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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Silmaril, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Sympathy to you and your family, Andalusian. It sounds like she was a beautiful person.
  2. mowgli New Member


    I'll light a memory candle for your aunt, when I get home, Andalusian.
  3. fairyliquid New Member

    Andalusian, your aunt sounds like an amazing person, I wish I could have had the honour of meeting her. My deepest condolences also.
  4. Toaf New Member

    Condolences, Andalusian. She must have been an amazing person to know.
  5. Trollmother New Member

    My condolences to you and your family.
  6. Maljonic Administrator

    I also hope that her heaven is as good as she expected, probably better I'm guessing. Sounds like she did a lot towards making the people around her feel that Earth was a nice place to be? :)
  7. Delphine New Member

    Yeah, I agree with Mal, it sounds like she benefited everyone who knew her. I'm sorry for your loss.
  8. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Andalusian, your Great Auntie sounds like a treasure. My great auntie Claire had to be hospitalized this week and she may have to go to a nursing home fifty miles away in the next county. My grandma has not lived farther then a few blocks away from her sister for the last 30 years, she lived with Grandma for nearly 15 years. Aunty Claire has Parkinson's, the same disease that took their brother Uncle Chet a few years ago. I hope I can take grandma to visit on my days off, I hope grandma has the strength to go, she is 90 years old and has been shrinking a bit lately, her bones are way too obvious these days.

    My mom came through her procedure fairly well but then she over did the weekend and she is feeling a little wobbly. We didn't get to take her home until after nine am. She got to watch a whole movie after breakfast. I got to read the newspaper in the waitingroom.

    Jon made it out to Washington state with his load of Arctic Cats, he had some snowmobiles and some 4 wheelers. He forgot to take his bedding and I didn't even notice until the second day. Suzy Homemaker is definately not my name.

    I planted an Austrian pine and Germanic Invasion bearded iris this afternoon, I don't know if this means anything or not. I also have bratwurst and sauerkraut in my fridge. I think I need to go to the Schwarzwald Inn and visit Jorg and Troy and Arlys and Karen. I used to cook there and I really like the noodles and this pork tips thing Jorg makes. It has just a light touch of curry,and the sauce is so smooth and the meat just melts in your mouth, maybe I'd better just cook my brats.
  9. mowgli New Member

    ...cook your brats?....

    Tamyra, I'm praying to Gods you don't mean what it sounds like you mean ;)
  10. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Tamyra, I don't think I understood all of the last paragraph, but I hope your mum and great-aunt feel better soon.
  11. Bradthewonderllama New Member

    Tamyra, I second Buzz's well wishes. And Mowgli, she was talking about that near pinnacle of human creation, German food.

    (The pinnacle being PA/Philly food)
  12. Roman_K New Member

    I third Buzz's well wishes.

    Also, the pinnacle of human creation is Israeli cuisine, which just shamelessly takes the cuisines of just about everyone else. We also open small stalls that sell said cuisines just about anywhere.

    Of that melting pot of food, the best is Moroccan probably. The wonders one can make with just a bit of dough...
  13. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I thought you were talking about American cuisine there, Roman. ;)
  14. Saccharissa Stitcher

    I fourth the well wishes.

    Israeli cuisine is not the pinnacle because it treats spaghetti bolognese with parmezane as a sin. The pinnacle is Mexican cuisine, although the morrocan chicken in Jamie Oliver's books is amazing as well.
  15. Roman_K New Member

    I wonder if they thought up burekas stands in the US yet...
  16. Saccharissa Stitcher

    "Burek" is a turkish word and means "filled". Bourekia in Greece are usually filled with pumkin cream and galaktobureko is pastry leaves with a mix of milk, sugar and semolina between them and the result is drenched in syrup...

    Damn, now I'm hungry.
  17. Bradthewonderllama New Member

    And yes Roman, there is Greek chow in the US. And teh streets are paved with cheese.
  18. Roman_K New Member

    The Israeli burekas resembles the Turkish burek more than anything else, but it has evolved far since then.

    And the paving explains the smell.
  19. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Relax, Mowgli, brats(pronounced brots) is just short for bratwurst. I don't have any brats of the kind you aren't supposed to cook. I wouldn't cook any anyway, tomorrow I am going to drive 25 miles one way so I can babysit my grand nephew while my mom goes bowling. His dad is going to be busy parching wild rice,and his mom is working out in the potato fields. Or at least that is the plan, today was her first day and I don't know if she will be up for the job or not.

