Terry Pratchett raises swan killer reward

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    AUTHOR Terry Pratchett has reportedly upped the reward to catch the killer of 31 swans around Wedmore to £20,500.
    Three people originally stumped up £10,500 between them after being disgusted by the shootings.
    As reported, three dead swans were found covered in blood in a field off Totney Drove near Blackford by a passing motorist last Monday morning.
    Now, the reward has reached more than £20,000 after fantasy writer Terry Pratchett expressed his shock at the killings.
    He said those responsible for killing an animal are probably a danger to people as well.
    A further ten swans were found dead in Wedmore this week, bringing the total now to 31.
    Pauline Kidner, Secret World founder, told the Weekly News: “It is hard to understand why anyone would do such a callous thing.
    “The only thing that we had hoped was that death would have been fairly instantaneous as they all appeared to have been killed by someone who was quite a good marksman, but the x-rays told us otherwise.
    “A lot of swans foraging on crops can cause a lot of damage, but there is no excuse for such cruelty. What makes matters worse is that some of the swans may well have been ones that we worked so hard to save from the ice over the Christmas period.”
    Police have stepped up patrols and confirmed anyone found guilty of killing the swans could be prosecuted. The RSPCA has also been made aware of the deaths.
    The reward will be offered to anyone who has any information leading to the arrest and conviction, of the person/s responsible for this shocking incident.
    Secret World is asking anyone with information to contact them on 01278-783250.

    Source: www.thisisthewestcountry.co.uk

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