Racial Holy Wars

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Roman_K, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. Roman_K New Member

    Ba showed this to me today, and I feel the review is just funny enough to share it. Now, even racist bigoted assholes have their own gaming system. In truth, the only good thing about it is the review, which made me laugh so hard it earned stares from those sitting nearby.

    And now, without further ado, Racial Holy Wars(1st Edition)
  2. sampanna New Member

    That really was pretty funny. It'd be real sad if the game actually exists though (the link to the game homepage didn't work). But the review is hilarious :D
  3. Roman_K New Member

    Oh, I have no doubt whatsoever it's real. Check the other articles on Middle Finger Evolution FATAL makes me weep, it really does, and the website in this particular case is up and running.

    Face it, Sam, the people who set up the RaHoWa site don't know shit about technology beyond bog paper, and even there they have user issues.
  4. sampanna New Member

    Yea, I realized the game was real, though it seems to be dead now. I didn't actually know about the existance of Rahowa (I'm fairly ignorant of racist stuff) .. it seems like a modern day KKK! Weird .. I pity the fools.
  5. Roman_K New Member

    Sam, RaHoWa is just a short way of saying Racial Holy Wars.

    edit: Ba first used it on me, I might add.
  6. sampanna New Member

    Yep, got that .. I was just saying I didn't know of the explicit existence of such a community (there is a website). Sigh. Oh well, someday we will have harmony.
  7. Saccharissa Stitcher

    Great, now I'm going to sunbathe so much I'll fry to a crisp only to avoid being even remotely associated with those idiots.
  8. fudgecake New Member

    See, now, this is why I hate humans.
  9. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    "modern day KKK"? gee, someone's never been down south before... it sounds like you don't think there is such a thing.

    Anyway, FATAL makes RaHoWa look like a walk in the park. FATAL encourages you to rape female characters in the game. ENCOURAGES. It has stats on how much you have to drink to be able to urinate with X force, Y distance, and Z accuracy.

    I mean, even if it wasn't the worst concept for a game ever, it's just a horrible rule system.
  10. Mooseman New Member

    while being an idiotic game, I congratulate the reviewer on what seems to be an accurate review. And where did you find it? You cant of been looking for it, surely.
  11. Roman_K New Member

    Ba showed it to me. Any questions on how it was found should be directed to him.

    As for FATAL, it is the biggest insult to roleplayers anywhere. The review for RaHoWa might be funnier, but FATAL is a horror.

    Did I mention the 900 pages of manual? One should not read it, I might add. I downloaded one of their samples, and almost lost my mind because of it.
  12. sampanna New Member

  13. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    hell, man, the Klan's out in Cali as well as Georgia and South Carolina.


    check it out, there's all sorts of groups all over the place. California actually has more than Georgia, surprisingly.
  14. Roman_K New Member

    Christian Identity is a bit amusing, I must say.
  15. Tephlon Active Member

    Not that surprisingly actually.
    The more big cities, attract "minorities", which means you have more people reacting against them.
    A fertile ground for hate groups.

    Edit: Added quote and rephrased a bit.
  16. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Well, California does have more than four times the population of Georgia. That means more idiots. And it's not just white supremacist groups. The map also lists groups like The New Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, and Voz de Aztlan.
  17. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Didn't we actually have an email flame war with the Voz de Aztlan from the old boards once?

    might be thinking of a different group...
  18. sampanna New Member

    When the Babri Masjid was torn down in India, idiot Indians from the US actually sent bricks to India for people to throw at the masjid.
  19. QuothTheRaven New Member

    I live in California, and there is quite a bit of racism.
    Example: I live in napa, A moderatly sized suburban city in california, which has expeienced an upsuge in minority population. The Local FIMs have talked speculate alot about why this might have happened, and what if any thing, they can do about this.

    What they don't relize is the reason the minorities
    come here is because said FIMs employ them, and unless they want to start paying minimum wage, they can't do anything.
  20. Garner Great God and Founding Father



    edit: this was in response to the bricks.
  21. Marcia Executive Onion

    Back when I was studying poli sci, I was seriously thinking of getting a job with the SPLC.
  22. Tephlon Active Member

  23. Cynical_Youth New Member

    There will always be idiots. Funny review, though.
  24. spiky Bar Wench

    There does not seem to be any depth that the human race will not dare to sink...The urge to find out how evil, ignorant and bloody stupid drives us to ever greater atrocities.

    I liked the bit in the review about the rim job though :p
  25. danny New Member

    There is a reason that the bible says the human heart is a desperately wicked thing. It's true. There are some real sickos out there.
  26. Roman_K New Member


    It would seem that the 'creator' of Racial Holy Wars considers himself a priest, one Rev. Kenneth Molyneaux of the Church of the Creator.

    Their motto is RaHoWa.

    How sad.
  27. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I really hate this kind of thing. Aside from the total immorality of promoting anything that discriminates against and debases other human beings, there is something that really annoys me. People like this taint anything they associate themselves with. If they are white supremacists, they taint other white people. If they are nationalistic, they taint anyone who is patriotic. If they say they are Christians, they taint all Christians, and so on, and so on.

    In the same way that the swastika has become indelibly associated with the Nazis, despite being an ancient religious symbol, I find myself feeling dirty because I am a white, Christian Westerner.
  28. Roman_K New Member

    Actually, Grace, they bash Christians, too. Just not openly, as their crowd is mostly Christian.

    You see, Grace, we apparently invented you in our great master plan to erase the Great White Man from the planet.

    *shakes head*
  29. wearerayner New Member

    It doesn't matter where you come from there are those who would impose their racial and religious predjudices on the rest of us. Look at Bin Laden, look at the KKK, look at Germany which still has a flourishing Nazi party. The BNP was viewed as a serious contender in the UK elections and that organisation is racist in the extreme. Look at football, gross acts of violence merely based on which team you support.

    I think we are still many hundreds of years away from a united world. I would imagine a trawl around the net could produce many sites based on racial hatred and violence associated with it.

    Even our lord Terry felt that racism was so ingrained in society that he had to have the trolls and Dwarfs at loggerheads. Fortunately it is dealt with very efficiently by the watch and usually doesn't need a multi billion dollar war to sort it.
  30. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    And the next book due out is Thud!, which will feature the dwarves and trolls at loggerheads, risking civil violence... Talk about topical!

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