    I guess Mom is feeling a little better. She's mad at my dad because he took his skidsteer loader out into the woods and got stuck, he got so stuck that my brother got his skidder stuck trying to get my dad's machine unstuck. A skidder is sort of a cross between a big tractor and a small bulldozer, they are made to drag trees out of the woods in lumbering operations. I hope the friend that brought his bulldozer over to help didn't get stuck.

    She had no idea what he was doing and he had to walk home which was no easy task for some one running on less then a quarter of normal cardiac function. He just can't seem to understand she doesn't want to lose him because he's doing something stupid that could have waited until he had someone to help him.

    I am not sure which cuisine is the best , I am partial to Mexican,but the owners of the best local Mexican restaurant used to come into the German/American restaurant I worked at almost every day. When I was out trucking with Jon we hardly ever got to have anything but truckstop food, I always tried to find some local specialty, but I never was brave enough to try the livermush that I found on the menus in the south.
  20. mowgli New Member


    (And thanks for clearing that up, Tamyra :) )
  21. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Tom Robbins rocks!

    My sister told me an interesting thing tonight. It turns out that some people set up a bear baiting station on my dad's property complete with a camera. Well one frame didn't show a bear, it showed a cougar.

    I knew we had cougar in Minnesota but in my mind they were up in the boundary waters or someplace a little wilder then my parent's backyard. I guess i live farther back in the sticks then I thought. :shock:
  22. Hsing Moderator


    The wildest things around here are those damn rats in our bedroom wall.
  23. fairyliquid New Member

    I'm worried, very worried. I have just had a few days of literally [i:eb9f21048c]no[/i:eb9f21048c] homework. Good? Not quite. I have also had a couple of days of teachers telling me about the essay we will start at the end of the week, and the project we will begin next week...not to mention the art final piece we should have started. Which means this little break is short lived and more trouble than it's worth.

    I have, however, been busy enough without the added homework to contend with. I ended up at a black eyed peas concert last night, which issurprising considering I don't actually like them :? 4 hours of terrible music by people who can't really sing all that brilliantly*, if at all, and an extra 40 - yes 40 - minutes of them bragging about what instruments each person on stage could play and how well. We were waiting for them to mention the recorder the back-up vocalist learnt playing when she was 10 but gave up after 6 months.

    I also went on a 2 hour walk today (in preperation for a trip to korea hicking at half-term), Have been chief cook and bottle washer for the past week (mother dearest is setting up number 1 son for uni and has left father and number 1 daughter to fend for themsleves), and have hockey to look forward to tomorrow (this is not sarcasm, i am looking forward to it). Now as the end of the week looms (which is when all my activities pick up) I am now looking forward to lots more work, tests, and procrastination.

    In short(ish) I'm pleasantly busy and dodging looking for a final idea for art and life seems tragically boring. I also don't think this post makes much sense, so have fun trying to follow it...

    *apologies to anyone who does
  24. Hex New Member

    *Hugs Fairyliquid*

    Poor you! The Black-eyed Peas aren't terrible, but I would never go to their concert. I prefer hard rock, or mellow indie. Quite a contrast, but thats me. Confusing.

    Not much news to report except that last friday was my eight month no-more-self-harm anniversary *parties* and that the homecoming dance is next friday. Fun. My dress is all pretty :D
  25. TamyraMcG Active Member

    The babysitting was fun, I took him out to the rice shed for a while, he really likes being around people and he watched everything his dad was doing like a hawk. He's still a baby(8-1/2 months) but the little kid is starting to be a bigger part of who he is. He's starting to pull up on furniture and is practicing getting back down, he'd much rather be standing then sitting, and he is so quick and strong. His laugh is one of the best things I've ever heard.

    My mom showed me her bowling score, this was her first time bowling this season, so its going to be the target for her all season. Last year she averaged around a 100, today her average was 154. She is feeling the pressure already. :lol:

    When I left the farm there were weather reports about the Twin Cities where my brother lives, when I got home and turned my TV on I heard that several homes in his town had been blown down. He just reshingled his roof this spring, so I hope his home didn't get hit too hard. I am sure they were without power for a while.

    Then I stumbled on to MSNBC and the JetBlue landing, I was on the phone with my husband while the plane touched down. I was pretty relieved along with a big chunk of the world when that plane slowed to a stop safe on the ground, but the very next thing they were talking about is this new hurricane. Rita is even worse right now then Katrina was, it may weaken but it is so strong now that it doesn't really have time to dissapate enough to not be a devastaing storm. It has been an emotional night. There is plenty to pray about.
  26. Hex New Member

    I'm going to be in Boston during my birthday!!

