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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Roman_K, Mar 9, 2010.

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    I've started fooling around with Microsoft Live Labs' creations today after seeing a video about Pivot. Seemed interesting enough.

    I've experimented with Seadragon, which I think I've mentioned here before at one point or another - or someone did, anyway. For a brief recap - a way to access *very* high-resolution images. I've somehow previously missed the fact that it has an online engine you can upload high-res pictures to allow quick access to high-res data. There's a showcase by a Chris Jordan (hah), where he's using vast amounts of items for his works: "Running the Numbers" by Chris Jordan –

    Here's what I've done with it so far, with what I've found lying around on the web: – Image w1g – Image w1h – Image w1i – Image 9q4 – Image w1k – Image w1l – Image w1q

    The first few were just basic pics. From that point on, I moved on to hunting truly high-res pictures. Some of it is good, but not truly super high-res great, as their availability is limited on the 'net for now.
    Also found the following: Testing Seadragon from Microsoft Live Labs Brandon LeBlanc's Personal Blog

    Pretty nice, but without a very large image set, I don't think Seadragon feels as impressive as it should. Playing around with Pivot felt more rewarding, though.

    Pivot? Pivot's a kind of browser-type in its own right. It's the way it handles information, mostly visual information. It has a beautiful way of diving into picture collections, magazines, game cards, even Wiki entries. The sample collections are pretty fun to go through, too.

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