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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Silmaril, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. IgorMina New Member

    Thanks Katcal! :)
    *looks at unexploded potato*
    Oooh! I've not seen one of these in a long time - thanks to my slightly dodgy cooking skills I'm used to seeing most food in bits and splattered against the ceiling/microwave/inside of the oven.. ;)
    *considers keeping the potato and treasuring it for ever and ever and ever*:bunny:

    *lobs it into the midst of the mêlée where it explodes spectacularly* :pirate:
  2. mazekin Member

    Is anyone else getting hungry for mashed potato?...
  3. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Actually, I got such a craving for it that we had home made mash for dinner yesterday. Thank god we didn't start lobbing around caviar...
  4. sampanna New Member

    Bah, typed a really long message and system crashed!

    Been a really long time since I was online here - can't login from work anymore, and home PC is on the blink (hence the crash!)

    So my news is that I will be visiting California this weekend, and staying there for about two months. Anyone from the board around that area?

    Also, I managed to get one week off while I'm there, and my wife will be joining me. Any suggestions for a 6 day holiday in that area? I can drive around, but wouldn't mind doing something like take a train to Yosemite/Grand Canyon and then drive back.
  5. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Yay... after spending a week or two messing about with a program that uses voice phonemes, (phenomes or pherenomes or whatever they're called), I've finally managed to get my PC to sing with a fairly realistic sounding human voice. Our singer's days are numbered.
  6. Hsing Moderator

    Hey, Sampanna! Nice to "see" you once in a while.

    In short, in May, I was sick; first a virus flu (mean trip!), then slap cheeks, then a normal household flu. My daughter also had the slapcheeks. Yay! In June, I did a lot of proof reading, sold some photos, did some guiding (and in English, too!), took care of kid, pet and household, found half of my classmates, a quarter of my uni friends and quite a lot of you on facebook and relished in that, and decorated my balcony with plants who are now black with lice. Ugh!
  7. sampanna New Member

    I never heard of slapcheeks before! Is it painful? Glad you and your daughter are ok now.
  8. Hsing Moderator

    I think it's officially called the fifth disease, or something like that... also,
    The disease is also referred to as slapped cheek syndrome, slapcheek, slap face or slapped face. [/WIKI]

    Somehow I stuck with slapcheeks because I got stuck with them. :smile:
  9. spiky Bar Wench

    Glad to hear your all better now and that your finding things to keep you busy in the meantime Hsing :) Even if it is slapping your cheeks for some reason or do you just look like this :redface:?

    Myself, after recovering from jetlag, and doing exam marking I then got the hubby's cold. Its still hanging on which is a bugger. On the upside we go to Bali next week for the brother-in-law's wedding. Surf, sand and cocktails in coconuts for 10 days, yay.

    Oh and I have set up facebook but its in development stages and blocked unless I make you my friend at the moment. When I get around to doing something with it I'll let you know.
  10. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Ba should probably mention that he's passed his Arabic course.
  11. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    مبروك, تقديم التهاني, تهنئة, تهاني

    I hope that says Congratulations (online translator) and not something like "Waiter, bring me a camel turd sandwich" :D
  12. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    Our school probably has swineflu...

    But we still have to go.:sad:
  13. Bradthewonderllama New Member

    Ba, congrats. Spiky, feel better and enjoy Bali (-: Hsing, I'm glad that you're feeling better. Joculator - you have a singer? And Sampanna, maybe Ba could suggest some nice places to visit.

    I'm still in Iraq - winding down the tour looking forward to getting home and meeting the kid. I actually have a day "off" back at the main base - allowing me 'net in my room (which the US Army spells CHU). Other than that, not a lot. Groundhog day * 365 pretty much.
  14. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I actually got away from my house and to CONvergence and back home again. It was wonderful to be there again and see the cool geek kids. Adam stayed in Bemidji so he could manage a demonstration against he way the city has been dealing with homeless people. but Virgin mobile kept us in touch. I didn't get to see everyone I was hoping to but it is hard to find one person in a crowd of thousands, but I did spend a bit of time at Krushenko's with the grown ups. (Actually they only look grown up, they really are just geek kids like everyone else). All in all I was very happy with this convention and I plan on going back next year, already paid for my ticket. Tomorrow I'm back to work.

