Which online bookstore do you use?

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by DanieltheDreadful, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. DanieltheDreadful New Member

    I'd like to hear which online bookstores you guys use.

    I'm also hoping to find an online store that sells the books with covers by Josh Kirby and Paul Kidby, because for me, that's part of the point of buying the books.

    I'd really appreciate some pointers. Thanks! =)
  2. Hsing Moderator

    If I want English books, I rely on amazon. There's no other shop in Germany so far offering that much. But they do offer several editions, if there's more than one, including a view of the actual cover. Other than that, I try to grab a few on betterworldbooks now and then.

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