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    This just arrived in my email... Good, bad or ugly?

    Sir Terry Pratchett launches production company
    1[SIZE=-1]st[/SIZE] October 2012, London International bestselling author Sir Terry Pratchett today launched NARRATIVIA, a new multimedia production company with exclusive worldwide rights to all of the writer’s work across Film, Television, Merchandising and Digital Media.
    NARRATIVIA will bring the management and development of the Pratchett brand under one roof and the executive team, headed by Managing Director Rod Brown, will be based in Soho London. Brown will work closely with the author, and NARRATIVIA directors, Pratchett’s business manager Rob Wilkins and author’s daughter and fellow writer, Rhianna Pratchett, on a day to day basis, to drive the company forward.
    NARRATIVIA is already working on a number of Pratchett related Television and Film projects with high profile production partners and script writers, details of which will be announced in due course.
    NARRATIVIA will ensure that projects stay true to the author’s intelligent and empathetic vision, while diversifying into the formats that will introduce the work, both old and new, to new territories and audiences.

    Sir Terry Pratchett said, "This is an exciting and natural development for me and my works, and I look forward to working closely with the team to develop new stories in areas other than just print and ebooks and, of course, seeing my first Big Screen project come to fruition."
    Rod Brown said, "This is a dream challenge for me! Having worked very happily with Terry, Rob and Rhianna over the past decade on the three mini series for Sky 1, I have grown to love the world and characters Terry has created so when Terry invited me to head up the company for him, it was easy to say yes… please!"

    Sir Terry Pratchett
    Terry Pratchett is one of the most popular authors writing today.He is the acclaimed creator of the Discworld[SIZE=-1]TM[/SIZE] series, the first title of which, The Colour of Magic, was published in 1983. His first Discworld[SIZE=-1]TM[/SIZE] novel for children, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, was awarded the 2001 Carnegie Medal. Worldwide sales of his books are now over 80 million, and they have been translated into 38 languages. Terry Pratchett was knighted for services to literature in 2009.
    Rod Brown
    Rod Brown is a leading writer, director and producer of commercial television with more than 23 years of industry experience working across both factual and drama formats. His series credits as producer and executive producer, working with TV production companies Mob Film and Prime Focus include the long-running Sky1 series Dream Team, Goal and The Show Must Go On. In 2006 Brown produced the BAFTA award-winning adaptation of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather, which was followed in 2008 by the The Colour of Magic.
    Rob Wilkins
    Rob Wilkins has worked with Sir Terry for more than a decade in every aspect of the Discworld[SIZE=-1]TM[/SIZE] empire; from the words to the TV adaptations and BAFTA award winning documentaries.
    Rhianna Pratchett
    Rhianna Pratchett is a screenplay writer, specialising in videogames, comics and film. Her credits include titles such as Heavenly Sword, Mirror's Edge, the Overlord series and the upcoming Tomb Raider.
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    Oh, I missed this. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.

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