Ring Tone Rage

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Maljonic, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Maljonic Administrator

    I came across a site today called RingtoneRage.com, but I was sadly disappointed to discover it just sells ringtones and is not actually a new phenomenon. :)
  2. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Shame - I would have subscribed. A colleague had a rooster ring tone, which did make me chuckle.....the first few times....now I'd cheerfully choke that...err let me rephrase this...delete the ringtone if I could.

    Still at least it isn't the damn frog.
  3. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    whatever happened to... you know... 'ringing'?
  4. Delphine New Member

    My phone rings normally. I used to have the A team theme, but then I got a different phone. :(
  5. Tephlon Active Member

    I spent money on downloading a "Normal" ringtone, as this phone only has lot's of songs/tunes on it. Gah!
  6. fairyliquid New Member

    for some reason i have mozart...i think that was a friend

    its got to be better than what we did to my gran, we switched it to old mc donald had a farm and she didn't know how to change it back :lol:
  7. Dane New Member

    :D :D :D

    Mines the Benny Hill theme. I like it. I always run around when I hear it....Then answer.
  8. sampanna New Member

    We recorded "woof, woof, bark, bark, miaow, miaow" on my friend's phone as a ring tone. It's remarkable what can seem funny when you are a little drunk :D

    Garner: normal rings don't work, otherwise one zillion mobile phones would sound the same and it would be impossible to tell which phone rang in a crowded place.
  9. Dane New Member

    My step-dad has recorded my little sister singing shantilly lace (spelling?) he uses it for his ring tone. I always think my sisters there.
  10. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    I normally have my phone on silent. It has a niormal ring though.

    My text message is a family guy quote: 'Damn You, Damn the borcolli and Damn the Wright Brothers!'
  11. lipi New Member

    I have an old italian song, which always sets me back to the times of black and white movies with Sophia Loren... and I've never heard it used by anyone else :p

    Do you have an option (paid heftily for, of course) for the people who are waiting for you to finally pick up the phone to be annoyed and confused by exposing them to a loud song of bad qality of you choice?
    I only used it for a week or so, and then took pity on the people trying to yell through the 'noise' they thought was me answering the phone in a loud bar or somewhere similar ;)
  12. Kat_in_the_Hat New Member

    My phone is so old and decrepit that i dont think it even gets new ring tones...I took in out in the mall once to check the time and the T-mobile guys jumped me (they wouldnt give me a new one free though)
  13. spiky Bar Wench

    I have a disco tune, which means I can boogy on down when the phone rings. I wanted just a ringing phone but alas the standard options did not include such a thing and theres no way in hell I'm paying just to have a bloody ring...

    SOmeone should kill that bloody frog though!!

    My favourite thing to do is when students mobiles go off in class is to start dancing to the tune... it draws all sorts of unwanted attention to them, and they get well embarassed :)
  14. colonesque10 New Member

    I have the pink panther theme tune although I don't hear it all that often due to my lack of friends. :( (same as Bob actually)

    But what I do hate is getting all these damn texts off 88040 or 88880 trying to sell me ringtones or shit for my mobile, it pisses me off. So much so that once when I was pissed I actually threw my mobile into a glass of Lager and black, which wasn't even mine i'd like to add. Albeit the mobile was no more. :(
  15. Ivan_the_terrible New Member

    I've downloaded "do wah diddy" midi and still using it.

    P.S. For free, never payed for themes, midis etc...
  16. mowgli New Member

    Mine is set to vibrate, so I jump up and squeak whenever it goes off. I get the call, everyone else gets free entertainment.
  17. redneck New Member

    I don't have a regular ringtone on my phone, I'm not going to pay for one, so I have some freaky sounding music. I have to have a loud ring in order to hear it over equipment and I have it on vibrate. Even with all that, I still miss many calls. Our wood chipper is so loud and makes everything vibrate so much that the phone is unnoticeable. Any recommendations. Any ringtones that has someone come out and shake you by the shoulder until you realise that your phone is ringing?

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