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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Joculator, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    I can't think of a better way to spend a damp Saturday morning than doing some tidying up.
    It's amazing what you can find. Here are ten objects that have nothing whatsoever to do with Grand Opera. See if you can identify them.
    As always, I've removed any colour clues... gnh, gnh, gnh!

    Answers next Sunday.

    1 - [IMG]

    2 - [IMG]

    3 - [IMG]

    4 - [IMG]

    5 - [IMG]

    6 - [IMG]

    7 - [IMG]

    8 - [IMG]

    9 - [IMG]

    10 - [IMG]

    You can either post your answers below and possibly give other members some help with their guesses or you can just check back next Sunday and lie about how well you did. :D

    As Randywine has set the precedent for these quick quizzes and I've used up all my money, I cannot afford a major prize this week. So every entrant can download this photograph of a sponge microphone... ideal for those karaoke sessions in the shower. :lol:

  2. redneck New Member

    1. Stapler
    2. Tweezers
    3. Tape measure
    4. Harmonica
    5. A quick clip attachment for something. Like maybe a cell phone belt clip.
    6. no clue at all. Can't even guess.
    7. Shock
    8. Drain cover
    9. Waffle Iron
    10. Picture frame

    Good one, Joc.
  3. jaccairn New Member

    1. Stapler
    2. tweezers
    3. seat belt
    4. train carriage
    5. pencil sharpener
    6. press stud fastener
    7. exhaust
    8. mincer
    9. nibbles dish (divided into 4 quarters)
    10. flan dish

    Having read rednecks I suspect my 4 is very wrong, but this is what I first thought. I'm going to to miss the answers next sunday by being in Scotland for 2 weeks.
  4. mazekin Member

    1. Stapler
    2. Tweezers
    3. Tape measure
    4. Harmonica
    5. Part of my brain recognises it but I can’t remember
    6. Magnetic do-hickey for holding cabinets closed
    7. Exhaust
    8. Mincer (for meat)
    9. Ice Tray
    10. Pastry cutter

    5 is really starting to annoy me....I don't care if the others are wrong, but what the heck is number 5!!!

  5. randywine Member

    Excellent Quiz Joc.

    1. Hadn't a clue.
    2. Nut Cracker / tin snips. Something with a plier-type component.
    3. Safety belt of some description.
    4. Not a clue...
    5. Glass scorer for erm... putting a score mark on glass so it will cut in a straight line.
    6. Clothes fastener.
    7. Electrical connector doohickey with insulation stripped off.
    8. Heel part of a cobblers last.
    9. Ice tray.
    10. Tray (As in Dinner tray. Off which your granny would eat her tea if she were watching Gardeners World or Pimp My Ride, or something).

    Its the lack of colour and scale reference that makes it so interesting.

  6. spiky Bar Wench

    ooooh this is hard....

    1. Stapler
    2. tongs
    3. tape measure
    4. harmonica (now thats someone said it I can't see it any other way)
    5. stud fastener doohicky
    6. I would say a thimble on a metal finger tip but am going to guess that its the other bit to the stud fastener, i.e. its the bit that gets inserted on the other side of the cloth and pressed to make the full stud... Look I don't anything about these things...
    7. Exhaust pipe
    8. Shower head
    9. Plastic dip plate, you know the ones with sections so you don't mix your dips...
    10. Biscuit cutter, we all like a frilly edge :)
  7. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    The answers

    As promised, here are the answers. You'll kick yourselves for not recognizing some of them. Unfortuantely I'm having a bit of a problem with one of my drives and I haven't been able to access the final photographs so for the time being, here are the descriptive answers.

    1 - Stapler - shot from underneath the stapling arm.
    2 - Tweezers - shot on their side. The little pin stops them slipping sideways.
    3 - Tape measure - The end of the tape that hooks over the edge of the wood etc.
    4 - Harmonica - But I have a picture of railway car and its very similar. That was a brilliant guess by Jaccairn.
    5 - Bicycle pump - The end that fits over the tyre valve.
    6 - Laser mouse (eye) -
    Unlit for safety.
    7 - Burner off a GAZ torch/blowlamp
    - I use a small version sometimes when I'm cooking
    8 - Garlic press -I thought someone might have said the base of a steam iron.
    9 - Ice cube tray - Simple plastic version.
    10 - Biscuit/pastry cutter - So I like square bikkit's

    Some good guesses especially without help from colour or scale.

    Will produce another one soon.

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