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  1. Death_of_rats New Member

    I have a terrible memory (+Spelling) so I have cut an pasted the questions in

    I realised that we need an introduction thread for the same reason the old introduction thread was started. Partly to let newbies introduce themselves to us but also to introduce us 'oldies' to new people. The questions are unashamedly ripped from Garner's original thread.

    1) what formed the motivational impetus for your chosen screenname?
    I was after a caracter from the books and I feel that this one is often overlooked
    2) Are you male or female? (Asking because there has been quite of lot of confusion over this, on and off.)
    I am male

    3) what age catagory and geographic location do you fall into?
    late 20's (at the moment) and in the Oxford area

    4) do you have good faith that a discworld movie COULD be done well enough not to suck? (note, this in no way shape or form asks about casting choices you'd like to see. i have a loaded rifle and i'm not afraid to use it.)
    I would like to see one made to get non readers into TP books, however I do not believe that a film could do the books justice

    5) who or how were you turned on to discworld/pratchett?
    My parents bought me "The Colour Of magic" in the early 90's and have waited for every book since

    6) what's your personal quote of the day?
    "This is me breathing" from the film Grosse Point Blank
  2. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Hi, Death of Rats. I take it from your comment that you were a member on the old board - but which of the several versions of Death of Rats are you?
  3. Death_of_rats New Member

    Errr was there more than one?
    I liked the style of the rat in the Hogfather (I think it was)

    I was not a member of the old board I just found a link when I was looking for when the next book was coming out. I never reallly thought about there being a forum just for the discworld.

    I am just glad that there are other people out there that like the books
  4. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I'm sorry, Death of Rats, I misunderstood your first post - I didn't realise that the following was a quote.
    Yes, there were a few Death of Ratses on the old boards, but none here except you. So, welcome!
  5. Death_of_rats New Member

    Thank you :)

    I will make the name live on in the only way I know how!

    How long has the new board been up?
  6. edster New Member

    hello Death_of_rats
  7. Tephlon Active Member

    A little over a year. :)
    We just celebrated it's birthday.
  8. Death_of_rats New Member

    Hello Edster,

    Are you a Firefly fan?
  9. edster New Member

    yes i am, Firefly and sernity. are you?
  10. Death_of_rats New Member

    Yes I found them about a month ago, shame they are not going to make anymore :(
  11. QuothTheRaven New Member

    A while ago I heard that some network was considering picking firefly up, but I have not heard anything about it since.
  12. edster New Member

    I think that firefly is dead. But he might make some more movies of it.
  13. Death_of_rats New Member

    that would be good, even if the film is a bit darker that the tv series
  14. Ozzer New Member

    River kicked some serious backside in the movie. I was so disappointed when I found out there was only the one season.
  15. Death_of_rats New Member

    Jayne cracks me up in the series
  16. edster New Member

    I just stared a thread about Firefly and Sernity so post about them here
  17. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    Hey, Death_of_rats. As you can probably tell, I am the other Death Of Rats, but, just to say, I did not copy you.

    Ahh...but that's what I would say if I did copy you...

    (Sorry for this nonsensical post)
  18. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    DeathofRats, just a quick tip - look at the last post date on this thread. It's over two years old! D_o_R hasn't been here since 2006. It's always worth checking the age of a thread before replying to it.
  19. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    Oh, dear...

    That's the second time I've made that mistake...
  20. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    ahhh, thread necromancy. Arise, my forgotten posts, arise and seek the brains of the living!
  21. Roman_K New Member

    Doesn't look like they'll be having much to eat, then.
  22. Maljonic Administrator

    Firefly rox!
  23. Lyia New Member

    Aggred. Mmmmmm Malcolm Reynolds yummy. Have you seen the new show "Castle"?

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