    Yeah Ba! and Hi Sampanna! and hang in there Brad! good to see the potato war has caused only a few casualties. And DeathofRats, I think this swineflu is mostly no worse than the usual strains, so you are likely only to feel like you want to die if you get it, and hopefully that feeling won't last more thana day or two if you doi get it, just wash your hands when ever you need to and keep up your immunity. Good luck.
  15. peapod_j New Member

    I got really good news today. I got a letter. It was from a university I had applied to. It said I have a unconditonal acceptance. I'm going to university to study Scottish History. I will be on the Isle of Lews. I am over the moon. Can't wait to go.
  16. DEATHOFRATS New Member


    At the mo I'm trying to learn the jazz song "I wish I knew how it would feel to be free". It's really bloody difficult. Awesome song, though. :)
  17. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I'm sore and tired, yesterday we cleaned the plant and that was on top of a long weekend at a classic rock festival, Moondance Jam and the Cass Lake Ribfest( Adam and I drug ourselves out of bed at 2 pm so we could get there in time for Adam to take a few pictures and for us to sample some of the food- I had a wild rice brat and corn on the cob,Adam had ribs). Moondance was so much fun, we danced when ever the music was right, I was blown away more then a few times by the passion those guys and gals have for the music. Kansas played "Dust in the Wind" like they hadn't done it several thousand times before, it sounded great. Journey made me so happy, and the drummer from Azia was incredible. the first two nights were cold, down into the forties Fahrenheit, it didn't feel like July at all, and sort of damp too, but Saturday the sun came out and I had to buy a cowgirl hat to keep from totally frying my face off.
  18. mazekin Member

    I am the proud owner of a brand new nephew!:smile: Fionn was born this afternoon after an emergency c-section, but he's big and beautiful! First grandchild on both sides.


  19. spiky Bar Wench

    awwwww what a cutie :)

    I'm back from my nice vacation to the tropics and am freezing my arse off and had to teach all day. So I'm completely exhausted and need a holiday.
  20. peapod_j New Member

    Passed my driving test today. The forth time is the charm.
  21. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Congratulations. Independent travel, if you can beg, steal or borrow the family car over the weekend.

    I hope 'the charm' wasn't due to an overly short hemline? But hell, it worked for my cousin Derek :D
  22. mazekin Member

    This probably means nothing to you guys unless you are uber friendly with a diabetic, but I am going to crow anyhow. My HbA1c test came out at 5.7! 5.7! (That's a fantastic result by the way) and it means that I am in perfect control of my 'little problem' as my sister likes to call it. It also means that my blood sugar meter was completely banjaxed as I've been getting high readings for the past few months and thought I was in a little bit of trouble. So I have a swanky new meter with a pretty purple case, and I got a handshake from a handsome doctor with a very nice Italian accent. After last week when I got a virus and was on the verge of being admitted to hospital, this is very good news indeed. I'm a very, very happy camper!:D

    Also, my nephew is growing big and strong after giving us a bit of a scare when he was only 2 days old. He couldn't keep his feeds down and lost too much weight and became dehydrated. Poor wee lad ended up on a drip for a few days. But he's ok now and looking great!...and like our side of the family, not his fathers...:biggrin::tongue:

  23. mazekin Member

    I have nothing to say, mainly because I posted in the wrong thread. Oops.
  24. spiky Bar Wench

    Hands Maze some caffeine to help her through the rest of the day...

    I also have no particular news. Should I start a thread for Member's Non News?
  25. redneck New Member

    I'll post some news. I got cast in a indi-film. I'm the bad guys' bad guy, so bad the bad guys are afraid of me. Kind of a Kill Bill motif with me being the Bill character. During one shoot I got my lip busted, almost got my nose busted, and think I broke my foot. I've still got two more scenes to shoot, but thankfully they are not action scenes. I just have to shoot a guy in the head. Multiple times. I kinda like it.

    I also got cast in a play, The Mouse that Roared. Just had the read through tonight and it looks like it will be great fun.

    Finally got the dump truck fixed after working on it for over a month. I was beginning to think about just setting it on fire and toasting some marsh mallows.
  26. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Yay, go you!
  27. mazekin Member

    Oh, to be you for a day...or two scenes of a movie:D
  28. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Don't they have stunt doubles for that kind of thing?
    Good luck on that. I'm trying to remember the original 1959 version. It was hilarious. Peter Sellers playing two parts* has made it a classic.

    *Actually, I think it might have been three.
  29. jaccairn New Member

    Good luck with the filming and theatre Redneck. Is the film likely to get much of a release?

    I'm going to see Chun Yi - The legend of KungFu on Saturday. Mum rang me last night to say that she'd seen it on Breakfast TV and fancied going and could I look up the availability. I find out it's only on until Sunday! managed though to get 2 stalls tickets at 50% off though.
  30. redneck New Member

    Joc, I was the stunt double. And Sellers played three parts. Both sides of the love interest, Tully Bascombe and Gloriana the 12th, and my character, Count Mountjoy.

    jac, the release will be very small. The film company is a small and local company, Falconcreek entertainment.

