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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Silmaril, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. Silmaril New Member

    I think we need a thread like this here, so I'm starting it!

    My news is that I'm working a lot, avoiding Edinburgh city centre, and spending far too much time on my blog.

    So pretty mundane then! :roll:
  2. Electric_Man Templar

    No, we don't need a thread here because we still have the original board for that. Post there.
  3. Maljonic Administrator

    I don't think it was meant as a whole new thing to detract from the original; I asked if we should have a members' news forum and people agreed that we did not and we should just put it in here. I think Silmaril is simply helping with the structure and layout of the place. :)
  4. Silmaril New Member

    Never mind. I've been catching up as fast as I can on discussions, and just figured the Boardania forum was going to contain at least some of the stuff the Discworld Novels forum does. It seems to me there's bound to be some duplication . . . otherwise what will we have on this board-the original has everything, surely the point of this is mostly to do the same things differently, if that makes sense.

    But hey, if we don't need this thread, it can be deleted or ignored or whatever.
  5. Maljonic Administrator

    I think it's fine, people that we don't know will wind up posting on here anyway eventually even if [i:fc4398797f]we[/i:fc4398797f] don't - it may as well be one of us that starts it. :)
  6. Cat New Member

    I disagree here. As Ben said, we shouldn't start too many threads here. At this stage I feel we only need to focus on the structure of the board. The threads that are started now solely handle this. When we start adding content, we run the risk of operating two boards simultaniously. And I am dead against that.

    If it was Silmarils intention to add the 'members news' thread to the structure, thats fine. But we should avoid posting it it for now.

    Mal, I thought you practically sealed off this board from search engines so that no new people can find it? I don't see why there would be newbits wandering in and start posting then.
  7. Electric_Man Templar

    I agree with Cat, I also think that we should make these fora (forums?) read-only until (or if) the day comes that we have to move here.

    To stretch the lifeboat analogy, currently we just need to make sure it can float in case we need it. We don't need to ride around in it, we have a perfectly good normal boat for that.
  8. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I agree with Cat and Ben.
  9. Silmaril New Member

    I feel like a newbit again :oops:

    Ok, lock this thread or whatever. I think I maybe misunderstood what stage we were at with this place.
  10. Maljonic Administrator

    What I meant was is the original post doesn't matter that much, I just thought EM's original response was a bit rude; I didn't expect other people to keep on posting after I told Silmaril that it was fine, I thought that would be it for now until I saw Cat's post this morning - then I thought we'd just leave it at that but discovered this afternoon that two more people have posted!

    I wasn't going to answer this but I may as well now... I was talking about way in the future not in the next 5 minutes. Anyway, I can't actually seal stuff off from search engines, but I haven't been actively promoting the site in any way - there are only 8 links pointing to this site so far; if I were trying to get visitors I would have around 3000 links pointing to it by now, that isn't an exaggeration. :)
  11. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Thanks for clarifying, Mal.
  12. Cat New Member

    Thanks for clarifying Mal. :)
    I am an utter idiot when it comes to internet-techie things. I had now idea how one could seal off a link. I didn't intend to doubt your efforts, I was just wondering if and how it was done. You are doing a great job with this board Mal. If I question some things, it's because I want to make this a better place for everyone, it's not ment to put down your efforts. I hope I don't come across that way.

    I responded to your comment to Silmaril because I was under the impression you said that's its allright for people to start posting here. Like I am doing now, how's that for a dillemma? :roll:

    As far as I am concerned this thread can be locked.
  13. Electric_Man Templar

    I apologise to Silmaril for being rude, reading through it again my post was very abrupt. But I still think that we do not need to post topics in these forums. Just see my comments earlier in this thread and in the Sweepers section (and if you remove any rudeness when reading my posts I'd appreciate it :wink: )
  14. Silmaril New Member

    Thanks for the apologies, though they weren't really needed: it was my mistake.
  15. AuntyJangle Banned

    bollocks :cry: i knew i did something wrong
  16. fairyliquid New Member

    right well i think we can start this up considering we are only here now...

    I am almost finished my first week back at school, already have some coursework due tomorrow but instead of doing it am spending my time on here and having a rather spiffing time of it!
  17. sleepy_sarge New Member

    I'm sitting in my office being bored by a teleconference with Malaysia and browsing the new board.

    Had to get up early to make this happen and I need much more caffeine. If I thought nobody would ask me a question, I would wander off to the coffee machine.
  18. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I would have stayed up to see in the new board, but I have been ill for three days. I rang my doctor's surgery this morning, and they said I have to ring again in the afternoon to make an appointment.
  19. Roman_K New Member

    Sleepy, you should prepare an auto-reply system or something. Record some likely answers and have a computer play them when certain code words are mentoned, like your name and a topic in the same sentence.