    My Dad is going to take me to Boston to look at a few Universities on the 28th of October, since I have the 31st and the 1st of November off school *sweet*
    So we'll look at Northeastern U, Boston U and Emerson College, in that order.

    So, yeah. That monday is my birthday. Special dinner I assume. :D

    I think my Dad is getting me my own laptop *12 inch ibook*
    I hope so!

    College applications... eek... a very scary process I must say...

    Anyways, I'm in Civics right now but the online course is all screwed up so I can't work. Oh well. Now I can randomly surf the net! Yippee!
  27. Dane New Member

    I have just been dumped by the two girls i truely love. I haven't never met them and I'm crying over them. this is the single worst feeling i have ever had the mis pleasure of feeling. i did something wrong, it was a complete accident and I really didn't have any choice over what happend. It was a complet acident. now they have swapped stories and twisted the truth. I was the bad guy to begin but they made me out to be so much worse than i am. They have now both told me they hate me and never want to talk to them again for ####### them around. I am so sorry right now. i just can't fathom whats happend...
  28. QuothTheRaven New Member

    My sympathies to you.
  29. Dane New Member

    Why sympathise? this is all my fault. I'm trying so hard to fix this and they wont listen. I have done way to much damage to claw back from. I am the bad guy here... However now one of my friends has got this info and is trying to blackmail me with it. this is so ####.
  30. Marcia Executive Onion

    If you've never met them, how could you have done something wrong to them ?
  31. Dane New Member

    The wonders of MSN. We talked and the words's very complicated. But i am so sorry.

    you don't need to meet someone to love them
  32. Rockycog New Member

    How come by two girls? By dumped do you mean you were therefore "going out" with one of them, both of them? I am confused.

    I am also sorry you are feeling down, even if you say it is your fault and I hope can fix whatever it is that happened, so the world is right for you once more.
  33. Andalusian New Member

    Arr, teenage heartbreak. So cute.
    Take it from me, this isn't the end of the world and there are always more fish in the sea. So there is no point moping about like a nasty little emo because it isn't going to solve anything. Good luck with patching things up with one or both of the girls.
  34. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Learn from it, man. If you 'love' someone you don't mess them around, two girls implies that whatever your relationship with them was, you weren't completely honest with them. Learn from this mistake.

    Hope you can sort something out, though.
  35. Delphine New Member

    In the next 5 days I have: 3 birthdays to buy for/attend (one of which will last two days) and 2 house moves. One of which is by public transport. :(

    I have to divide all my wordly belongs by 2, and reduce the stuff I need for uni down untill it all fits in managable sized luggage. So I can get it all on a fucking bus.

    there's no room for: a duvet, any kind of kitchen ware, obviously no CD player, so no CDs... Just books, clothes, toiletries, laptop. It's like I'm packing for a week away. but hopefully my mum can bring some other stuff up to me in a few weeks or so. So it's not that bad.

    I would of course buy some cheapo stuff to last me a few weeks. If I had any money. but my student loan's going to be about a month late. I got paid today, but aforementioned birthdays will easily take care of that.

    Back to the rice/pasta/gravy diet of my first year, I think.

    Dammit, moaning is so unsatisfying when you can't blame someone else.
  36. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Blame Doors?
  37. Dane New Member

    Unfortunatly i don't think there will even be a sea for me to try to look for fish in. They have told everyone i know that I'm a two timeing, manipulating #######, which in the circumstances is kinda correct. but no one will let me get my side of the story in, they have taken my words and twisted them and now my "friend" has been manipulating the situation to get at me, hes doing a very good job of it aswell.

    I think that the only female intereaction i will get for the next year will be slapps. however I'm moving in with my mum at the end of school to go to college. Hopefully there will be people that haven't heard of this god awfull story about me in college.

    GOD DAMN MY STUPIDITY, they think that i was trying to play them into geting at eachother over me. damnit
  38. fairyliquid New Member

    Dabe: Take a deep breath. In a few months the whole scenario will be a vague recollection of some annoying prick that was a bit of an idiot once, and everyone will turn and go 'why were we making such a big deal of it?' It's not the end of the world.