    I've not heard of Chun Yi, is it a stage show or movie?
  31. jaccairn New Member

  32. TheJackal Member

    Passed all my accounting exams :) Can't believe it because was sure I'd failed at least 1, if not 2! Only my finals left next year, then I'm qualified!
  33. Maljonic Administrator

    Well done, that's great. Marcia's sister is an accountant, she's taking a test to be a Notary Public now.
  34. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Technically Adam broke up with me this weekend, but until I actually sleep with someone else I can still sleep with him from time to time, that is what he told me tonight. I think I'll have to get right on that.( Maybe I should have taken that nice drunk guy's offer the other night?)
  35. spiky Bar Wench

    Sounds like he's a stupid head. I mean what kind of offer is that? pffft... I'm pissed off for you Tam.
  36. Hsing Moderator

    Seconded. Douche.
  37. randywine Member

    What a guy!
    Shake the dust of that arsehole off your boots and be glad to be rid of him.

    In my humble opinion.

  38. mazekin Member

    Definately what they said! He doesn't deserve you hun.
  39. TamyraMcG Active Member

    He is certainly making it easier for me to get over him. He called me with the news that his cat got sprayed by a skunk, one more reason for me to stay away.
  40. spiky Bar Wench

    Ah karma is a woman :)
  41. randywine Member


    Meanwhile, in the cavern of lost hope,
    1. Server manager complains that he did not know about intended release as his email is playing up and no one told him directly.
    2. I point out this morning that as he sits 6 feet from me, 8 feet from the developer, and about 16 feet from the QA team that there is no way he could not have know about it and that he should be responsible enough to ensure that he has a working knowledge of what is going on as we dont have time to spoon feed him information.
    3. Server manager explains that it his not his responsibility to talk to people (I kid not) as he is 'too busy' and that everyone should send him emails with all the latest information. And he did hear about the release but didnt 'Know' about it has he had not been 'told'.
    4. I point out that his theory is flawed, as he was sent the emails, but he did not get the original information as his email was 'playing up'. But nonetheless should still be responsible enough to be aware of what everyone is doing - we are not a big company. That none of us can just sit and wait to be told stuff.
    5. Server manager says that I cannot use the fact that his email wasent working to tell him to do such an illogical thing as talk to people, even though he has used the same fact to explain his ignornace of release.
    6. Randy starts grinding teeth and kills him*.

    Ah... Better now.



    *Not fully, just killed him a little.
  42. mazekin Member

    Randy darling, I'll impart to you a little bit of wisdom that has gotten me through 8 years of working with/for people with more letters after their names than are contained in the alphabet and probably cannot work a remote control for the TV. They are all idiots. External customers or internal employees. Every single last one of them.
    Once you learn to understand this fact, and repeat it several times a day, it all gets so much easier on the stress levels...:wink:
  43. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    I provide admin support for academics in a university course.

    Can I get this emblazened as a mantra to go on my compliment slips?
  44. mazekin Member

    If I can have it presented to me as a sign for my desk by some of the people I've trained, then of course you can put it on your compliment slips! It was the first thing I told every last one of them when training began. They didn't know me from Adam. They thought I was nuts...they learned real fast...
  45. spiky Bar Wench

    I would say 'hey!' and be all offended but I have to put my hand up to being an idiot academic... my only consolation in life is that I'm far from the worst of my colleagues and can find my own arse on occassion I just sometimes forget that I'm supposed to. I have colleagues need an admin person sitting at their desk to do all the admin the academic is suppposed to do themselves.
  46. randywine Member

    Thanks Maze, so right your are.


  47. peapod_j New Member

    The same goes for most car drivers in the Scottish Borders. Just because I have a little car does not mean they have right of way when they are overtaking a broken down bus on there side of the road at a stupid speed and making me do an emergency stop and hurting my back in the process. They then proceed to make gestures as if it was my fault. I hate 4X4 drivers in the Borders.

    On a good note I got reassessed for my dyslexia today. It cost a lot of money but well worth it. I am severely dyslexic but highly intelligent in the top 2.5% of the population but we already know that. This means I can now get my special funding for University started.
  48. randywine Member

    Good on you Peapod.

    I don't envy your Dyslexia, but I would love to be able to describe myself as 'Highly Intelligent' :D.

  49. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I have just found out that a portion of the railway track I travel on every day collapsed yesterday evening, about the time I would have been on it if I had taken my usual train, long live early finishing fridays... There was no train accident which is a good and quite surprising thing, but it will mean the track will be closed for a good 3 months while they repair it, and as usual, the wonderfully efficient(!) replacement bus services won't be serving my station. So I'm not quite sure how I'll be getting to work for the next few months, this could be... interesting.
  50. spiky Bar Wench

    Bugger Kat... and bugger public transport.

    No big news but I get to go shopping which is always fun even if its for gps units... Although I'm hanging for the Unseen Academicals to be released so I can spend my birthday voucher on it... I wish it would hurry up already.
  51. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Just found a pic of the damaged bridge... ouch!

