Suggestion that Lieutenant Fatman's Account be Deactivated

Discussion in 'THE TEMPLE' started by Marcia, Aug 23, 2005.

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  2. colonesque10 New Member

    [quote:a1a7ee8c24="sleepy_sarge"]I guess the main thing I was trying to get across was reacting over here to things said about us over there is fuel to the ego of some of these people.

    If they [b:a1a7ee8c24]know[/b:a1a7ee8c24] they are pissing certain members (with whom they feel some sort of grievance) off, then their efforts will increase.

    If we don't react then who is to know if we visited or not![/quote:a1a7ee8c24]

    Yeah I agree with that. At the end of the day the old board is now dead, we really don't have a need to visit it or a wish to. The best way for this community to move forward is to leave the past behind. The only reason I can ever see for visiting it would be for the reason Marcia and Buzz gave. :)
  3. Wizzard New Member

    Yes, I would say multiple accounts is a good reason for ban. I hate it when I go to register my account, only to find a guy has 2+ accounts and hes usung my name *tear* Luckily, nobody wants the orange hunting jacket with a bulls eye in the back that is Wizzard. *Smiles*

    Purposely bullying/flaming someone should, in my opinion, mean 1 warning then a strictly enforced ban. We really dont want this to become pbnation or any of those forums, now do we?

    If you dont know what I mean, it goes like:

    *Sniper*-I got a new freestyle and it's awsome
    *Wanker*- Yr sch a dumb@ss, my bOrg pwns yr frestyle

    and similar garbage.
  4. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Of course, at the same time, we also don't want someone posting in character. We don't want anyone posting attention seeking or emotionally manipulative drivel either. If that attention seeking/emotionally manipulative drivel happens to be in the THEME of a character, then so much the worse.

    If, after having been politely warned that this is frowned upon in an established community that you chose to join, you feel the need to single out the person who politely warned you by invoking the threats of flame wars such, then suddenly things get a bit awkward.

    you see, I'm one of the paranoid ones here, I look for the similarities between problems we had in the past and people who join in the present so that we can hopefully avoid problems that may crop up in the future.

    Most people here ignore me when I do this, which is why those problems DO crop up in the future. Right now, you've already echod arguements that we've heard time and time again from the same little club of wankers who've tried to antagonize us for years. You've also spurnned a warning issued by a community founder.

    Let us be generous and assume you are not here to cause trouble:

    We are a community of people who happen to enjoy discworld, but we do not live our lives around it. If you want to post in character as a discworld character, please visit, as they are a kind, loving, and tollerant community, and we are not.

    If you would rather be yourself, then I sincerely hope that you will quickly stop posting the "poor pittiful me" routine and look around you a bit. No one else here plays on heart strings to attract attention. No one else here posts in character. Everyone else here follows the rules. For the time being, the 'rules' can be considered anything that the older members tell you are rules, but we hope to have some clear and definite articles drawn up shortly.

    If, after observing those thigns and learning what the rules are, you still feel the need to do things that we've deliberately asked you not to, I might suggest you visit, as you're bound to have something in common with the person there.
  5. mowgli New Member

    Okay... I got a confession to make!

    I wrote Silmaril a postcard. We were supposed to send one to each other, and I got hers literally a couple of days before (or maybe even after) the whole blow-up thing. So I felt bad about never replying. And yesterday I finally did.

    I wrote that I hope she comes back. I thought the whole blow-up was a giant miscommunication compounded with a bunch of rattled nerves. I don't mean to step on Garner's, or Rinso's, or Door's toes - I would still hope there would be some kind of an apology exchanged, and an understanding reached. But I feel bad that Sil had to leave, and Ceriphinz too, for that matter.

  6. Marcia Executive Onion

    Nobody was forced to leave. Some people chose not to be a part of our community.
  7. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Mowgli, I sent her an email, and her reply was only just within the boundaries of what I consider polite. I have to say that I would be very guarded about her return if she chose to come back. I don't resent you sending the card though (since I assume you were speaking for yourself and did not claim to speak for the whole community).

    It's important to remember that, as Marcia said, no one [i:aec2dbb197]made[/i:aec2dbb197] Silmaril leave, nor Ceriphinz. They did not [i:aec2dbb197]have[/i:aec2dbb197] to go. It was their choice. I don't feel any effort should be made on their behalf to make this place lovely and welcoming for them. If they do or say things that people disagree with or that piss people off, and their response to the ensuing argument is just to leave, then that's their problem.
  8. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    she is not welcome here, nor should she be made to be welcome.
  9. mowgli New Member

    I'm sorry. I sent off the card before thinking about this affects people to whom Silmaril was actually rude (and I mean [i:8c37b43caf]rude[/i:8c37b43caf], not merely "disagreeing with").

    I doubt she'll come back on my invitation alone, if her grudge with the place is as deep as it sounds.
  10. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    i think it's safe to say her grudge is with a specific person rather than the group. still, since that person is part of the group, hopefully her pettiness will be enough to keep her away
  11. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Um... I noticed that all of fatarse's posts have disappeared... did we do that? Or was he trying to cover his tracks again?
  12. Maljonic Administrator

    Do you mean you tried to view all posts by member on member list and it says there are no matches? He still has 11 posts somewhere, just there's a glitch where people who use names that are split in two with a _ or a - don't return any results when trying to view all their posts, such as Electric_Man and Roman_K :)
  13. Garner Great God and Founding Father


    I say we kill them then. Start with Eman, cause Roman's doing army stuff and has his own guns now.
  14. Maljonic Administrator

    I think I'll look into fixing this glitch, or disallowing the use of slippery forked usernames! :)

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