    And I like your avatar. Been rummaging around Lspace, I presume? The fellow who made those pictures certainly knows what he is doing.

    edit: Spelling.
  20. Roman_K New Member

    Get well soon, Grace.
  21. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

  22. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Great idea! The old "Buzzword Bingo" sheets should provide the likely answers.

    I think the avatar rocks also. I credit it usually (must update the profile). I got it from the creator - Simon Lissaman's own site - Profile of Simon

    His Nobby Nobbs is also a favourite of mine. Maybe others would disagree - I guess Lissaman just visualises the characters the same as I do.
  23. Roman_K New Member

    Lissaman's Nobbs is not bad, but I must admit that Kidby's looks better to me. His picture of Vetinari is a true work of art, but I still wonder why he used that strange helmet and not the man's hair. Vimes is a bit weird.

    Fred Colon and Vetinari are his two stars when it comes to Discworld, in my opinion.
  24. Roman_K New Member

    Gah, how I missed this is beyond me. You're certainly a man after my own heart, Sleepy.
  25. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Errr you mean we have synergies in our mission and vision statements?

    I reckon so!
  26. Roman_K New Member

    Sounds about right, yes.

    Now then, I have no real news. I'm currently sitting here, splitting my time between MSN and collecting the BOFH episodes of the year 2000 in a printable file. I shall then continue with the five subsequent years.

    This might take some time.
  27. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Printable file? We can speed that up with no problem at all, just needs a tweak to your settings. What did you say your username was? >clickety< >click<......
  28. Roman_K New Member

    :D At last! Someone who transmits on my wavelength!

    edit: Who transmits.
  29. Tephlon Active Member

    I love BOFH. Evillllll!

    Although the first years are better written.
  30. Roman_K New Member

    Depends on what you consider as the first years. When did Simon write 'T'was A Night Before Christmas'?
  31. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    what is BOFH?
  32. Roman_K New Member

    BOFH stands for the Bastard Operator From Hell, the single best written series that I have ever read. It has a sort of cult follwing among techie types.

    This is the BOFH archive, which basically means all pre-2000 episodes. The rest in The Register: Sci/Tech News for the World, which became one of my regular haunts during the past two years.

    Begin reading, Om. You won't be sorry.
  33. Roman_K New Member

  34. sampanna New Member

    Oh hey, I'm back! I apologize for the previous rant, I was pretty irritable in that period .. too many pressures! But I'm happy now, I just defended my thesis, and the job scene looks really positive :D

    So, I humbly beg to be a part of this community again!
  35. Hsing Moderator

  36. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Welcome back, Sampanna! :)
  37. Delphine New Member

    Yes, welcome back Sampanna :)

    You're really FAR too good at robocoptor. It's so hard!
  38. sampanna New Member

    :) Thanks all!

    The secret to Robocopter is: play when you are drunk ;) I must take away Smiley's beer!
  39. Maljonic Administrator

    There could be something in that, Smiley drinks like a poet on payday! :)
  40. sampanna New Member

    Poets have pay days? :shock:
  41. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Welcome back Sampanna.

    Roman, thank you for that link. BOFH is very funny.
  42. QuothTheRaven New Member

    My first day of school.
    They made me write an essay.
    But who am I to complane. I was the one who asked to be put in honors.
  43. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Quoth, I like your sig!
  44. Ivan_the_terrible New Member

    Hi, friends, I'm back to boardania. :)
    Had a dreadful week - we are brokenly preparing everuthing for the forthcoming new season, going through changes in the board of directors, our western shareholders - C(E)ME - are increasing their press.

    Yesterday I was told that in October I'll be flying to Cannes, MIPCOM... :eek: :) :?
  45. chrispenycate New Member

    Worse than that, I fear (I've already done it twice this year, for the MIDEM and the festival du film) You'll be flying into Nice and overland to Cannes. At least no-one can expect me to do that or MIPTV this year- can they?
  46. sampanna New Member

    So what's wrong with flying into Cannes? I think any travel is good :)
  47. Ivan_the_terrible New Member

    Yes, surely. :)

    It won't be that funny. :) We have to hold out till October - the season will be realy harsh and many things depend on it, aslo we will have 10th anniversary of the channel in September - all the Moscow partners and majors will be here. :x
  48. Pepster New Member

    I'm back aswell, I've gotten quite a bit of my work in order so I've begun looking in on the boards again.

