Teatime and the Assassin's Guild

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  1. JAK Member

    I’m doing a little research on the Assassin’s Guild for what may be my next set of figures and am looking for some clarification and help.

    Mr Teatime’s first name is recorded as Jonathan in The Hogfather and in the Companion. In the Assassin’s Guild Yearbook for 2000 it talks about the late Noel Teatime, a young Assassin who had plans for the inhumation of the Hogfather, Soul Cake Duck etc. just as Jonathan did. As Hogfather was published in 1996, Jonathan was a fully-fledged character and not a work in progress where things might be changed during their development.

    Does anyone know if there has ever been anything said about the relationship between Noel and Jonathan, or why Jonathan was named Noel in the Diary?

    The help I would like is in finding out names of any of the Guild’s students, and their species. The only two I have found so far are Jocasta Wiggs and Jasper Chrysoparse.

    Many Thanks
  2. Tephlon Active Member

    There is of course Lord Vetinari... (Mentioned in several books, but finally seen in Night Watch)
    Pteppic (Teppic) and Chidder from Pyramids.

    There's a lot more in these two books alone.
  3. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    The Jonathan/Noel question has been addressed, in that Pterry's said, "Ah yes, one refers to him as Jonathan, and one as Noel." I think the answer was that he was Jonathan but has been referred to as Noel due to the events in Hogfather, and people have now largely forgotten his real first name.

    For a lot of Assassin names, check Pyramids and Nightwatch.
  4. TheJackal Member

    Sounds like PTerry forgot he had already given him the name Jonathan when he wrote the Assassins Diary!
  5. Pixel New Member

    The other possibilty is that people do have more than one given name, so Teatime could have been "Jonathan Noel Teatime" - my own full name is Alan Kenneth Scott Kenway - a old friend - now sadly dead - used to enjoy calling me "Ken" based on my surname (knowing I don't like abbreviations of names) before I told him that he was actually closer than he thought - he was hitting my second given name ("inherited" from the first of my generation in my mother's family - a World War Two pilot who was due to join the Dambuster squadron but died (before I was born) trying to fly a stricken bomber cross-country to a repair depot single handed after getting his crew safely back from a mission)

    Oh, and if anyone is interested, the Scott is my paternal grandmother's maiden name.

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