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Hi, Squeak! Welcome to the boards. :) Take a look at the thread pinned to the top of this forum, there are some questions in there you can answer to give us a bit of an idea about you.
  3. SQUEAK New Member

    ok in answer to the questions as raised

    1) becasue you are the only people in the world who actually understand it.
    2)im a girly
    3) im 22 and living in Dubai (at the moment)
    4) Ive watched the first half of the TV adaptation of the colour of magic. i keep meaning to download the animations but always forget. i generally dont like watching film/tv adaptations of books...i prefer the pictures in my head.:bunny:
    5) my nan, she use to bring me books from the mobile library. within a year i had read the libraries entire teenage section. (oh how they loved me) one happened to be 'moving pictures'.
    6) i have no personal quotes but my fav was my little sis, (aged 7) who randonly shouted over Skype "run sis run, the dogs are chasing you" nothing more needs to be said.
  4. mowgli New Member

    Welcome, Squeak :smile: Your job sounds awesome!
  5. SQUEAK New Member

    :lol:yep certainly is at the moment!
  6. Maljonic Administrator

    Hello Squeak. The second half of the CoM movie is way better than the first.

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