    Paint is surprisingly complex.
  49. sampanna New Member

    Watching paint dry is fascinating :p
  50. Hex New Member

    We got some of our new furniture today! I'm happy to say we are now the proud owners of a sofa, a comfy chair, and a new carpet for the kitchen. Also several bookshelves and things for my parents' room that I haven't been bothered to look at yet. :roll:

    This moving business isn't too bad, I've found.

    I also went to my new school and was photographed for a student ID and got a locker. I made a friend too, so luckily the whole new school experience won't be so bad!

    Other than that I have spent most of my time on msn conversing with my boyfriend. 4 thousand miles is too far away, but we're managing, though my mom has complained about me being on the computer for four hours straight. :oops:
  51. Hsing Moderator

    Well, she can hardly ask you to move around the globe with your parents and then complain about the way you deal with it... three words: try emotional blackmail. :p Just jesting.

    Good to hear though that you're relatively well.
  52. Andalusian New Member

    I'm glad things are going good for you in the US Hex!

    Last night was officially the best night of my life. Myself and a number of friends went to a party at another school and I am very proud of myself as I acheived a number of firsts. It was the first time I have actually danced well and not felt self-consious, first time I have been asked to dance by anyone (2 guys asked me) and the first time I have ever dirty danced with anyone! Oh, there was a big fight between a friend and a not-friend but as my Dad said, these dance things are usually equal parts dancing, fighting and snogging. Almost all of my friends got themselves boyfriends by the end of the night and I almost did. Apparently the guy I danced with really liked me but was too shy to ask me again. Doesn't matter, all the guys we hung out with are friends of our group so I can get his email and stuff. Out of all the nerds and normal people there, I managed to get the one with the eyeliner and black lipstick that looked like Brian Molko. Go me! 8)
  53. sampanna New Member

    Good on you Andalusian :)
  54. Saccharissa Stitcher

    The amount of injuries I have to deal with, when taking the population of the village into account, is verging on the ridiculous. under any other circumstances, I'd be as happy as a pig in the mud stitching people up but they are putting a huge strain on my swab and Fucidin Intertulle supplies and this is stressing me out.

    Hexie, Pepster, Andalusian, glad to hear from you :)
  55. Roman_K New Member

    Indeed he is. The Bastard is a master of all things nasty and lucrative. ;)

    Welcome back to all the returnees, who will hopefully stick around.

    Anyways, one week from now it's back to the ol'e uniform for me. In fact, I need to wash and stich some of it, something I should have done a year ago but have been postponing ever since I came back from boot camp. Three weeks of pacing around with a gun, looking menacing and bored.

    Yep, it's a soldier's life.
  56. Freya New Member

    If you have an excess of cotton wool and tape, carry out a midnight raid and turn them all into Michelin Man. At least they'll bounce next time. Alternatively, use a "Three free stitch-ups per year then it's BYO supplies." approach. That'll teach 'em.

    After eight weeks of travellig the globe with only a few days at home in between, my Hubbie is finally home..... for at least a fortnight anyway. :D
  57. Delphine New Member

    lol! i can just imagine a picturesque greek village populated by big cotton wool-wrapped people, walking stiffly about and bumping in to stuff.

    i have no news, apart from an uber paunful hangover complete with random bruises, memory holes and the desire to take my skin off and scrub my insides clean.

    free booze is never free. you pay with pain!

    now have a long car journey ahead. family function... i'm always hungover at these things. :|
  58. fairyliquid New Member

    Know the feeling! The thought of new schools is always the worst. The thought of having to go in and introduce yourself and give your life story in 2 seconds then meet more people and forget everyones name. Or be me and decide not to bother figuring out everyones name because you will probably just more anyway, then end up staying! (It gets quite embarasing, i would't recoment it)

    I am at my second week in a school full of people i need to remember the names of :? I've decided I am going to learn everyones names because if i don't I'll end up staying at this school for IB. Nothing much to say, finished and handed in :D all my IT coursework so I am a happy bunny
  59. Ivan_the_terrible New Member

    Nice to hear that you are doing fine, friends.

    (Andalusian - see, life is beautiful! ;) )

    I've seen Mila Yovovich the last week and talked to her agent (one that brought her in Ukraine) 8) . She came to the country of her childhood (was born in Kiev and lived here for 5 years)in order to take part in the anniversary of "Atrek"(international children camp in Crimea) and organiza a charitable organization.

    P.S. Been listening to "The Who" for all the day - it helps a lot at work.:) "Girl's eyes (butterflies)". :rolleyes:
  60. Tephlon Active Member

    Ah, I hadn't really seen the new ones. I thought he stopped writing in 2000. The later ones weren't as good.

    I'll read those when I have the time Thanks for the link!
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