    Delphine: good luck starting Uni, just hope you can find some nice friends to lend you a couple of CDs until yours find there way over :eek:

    I need sleep, lots of sleep. I'm definitely not used to this 12 hour day at school scenario. I'm used to lots of time to sit around procrastinating. Two terms of maddening activities, a term of exams and a summer moving. Slap me if I ever evem mention boredom.
  39. Dane New Member

    ok, I'm just gonna stop posting about this.

    good luck with Uni Delphine and you can sleep at the weekend. I do...useually untill 11 :D
  40. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Meh... you cheated on two people you haven't actually met yet? How exactly did you cheat? From what I remember you had a girlfriend in real time not that long ago so this is only a new thing? So from what it seems you've 'cheated' on to two people you haven't actually met and haven't known for that long a time? Is that right?

    I'm not knocking internet relationships- we know here they work- but I do think that *until* you've met up in real life you can't have a real idea of what there like. Until you know they're the same people off-line as they are on-line.

    Have you seen what these girls look like? Do you know you'd find them pysically attractive as well as personality... becuase that plays a big part.

    Did you make a promise to any of them not to have any other 'on-line' relations?

    Really, It sounds like to need to get some perspective on how bad the stitation really *is* rather than on how bad it *feels*.
  41. Dane New Member

    This is way to complicated to explain. "Cheat" was the word they used. I never went out with either of them although i and both of them said that if we were closer we would go out.

    I have seen them, they are...VERY attractive people and for some reason they think I'm attractive as well :?: I have spoken to both of them on web cam and on the phone.
  42. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Meh, if you've never said you'd go out with them only that you'd like to go out with them you can't 'cheat' on them. There is nothing for you to 'cheat' on. Sounds like they're getting upset over nothing.
  43. Dane New Member

    That is what is happening, but their so upset that they are telling everyone EVERYONE how bad this is. they don't want to speak to me or even rememer me and over nothing. a relationship that never would have happend anyway.

    but now everyone on the forums this was happening on is against me. they all view me as the big bad ogre. this hurts to much and i can only see half of what i've done wrong
  44. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Forget about it. Let it calm down, then say your side. If the others can't see whats what then they're retards and you're probably better off being distanced from can catch it you know.
  45. Dane New Member

    they are retarded, they wont listen. I have told them the undeniable truth and they threw it in my face and called my a liar. they have become deluded. they think that this situation was so much more than it ever was. they refuse to belive me because i love them. I do love them but they can't see it, they think it was all intentional. i hate them so much right now... why can't they see? why are they so against me? why the hell are women such bastards!
  46. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I disagree with you, Damien. There is an element of trust involved. An online relationship can be just as complex as an offline one and is equally as real. If you'd been seeing a girl regularly, and you both felt strongly about each other, and presumably had expressed that, she's be pretty pissed off to find out you'd been doing exactly the same thing with another girl, even if you'd never explicitly said you wouldn't. This is no different.

    I do agree with this, though.

    Dane, I know it feels awful right now, but it will get better. And women are not all 'bastards'; just as even a two-timing young man, who is dishonest with people he claims to love, is not necessarily all bad. Take a deep breath and calm down. Focus your attention on something different for now.
  47. Dane New Member

    Your right and i will. I have now sorted it out with one of them but the other is being stubborn :cry: she refuses to listen to what i say and said that i was lieing when i tried to explain *sigh* WIMIN. anyway I take back my previouse comment about women being bastards, if she can forgive me then you cant be all bad ;)
  48. Hex New Member

    Good luck sorting the rest of it out Dane. Teenage relationships are a realy pain in the ass. Bane of my life for the last four years.
    I salute you for keeping it together.

    So, I'm all ready to go off to dinner with my friends, and after that, we're off to school to go to the homecoming dance. How exciting!
    I may not have a date *waves across the atlantic ocean to Charles :( * but I will be taking lots of photos for his benefit.
    It'll be fun. But then I have to wake up and go to my volunteer job.
    No rest for the wicked I supose :D
  49. QuothTheRaven New Member

    I have been sleep deprived for an the last two weeks, but now, when I finally get a chance to get a full nights sleep, I have insonia.
  50. Dane New Member

    Yay, all sorted. women aren't evil afterall :D

    have fun at the homecomeing dance hex, damn volunteer jobs you don't even paid for those. :(

    I'm sure you'll get sleep tonight quoth.

    what is a homecoming dance anyway?

    Well I'm off to see a movie and go bowling and possibly go to a resturant after. problem is I have to go with my mum and step dad :( but fun shall be had nonetheless
  51. Hex New Member

    I don't even know myself just what a homecoming dance is. :oops:

    But it was fun. Nine of us went out to dinner beforehand, which I think was the best part of it.
    First off, the music. nearly all rap. Good for a dance, but not if listening to too much rap gives you a headache.
    Then there was the dancing. Some of it was just plain indecent. It was like these kids were humping eachother!
    And then my friend got upset because this guy she likes blew her off.
    So then we all were bored and went home. Then I slept.