  52. spiky Bar Wench

    This looks like a case of when bridges attack... as such I vote that all bridges be watched constantly in case of secret plots of rebellion and terrorism. They just can't be trusted.
  53. randywine Member

    Ah Kat, The things people do to avoid going to work.

  54. Hsing Moderator

    @Randy: *lol*

    Here? Well, a lot has been going on, but I shall share just this little unfinished anecdote... The cat's been missing for three nights now, damn animal. I should have known... she came home smelling strange, like cigarette smoke and a strange aftershave (no really, she did!), and started staying away for the occasional night. Then I heard this song on the radio, after having had another sleepless worried night over the stupid thing, and it went, "5 o'clock in the morning, you ain't home... I can't help thinking that's strange..." Realization hit me like a brick into the face. The cat's been cheating!

    But seriously? I want her back. Now. :sad: I went looking for her two nights in a row, and I'm worried she's either been "adopted" by a well meaning family because she's well fed, but looking horribly scrawny by nature*, or she's sitting in some cellar, slowly being killed by curiosity...

    Also, I fell in love with facebook. Who would have thought.

    *She looks like the cat on the Coraline movie posters.
  55. spiky Bar Wench

    Poor Hsing. Our neighbours cat cheats with us all the time...Now that they've got two, both of them are walking out at our house everyday. Damn hussies.

    I'm trying a new Moroccan chicken casserole which isn't going very well. I hate it when they want you to stuff bits of meat and everything falls out in the cooking.
  56. peapod_j New Member

    Cats are like that. When we lived in Wales there was this cat that went to 3 difrent houses. The only reson they found out was that one of the so called "owners" put a coller on it. The resulting fallout was halarious.

    Well I'm off to uni tomorow and I'm sacred, nervous and exited. The induction was good I met a guy but I want to be friends first and take it slow. I don't want to rush in head first like I did last time.

    Will up date when I'm an offical Univeristy studant at UHI.
  57. Hsing Moderator

    Well, we're still looking for her, in a completely non humourous way. A cat anserwed our calls just an hour ago, but it was from a fenced area - and it was far too loud around us to be able to hear anything! Damn. We're going back tonight, because it really sounded like a cat in need... I wonder how many years I'll get... *sigh* the things people do for pets. There's no way to contact the owner, either!
    Funny thing, the neighbours want to come help me, with a ladder, and as a watchout - they're all for me breaking the law. Must be having spent most of their life under a regime where you couldn't basically live without breaking some laws anyway... All these good and decent people here hide a mischievous streak if you get to know them.
  58. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I am back with Adam, he was too hard to turn away from. He has been very careful of me since we got back together. I don't know if I can be happy for ever like this, but I am happy enough for now. And I had my dog back with me for a couple of weeks, though his stepdogmom picked him up yesterday. He seemed a little conflicted, but I know he was happy to go home with her. He'd been very brave the day before out at my parent's place, he'd chased a bear out of the yard, my four year old nephew was the only one who actually witnessed it but he was talking on the phone to his "other" grandparents at the time and there was no reason to think he'd made a story up, and heaven knows there are bears around there. And I have a new cat,the name is Martha for now until I have proof that it shouldn't really be Marty. Bob and Dave haven't made much fuss, hopefully Cat won't either.I took the kitten , it is about two months old, out to the farm in case their Sylvester took a liking to it, his co-cat Tweety was just hit by a car an month or so ago, but there was no bonding and she wasn't a big hit with anybody out there. So I brought her home and it seems like (s)he's my cat. The only fly in the ointment is Albert's stepdogmom sort of wanted to keep her too, and my ex brought it to me while she was out of town... I'm sensing trouble in Paradise there.
  59. TamyraMcG Active Member

    So the cat is a Marty after all, he especially likes to sleep on my face, I am trying to discourage this.

    My dad had about $10,000 worth of wild rice stolen from the rice shed on Wednesday night, imagine stealing from a disabled man. The thieves parked on a field away from the house and carried the bagged rice to the car through the woods. They found where the car bottomed out on the way out. Rex didn't even bark, my sister figures it was because he was an underdog. I think it is possible he knew the thieves. This was a pretty good season before the robbery, they were getting a nice bunch of rice, and Dad was just getting back on his feet (literally) since he broke his foot earlier this summer. He has had help but still he was putting a whole lot of his energy into the rice shed this year, and with his overall health, we never know if he'll be able to do the rice next year. I would hate to have this mar the tradition the family has working with wild rice.
  60. mazekin Member

    That completely sucks about the rice, Tamyra. I hope they catch the buggers!

    We had good news during the week. My dad's blood results have improved enough that he no longer needs to visit the Dialysis clinic. It's given him a new lease of life! And we find out how they are going to treat the loss of sight in his eye tomorrow, so hopefully things might be back on track for him in a few months :smile:
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