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  1. jaccairn New Member

    [quote:df9999a844] The most notable lot of the auction was the cover of a
    script for an adaptation of Hogfather to be made for television. If
    rumours are to be believed, Hogfather will be released in time for
    Hogswatch 2006 and will star Sir David Jason as Albert. Filming
    will take place in Prague and later England for all the studio work.
    The special effects team responsible for some recent films about a
    boy wizard will be doing the animation of Paul Kidby's Death [/quote:df9999a844]

    From the Discworld monthly report on the Hogswatch event in Wincanton. Hopefully it will be more than just a rumour.
  2. koshu New Member

    this sounds really cool!!

    I hope it doesn't turn out to be a rumor :)
  3. jaccairn New Member

    An update from Discworld monthly

    [quote:c630c524b5]New rumours suggest that Sir David Jason will play Albert and Malcolm Mcdowell will play Teatime. [/quote:c630c524b5]

    Starting to look more likely :)
  4. Hsing Moderator


    None of the TV works ever reach me.
  5. peapod_j New Member

    i realy hope this is true because if it is it will be realy good
  6. jaccairn New Member


    None of the TV works ever reach me.[/quote:b74dd3a6c0]

    If it does happen, we could always organise a recording and send it to those with compatible equipment. Does Germany use the same standard as the UK? Though it will mean relying on the post service. :D
  7. Katcal I Aten't French !

    That would be dead cool... If its a video, then the UK uses PAL and France (and I think most of europe) uses SECAM, but most modern (i.e. less thant 15 years old) equipment over here has dual standard, and at the very worst, it would be in black and white... but whatever, I must say, that would be seriously cool of anyone who would do that...
  8. jaccairn New Member

    See news on home page. Looks like we're on! :D
  9. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Sky one...

    *joins Hsing in sulking*

  10. mowgli New Member


    (And Malcolm MacDowell is TOTALLY Mr.Teatime, although it's a shame he didn't get that role about 40 years ago :p , since Teatime was supposed to be young)
  11. Maljonic Administrator

    [quote:5bfe2b9c4a="Cynical_Youth"]Sky one...

    *joins Hsing in sulking*

    :([/quote:5bfe2b9c4a]I thought of that too, guess it might have to be a DVD buy for me. :)
  12. Hsing Moderator

    We don't have a video player... :(
    We're too broke for DVDs... :(
    UK and the rest of Europe do have the same DVD standards by the way - not that it really mattered... :(
  13. mowgli New Member

    Hmmm... it IS possible, once someone with enough know-how gets hold of the DVD, to finagle the thing into a compressed movie file and post it on the Web for all to see :)

    edit to add: and/or put it on a CD, if it's small enough (yet too big for reasonable web-viewing)
  14. drunkymonkey New Member

    Damn. I'll have to get a friend to tape it for me. I got rid of Sky so's I could afford teh internet.
  15. Angua_rox New Member

    [quote:baa6f0d768="jaccairn"]See news on home page. Looks like we're on! :D[/quote:baa6f0d768]
    YYYYYYAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! :lol: :lol:
  16. jaccairn New Member

  17. Human New Member

    And the cover for Wintersmith! *Can't wait can't wait can't wait*
  18. Hsing Moderator

  19. Maljonic Administrator

    I think it could well be, I'm not sure though. By the way my mother works for an old lady whose family own a big house in London that was used in this film.
  20. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Yes, it is him, he plays the toy maker in the movie... Arrr ! the Marthter ith a thupertharr !! :D

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