    But hey, at least the dress was pretty!
  52. mowgli New Member

    [quote:68e7826793="Hex"]I don't even know myself just what a homecoming dance is. :oops:


    :) I got curious myself - I should know, since I live here... - so I asked my verrry worldly younger brother, who promptly directed me to

    Hex, you have all-rap homecoming dances in Nebraska??!!! (Wow, of all places... :) )

    I had a mildly surreal experience today :p . I went with my grandmother to a Boris Moiseyev concert at a local Jewish Community Center. (Those who know Boris Moiseyev are probably laughing already). He is... well... imagine Elton John, only WAY more flamboyant and with a troupe of seriously erotic (and often homoerotic) backup dancers, singing about free love and sexual revolution. Only I'm at a JCC, which is where families go together for culture and swimming lessons. And I'm watching a dance number so racy, I just want to hide under my chair. And I'm surrounded by grandmothers. And they're CHEERING!!!


    ... I now have a WAY better opinion of the Northeast Philadelphia retiree contingent!
  53. TamyraMcG Active Member

    This week I heard on the news about a homecoming accident at Cameron, Wisconsin. I'm not sure if it happened after or before the parade but a couple of girls fell out of the back of the decorated pickup truck they had been riding, one girl was killed by the fall, the other was seriously hurt, I haven't heard if she is going to be okay or not, Hurricane Rita has taken precedence I guess. They cancelled the rest of the planned activities. Moral of the story, it canhappen to kids.
  54. fairyliquid New Member

    yay, I just booked tickets for an Elaine Paige concert next month!!

    can't wait :D

    Has to beat the Black Eyed Peas and Avril Lavigne (this is why you dont listen to friends say, 'it'll be a laugh'...though we were keeping an eye out for her little sis)
  55. Delphine New Member

    Some celestial arsehole is playing games with me. I was supposed to be going back to uni today, but I'm really ill. Think it's flu. I've got absolutely no energy and had a fever last night... Just standing up makes my head spin like crazy. So my mum is going to take me back on wednesday. The timing is appalling. I've got so much to do and can't do any of it. :(
  56. sampanna New Member

    Hope you get better soon Delphine! Falling ill sucks, though falling ill at home is much better than falling ill when you are living alone :)

    Don't worry about the things to do for the moment .. take your mind off things and get some rest .. that should get you back on your feet faster.

    Take care!
  57. Delphine New Member

    Thanks Sam... it's just crap feeling so useless.

    -insert "not much of a change" joke- ;)
  58. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Not that it matters at all now, but it just interests me. Your right that there is no real difference between on-line or off-line relationships, I think it was more the stage that they where at. From what I could tell Dane was never 'seening' any of them, he seemed to say 'if circumstances where different (e.g they lived nearer) I would like to date you' which was true. But he wasn't actually going out with them, so they had no claim to exclusivitity. He couldn't of cheated on them because they had not entered any form of relationship for him to break or cheat. Obviously, If you like someone at think they things are going to go somewhere, and you find out that the person you like has more options on their dance card than just you, your going to be upset, but which is fair enough, but you'd be in the wrong (in my book) to blame the person for liking more than one person. Of course, It all depends on what stage the relationship is in, has long as your not at a stage that entails or implies excluestivity you can't be mad at someone for not being exclusive. From what I can tell, in this case, they where at friends who'd admitted that there was an attraction- I don't think this would means the person has to be exclusive.

    Sorry Dane for going on about you life like this. I'm glad it's all sorted now.
  59. chrisjordan New Member

    I didn't know snailpeople could get the flu.

    Still, I hope you're better soon, Ella.
  60. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I just heard that the second girl from Cameron, WI has been upgraded to fair condition. I hope that means she will end up being okay.

    Mom forwarded an e-mail from a cousin who lives in Belgium, he and his family have been having a lot of health issues but it sure was nice he could finally get back in touch with the MN-DeWandelers as he calls us. He is a namesake of my great grandfather, Rene, and is close to my father's age. The family tree is pretty small considering that great great grandpa Eduard was the eldest of 12 kids. :shock:

    My sister-in- law sent news about the big storm that hit their town last week. they lost a tree in front of their house and a neighbors tree landed on top of their little yard shed and took out their cable TV, but the new roof held up. :eek: There were tornadoes just blocks away from them and a guy was killed by a falling tree trying to get from the car to the house. My brother was out on his motorcycle that evening, I feel lucky he didn't get hurt.
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